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‘A hobbled Theresa May has been told her Brexit plans face failure unless she rows back from the most extreme parts of her proposals.

MPs in her own and other parties warned they would oppose a move to hard Brexit after she laid out laws needed in the Queen’s Speech, without having yet secured a Commons majority.

In the House of Lords where the Tories also have no majority, rivals signalled they would use all powers in their arsenal to stop any hard-Brexit drive damaging the country.

Scottish nationalists also threatened to derail the Government’s main piece of Brexit legislation if the Prime Minister failed to obtain their explicit consent.

It comes as she fights a rear-guard action in her own Cabinet, under pressure from Chancellor Philip Hammond who is pushing for a jobs-focussed Brexit, at odds with the immigration-centred approach adopted by Ms May.’

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‘Boris Johnson struggled to answer basic questions about the Queen’s Speech in a radio interview, stumbling several times when asked: “What is the point of the Prime Minister?”

The Foreign Secretary repeatedly paused and sighed, saying “hang on a second” a number of times as he was questioned by presenter Eddie Mair on BBC Radio 4’s PM.

Asked what Theresa May’s policy document would do to tackle racial discrimination in the criminal justice system – an issue highlighted by the prime minister last year – Mr Johnson said: “Well there are measures, I believe in the bill on the courts which I think is supposed to address some of those issues.’

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‘The DUP’s Westminster leader Nigel Dodds tonight declared he wanted to work with the Government to end the ‘dark tunnel of austerity’ with no new sign of any formal deal with the Tories on the horizon.

Mr Dodds spoke favourably of the Government agenda but did not signal that a deal with Theresa May had yet been finalised.

Mrs May wants the DUP, founded by Ian Paisley, to commit its 10 MPs to a ‘confidence and supply’ agreement that will help stabilise her minority government.

It emerged today the DUP has demanded £1billion for the NHS and another £1billion on infrastructure in the province.

No 10 sources did not deny the reports today, which emerged hours after the DUP called an effective halt to talks with the Tories.’

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‘Survivors of the Grenfell Tower fire are to be permanently rehoused in a £2bn luxury apartment block in Kensington, the Government has announced.

Some 68 one, two and three-bedroom flats have been bought by the Government at the Kensington Row development in upmarket High Street Kensington, Sajid Javid, the Communities Secretary, said.

The announcement comes a week on from the disaster, which left at least 79 dead.

The properties are “newly built social housing” at a site where private homes are on offer from £1,575,000 to £8.5m and boast a 24-hour concierge and a private cinema, according to the website of developer St Edward.

The Department for Communities and Local Government (DCLG) said the “expectation is that these new properties will be offered as one of the options to permanently rehouse residents from Grenfell Tower”.’

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‘The chief executive of Kensington and Chelsea Council has been forced to resign over the Grenfell Tower inferno and the ‘shambolic’ aid effort that followed.

Nicholas Holgate was effectively told to resign by communities secretary, Sajid Javid on Tuesday.

In a statement Mr Holgate said Mr Javid ‘required the leader of the council to seek my resignation’, adding it would be a ‘distraction’ if he kept his job.

‘Serving the families so desperately affected by the heart-breaking tragedy at Grenfell Tower remains the highest priority of the council,’ he said.

‘Despite my wish to have continued, in very challenging circumstances, to lead on the executive responsibilities of the council, I have decided that it is better to step down from my role, once an appropriate successor has been appointed.”

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‘Millions of pounds from Britain’s aid budget will be used to send home migrants trying to get to Europe, Theresa May will announce today.

At a summit of EU leaders in Brussels, the Prime Minister will unveil a £75million plan to deter people from crossing the Mediterranean from Africa.

Record numbers have attempted the perilous journey to Italy with fears an even greater influx is looming as the weather improves.

Britain will seek to reduce the flow by offering people free flights from the north of Africa back to their home countries.’

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‘Plans to impose a cap on rip-off energy prices have been watered down as the government today unveiled its pared down Queen’s Speech.

The radical measure had been expected to be unveiled today after Theresa May last month vowed to intervene ‘to repair broken consumer markets’.

She had promised that the move would cut around £100 off the energy bills for millions of customers.

But the PM today backed away from the plans and instead said they are looking at rolling out price protection already in place for vulnerable customers.’

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‘Theresa May faces the embarrassment of her Queen’s Speech going ahead without the backing of the Democratic Unionist Party – ten days after she claimed a deal was done.

The right-wing Northern Ireland party warned the Prime Minister it “can’t be taken for granted”, as the long-running negotiations appeared to run into trouble.

DUP sources also took aim at the lack of “negotiating experience” on the Conservative side – a serious criticism, a day after the separate Brexit talks also got underway.

An agreement appeared unlikely before Wednesday’s Queen’s Speech, denying Ms May the guaranteed Commons majority she was seeking when she sought the DUP’s support.

If the party abstains on the crucial Queen’s Speech vote, the Prime Minister will rely on all her MPs voting in order for it to scrape through with a majority of just two.’

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‘Vince Cable today announced that he is standing to become leader of the Liberal Democrat Party – and vowed to try to stop Brexit.

The 74 year-old was just re-elected to Parliament after being booted out of office in 2015 after serving as Business Secretary in the Coalition.

He has thrown his hat into the ring after Tim Farron quit as party leader saying he felt ‘torn’ between his views as a Christian and the demands of leading a political party.

Announcing his decision on a the Lib Dem Voice website, Sir Vince said the Tory government is ‘weakened’ and Labour is unclear about Europe.

He vowed to fight for a second referendum on Brexit – despite last year’s historic referendum.’

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Grenfell Tower survivors are being let down by the botched response effort to the horrific blaze, those helping them have said.

Nearly a week on from the tower block blaze that killed at least 79 people, some of those displaced by the fire have been forced to sleep in their cars while others have been prevented from claiming promised cash.

Some of those who lost their flats in the blaze fear being declared ‘intentionally homeless’ – meaning authorities no longer has a responsibility to house them – if they refuse to a move outside the area.

Anger over the relief effort was reported as the NHS said 14 people are still being treated for injuries from the fire, eight of whom remain ‘critical’.

The official death toll stands at 79, but may still increase as fire crews work their way through the gutted 24-storey building.’

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