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‘Boris Johnson, the Foreign Secretary, has suggested Britain could bypass the House of Commons and join the United States in taking military action against the Syrian regime if it is asked.

Mr Johnson added it would be “very difficult to say no” if Donald Trump’s administration asks the UK for help in taking action against Bashar al-Assad’s regime in response to another chemical attack.

Asked on the BBC’s Radio 4 Today programme whether he could envisage taking military action in the region, he replied: “I think it will be very difficult if the United States has a proposal to have some sort of action in response to a chemical weapons attack, and if they come to us and ask for our support, whether it’s with submarine-based cruise missiles in the (Mediterranean), or whatever it happens to be, as was the case back in 2013, it would be in my view, and I know this is also the view of the Prime Minister, it would be very difficult for us to say no.”’

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‘Britain will be bound by European human rights laws for another five years with the Conservatives expected to abandon a pledge to withdraw the UK from the ECHR.

Theresa May is expected to make no mention in the Tory election manifesto of pulling out of the European Convention on Human Rights.

Mrs May, who served as home secretary from 2010 to 2016, said last year she wanted to quit the ECHR, which for a time frustrated her plans to extradite the hate preacher Abu Qatada.

She was expected to write the commitment into the Conservative manifesto meaning that Britain would be committed to withdrawing by the end of the next parliament, in 2022.’

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‘Richard Branson is bankrolling a campaign to oust MPs who support Brexit, the Mail can reveal.The Virgin boss, who left Britain four years ago to live offshore, has donated tens of thousands of pounds to the plot to influence the election.

Gina Miller, the millionaire businesswoman who took the Government to court over Brexit, yesterday promised ‘the biggest tactical voting effort in our history’ as she launched the Best for Britain campaign.

More than £300,000 will be poured into up to 100 marginal seats to help elect candidates who do not rule out the country remaining in the EU.
Mrs Miller said people need to vote tactically in the General Election to avoid an ‘elected dictatorship’ as she claimed nearly 10,000 people had given money to the ‘grassroots movement’.

But today the Mail can reveal the project has been set up in office space provided by Sir Richard and that the businessman given £25,000 to help it launch.’

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‘Ministers have been told to admit the true extent of fraud in the foreign aid budget after MPs published a damning report questioning the credibility of official figures.

The Commons Public Accounts Committee claimed the “remarkably low” official figures are not “credible given the risks they face overseas.”

Figures reveal that Britain gave £1.3 billion ($1.6 billion) to the world’s 20 most corrupt nations in 2015.

Official statistics claim, however, that just 3 pence in every £100 ($128) spent on foreign aid is lost to fraud.

While setting out the report, the committee highlighted a study by the University of Portsmouth which argues overseas aid is lost to fraudsters at a 3 percent rate, rather than the official claim of 0.3 percent. The Times calculated the equivalent amounts to £300 million ($385 million) a year.

“Reported levels of fraud do not seem credible given the risks (the departments) face overseas,” the report stated.’

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‘Liberal Democrat leader Tim Farron says he has sacked a parliamentary candidate and former MP over comments deemed “deeply offensive, wrong and anti-Semitic.”

David Ward served as a Lib Dem MP for Bradford East from 2010 to 2015 and had been due to run again in the snap general election on June 8.

Farron confirmed the dismissal at a rally in St. Albans on Wednesday shortly after…

…In 2013 Ward was suspended for three months after calling Israel an “apartheid regime.”

Ward refused to apologize for his use of the term.

Responding to news of his sacking, Ward told the Guardian: “The anti-Semitic thing is a nonsense.”

“It is just used, it’s a well-known tactic. How do you avoid conversation or any criticism about Israel? Just say people are anti-Semitic. I am certainly not anti-Semitic.”’

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‘A Palestinian campaign to secure an official British apology for the 100-year-old Balfour Declaration has hit a wall, with Prime Minister Theresa May’s government saying it has no intention to do so.

“We are proud of our role in creating the State of Israel,” the Foreign and Commonwealth Office said in a written response to a petition calling on the government “to openly apologize to the Palestinian people for issuing the Balfour Declaration.”

In the context of the time, the FCO said, “establishing a homeland for the Jewish people in the land to which they had such strong historical and religious ties was the right and moral thing to do, particularly against the background of centuries of persecution.”

In response, Palestinian envoy in London Manuel Hassassian reaffirmed plans by Palestinian Authority (P.A.) chairman Mahmoud Abbas to sue Britain in an international court, the official Palestinian news agency WAFA reported Tuesday.’

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‘Nicola Sturgeon admitted today her plan to press ahead with a new independence referendum would have to be postponed until after the election.

The SNP leader had vowed to outline the ‘next steps’ to force a re-run of the 2014 poll when Theresa May rejected official pleas to call one.

The threat was widely seen as signalling SNP plans to hold an unofficial referendum in defiance of Westminster.

But today Ms Sturgeon admitted her plot would have to wait, prompting scorn from Scottish Tory leader Ruth Davidson.

The concession came after a bombshell poll showed support for independence has slumped to 40 per cent.’

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‘NHS staff will get higher pay and there will be no tuition fees for student nurses and midwives under a Labour government, the party is promising.

Labour said the policies would help address staffing shortages in England that had become a “threat to patients”.

The promises mark the first of what are expected to be a series of policy announcements on the NHS by Labour.

But the Conservatives said Labour’s nonsensical economic policies would put the health service at risk.’

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‘The National Union of Students (NUS) is embroiled in a fresh anti-Semitism row after three candidates holding or running for positions on its executive committee were revealed to have made offensive comments.

In online posts seen by The Independent, one current member of the union’s National Executive Council shared a video mocking Jews as having big noses and being tight with money, while another publicly suggested Jewish people are tight-fisted and said he wanted to destroy Israel.

A third, who is seeking a position on the union’s executive in elections being held this week, wrote an offensive Twitter message referring to Jews and using the phrase “Heil Hitler”.’

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