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Statins should be offered to an extra two and a half million patients with chronic kidney disease, according to the health watchdog.

The guidelines mean some 20 million adults in England – almost half the population – are now eligible to take the cholesterol lowering pills.

Patients with chronic kidney disease are at a much higher risk of having a heart attack or stroke as the condition leads to the accumulation of fatty deposits in arteries.

Approximately 2.6 million adults in England have chronic kidney disease and it is more common in the elderly and amongst black and Asian ethnic groups.

The condition leads to 60,000 deaths a year and many are due to heart disease which includes heart attacks and strokes.

The health watchdog NICE is recommending that GPs offer statins to all adults with kidney disease on the basis that they are safe and clinically effective.’

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Statins: The Greatest Scam In Medical History

‘An opioid that is 50 times stronger than pure heroin (and 100 times more potent than morphine) is being over-prescribed by physicians nationwide as the delineation between medical ethics and personal gain fades even further. Fentanyl, a powerful prescription pain medication, is an entirely synthetic opioid initially meant to ease cancer patients to death. Even with its intended purpose, health regulation groups repeatedly warn of the drug’s deadly side effects and caution doctors to only prescribe it as a last resort. That being said, recent data reveals that more doctors are prescribing fentanyl to their patients, even for cases such as tonsillitis.

An explosive report on showed that the number of fentanyl dispensed in the state since late 2011 is enough to allow every person who has died of cancer in New Jersey to fill a prescription for the drug eight times. Similarly, between 2013 and 2015, the number of fentanyl-related deaths in New Jersey rose from 42 to 417.’

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‘What would you think if I told you there is deliberate, governmental suppression of important health reports and information? One normally would think federal and city/county/state health agencies would be bending over backwards to bring factual health and precautionary information to the public they serve.

Well, there’s documented proof the State of California is messing around with keeping important cell phone dangers information from public access and the residents of that state. California officials apparently are involved in what could be considered either a conspiracy of silence or collusion to deceive the scientific facts about cell phone health dangers in the report “Cell Phones and Health” produced in 2014—of which there were 27 rewritten versions—but never released to the public to date.’

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‘A McDonald’s employee says he was fired after posting a disturbing picture of the ice cream machine at the Louisiana location where he worked. The photo he tweeted quickly went viral, prompting an Internet backlash for the fast food giant.

The former employee, who preferred to be referred to only as ‘Nick,” posted a picture of the ice cream machine’s drip tray, which is visibly coated in grime and sticky material. According to HuffPo, Nick says store managers are supposed to clean it but that he never saw them do when he worked there. He was employed from March to this month.

“This came out of McDonald’s ice cream machine in case y’all were wondering…” he captioned his tweet of the photo. Though it hasn’t quite hit major mainstream outlets, the image has been covered by Teen Vogue and Cosmopolitan and has been retweeted over 13,000 times and received over 15,000 likes.’

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‘The United Kingdom’s publicly funded healthcare system, the National Health Service (NHS), is on the verge of banning homeopathy and herbal medicine. A new consultation document is being sent out to NHS Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCGs) to limit the scope of what doctors can prescribe. Instead of cracking down on expensive and side effect-ridden chemical drugs, the NHS is targeting homeopathy and herbal medicine.

The NHS, founded on the principles of providing comprehensive, universal and free healthcare, is about to restrict patients’ access to some of the most simple, effective treatments. It was only a matter of time before the government-ran healthcare system was overran by Big Pharma’s strong-arm tactics and expensive chemical medications that are bankrupting the world. (Related: For America to survive, we must declare independence from Big Pharma’s failed medical monopoly.)

The NHS is currently suffering from “scarce funds” and doesn’t want to deal with the root of the expense. Instead, the consensus of the NHS governing forces strives to stop homeopathy and herbal medicine. People who seek natural healing will have to find ways to fund it themselves, while being forced to pay for the NHS’s total sell-out to Big Pharma.’

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‘Monsanto’s toxic herbicide glyphosate is increasingly being found in our food supply. Last year a damning study was released showing alarming levels of the chemical in many popular brands of breakfast cereals and snack foods, we are learning that Ben and Jerry’s ice creams are also contaminated.

“The Organic Consumers Association announced Tuesday that it found traces of glyphosate in 10 of 11 samples of the company’s ice creams — although at levels far below the ceiling set by the Environmental Protection Agency.

Ben and Jerry’s has stated that they are working to discontinue the use of GMO ingredients in their products, but now they are also being called upon to move towards organics as well.

We’re working to transition away from G.M.O., as far away as we can get.But then these tests come along, and we need to better understand where the glyphosate they’re finding is coming from. Maybe it’s from something that’s not even in our supply chain, and so we’re missing it. ~Rob Michalak, global director of social mission at Ben & Jerry’s.’

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‘There is an invariable first rule of propaganda: know exactly what your agenda is, and then design every statement to forward that agenda.

The World Health Organization is now touting a measles epidemic in Europe. And of course, they’re explaining it with propaganda—it’s the fault of people who refuse to allow their children to take the measles vaccination.

The focus is on Italy, where, “coincidentally,” protesters are outraged at a new law mandating vaccination for children. Perfect. “You see? Don’t take the shot and this is what you get. A massive outbreak.”

Well, here is an official report. In Italy, there are 3300 case of measles and two deaths.

That’s the classic and traditional and age-old picture of measles. 3298 children have survived. Kids get measles, they recover, and thereafter they’re immune.’

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‘Earlier this week, Sen. John McCain revealed that he has been diagnosed with glioblastoma, an aggressive tumor that forms in the tissue of the brain and spinal cord. The Arizona Republican underwent a four-hour surgery to remove a blood clot and is currently in good condition.

McCain’s home state of Arizona, fortunately, has a medical marijuana program and cancer is a qualifying condition. Could cannabis help McCain? Yes, and there is a significant body of scientific evidence to support the claim.

Earlier this year, in what was heralded as a breakthrough for cancer research, GW Pharmaceuticals announced positive results from a study using a combination of cannabidiol and tetrahydrocannabinol to treat an aggressive form of brain cancer.’

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‘Consumers who buy internet-enabled devices such as televisions, refrigerators and even kettles are leaving themselves open to hackers who could use them to gain access to their bank accounts, one of the country’s most senior police officers has warned.

Many household appliances can now be linked up to the internet to help streamline the home. Fridges can provide reminders of when to buy milk, while televisions can offer advice on what programmes to watch.

But Mike Barton, the Chief Constable of Durham Police, and the national lead on crime operations, has warned that the technology – known as the “internet of things” – is also leaving people vulnerable to online attacks.

He said that criminals were poised to take advantage of flaws in online security and suggested all new appliances, capable of being hooked up to the internet, should carry a kitemark rating showing how secure they were.

It comes after leaked documents showed that British spy agencies worked with the CIA to turn Samsung televisions and smartphones into bugging devices that can record conversations and even take photographs.’

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