Phantom Self by David Icke

David Icke's Phantom Self  (and how to find the real one) takes the story still deeper into the shadows to reveal the scale and magnitude of what is unfolding as people go about their daily lives. Who or what is dictating the nature of these 'daily lives'? Who or what is driving global society down a dark road of 24/7 control, surveillance and tyranny? And why?

David Icke answers these questions with crystal clarity and in doing so reveals how the reality we think is so 'real' is a virtual reality simulation controlled by a hidden force that has manipulated humanity to become slaves to downloaded fake perceptions of self, the world and reality.

The key is what David calls Phantom Self - the 'you' that you think is you, but isn't. It's the 'you' that stares back from the mirror, the one you give a name, a life story and labels galore.  But it's not you. It's a hoax 'you' to enslave your sense of reality in limitation, little me and 'I know my place'.

We live in the realm of the Phantom Self which is why society can be so insane, stupid and brutal; but when the gateway in opened to Infinite Self the madness must end - and it will.


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