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Are you interested in getting into journalism? Are you struggling to find a platform to showcase your content? Are you just looking to start writing and/or recording videos? If any of those apply to you, we want to hear from you. The alternative media is a massively growing industry as more and more people are seeing the mainstream media for what it really is: a propaganda machine for the system, with few exceptions. More people are looking to the alternative media for a second opinion on what’s really happening in the world. Now is the perfect time for you to start writing and making videos, as there is a growing number of people ready to hear what you have to say and wanting an alternative view on world events. Please send over a 500 word article on any of the 4 subjects below of your choice to [email protected]
  • Donald Trump’s Foreign Policy compared the previous US Presidents.
  • Brexit (Good or Bad?)
  • The Western Demonisation of Russia
  • Reasons for the increase in Obesity Worldwide.
Please include your name and location in the email you send. If you have a back-catalogue of work then please also submit an older article too. We look forward to reading your submission.