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‘Worthington, Minnesota, resident Anthony Promvongsa, 21, had a run-in with an angry motorist as he drove through the streets of town last July 28. Promvongsa went on his way, but that agitated motorist—who turned out to be an off-duty cop—called on his colleagues to go after the young man, and this is what happened:

The cop doing the cursing, kicking, and punching in the video is Agent Joe Joswiak, a city of Worthington police officer and a member of the Buffalo Ridge Drug Task Force.

“I had no idea what was going on when I was approached and attacked by this officer,” Promvongsa said in a statement released Thursday by the ACLU. “I did not even have the opportunity to take off my seatbelt before I was literally blindsided with this unnecessary attack. I immediately pulled over for the Worthington squad car and before I knew what was happening, I was beat and ripped from my vehicle.’

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‘When activist Sam Sinyangwe was awaiting a meeting with the governor’s office at the Louisiana state capitol building in Baton Rouge, he noticed something odd. A black man in a dark-blue jumpsuit was printing papers while a correctional guard—with a badge and gun—stood watching over him. The pair stood out against the white, middle-aged legislators populating the building.

Sinyangwe said he did not know exactly what he was looking at, until he saw another black man in the same dark-blue outfit serving food at the capitol building’s cafeteria. This time, Sinyangwe noticed that the man had a patch on his chest labeling him a prisoner of the Louisiana State Department of Corrections, complete with an identification number.

Sinyangwe realized that the server, the man printing papers and the other people working in the lunch line were all prisoners.’

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‘Innocent people, including human rights campaigners and a three-year-old girl, have been named on a blacklist of terrorists and criminals used by governments and major banks, it has been reported.

Greenpeace and Human Rights Watch were among the two million supposed “high risk” organisations and individuals on the database, which is compiled by media giant Thomson Reuters.

The watchlist, which also includes people who have been charged and cleared of terror offences, was accidentally leaked on a public internet server in 2014 and discovered by a computer security researcher last year.’

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‘Police chiefs are to consider arming beat bobbies with pistols to tackle terrorists on the streets.

The controversial move could overturn Britain’s proud tradition of routine unarmed policing.

The National Police Chiefs’ Council (NPCC) will meet next month to discuss a range of ideas to combat a marauding terror attack, including arming patrol officers in key locations.

The idea is that officers who are not part of Britain’s firearms squads could react quickly to shoot a terrorist such as the Westminster or London Bridge attackers if they were first on the scene.

Yesterday West Midlands Chief Constable Dave Thompson called on the Government to ‘think very carefully’ about the need for ‘enhanced protection’ for officers who run towards terrorists.’

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‘Dashcam footage of the exact moment Philando Castile was murdered by Minnesota police officer Jeronimo Yanez was released late Tuesday. The video proves two things: Castile could not have been more compliant, and Yanez responded to that compliance with violence and seven rounds of gunfire. There is no ambiguity in the footage or the audio, no doubt that Yanez was unqualified to be carrying that gun, no question he was a far greater danger to Minnesota’s citizens than the man he killed. To watch that scene and not believe Philando Castile was murdered is to believe black life has no inherent right to exist.

The jury was shown the footage several times over the course of Yanez’s criminal trial, yet they chose to acquit him on all charges. It’s a verdict that’s maddeningly, infuriatingly and heartbreakingly illogical, yet consistent with the outcome in every case of cops who are tried for killing innocent black people. The U.S. system of criminal injustice fails black folks from start to finish by design. A more intimate look at the jurors in Yanez’s criminal case, compiled by the Minneapolis Star Tribune, offers not only insights into how they arrived at their decision, but a look at just how well-stacked the jury was against a just verdict for Castile.’

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‘The Egyptian government has approved a presidential proposal extending a national state of emergency for an additional three months across the North African country.

The cabinet said in a statement on Thursday that Egypt would extend the measure for three months after the government approved President Abdel Fattah el-Sisi’s proposal to do so.

The state of emergency would have expired at the end of June.

Egyptian lawmakers unanimously approved a three-month state of emergency in April, after attacks claimed by Daesh Takfiri terrorists killed at least 45 people.

The emergency law allows police to make arrests and conduct surveillance more easily.

The law also grants the executive branch’s sweeping powers, allowing it to close companies, shutter media outlets, halt demonstrations and monitor personal communications without judicial approval.’

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‘A bill that allows private companies to set up a network of optical license plate readers along highways is moving ahead in Rhode Island. Uninsured drivers would be detected by a national police database and fined automatically.

HB 5531, also known as the Rhode Island Electronic Confirmation and Compliance System Act, passed through the state House Corporations Committee by a 7-2 vote Tuesday.

Sponsored by state Rep. Robert Jacquard (D-Cranston), the measure would authorize private for-profit contractors to build and run a system of automated license plate readers (ALPRs) at the company’s expense. The ALPRs would check the status of the driver’s insurance and registration and penalize those who are not complying.

“It’s no different than a red light camera. It’s just looking for a different violation,” Jacquard told Ars Technica.’

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‘In the ever increasing global creep toward totalitarianism, some nations are stepping up punishments for their civilians caught using social media for free speech. Now Germany is in the headlines for raiding the homes of those who the government declared had posted “offensive” content on social media.

It hit the fan when it comes to free speech in Germany. Wasn’t this the country that had to fight tooth and nail to free themselves from the grip of Adolf Hitler’s censorship? It’s like some lessons are never learned. In a coordinated campaign across 14 states, the German police raided the homes of 36 people accused of hateful postings over social media, including “threats,” “coercion,” and “incitement to racism.” The goal of these raids was the confiscation of the “hate posters” Internet connection devices, according to a press release from the German federal police (BKA).

In the most ironic statement of the century, Holger Münch, president of the Federal Criminal Police Office, said “The still high incidence of punishable hate posting shows a need for police action. Our free society must not allow a climate of fear, threat, criminal violence, and violence either on the street or on the internet.” So in Germany, a free society means “don’t say things the government doesn’t like, or your home will be raided.”’

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‘Hundreds of inmates are still being housed in Maricopa County’s infamous ‘Tent City Jail,’ as Phoenix is being hit with a punishing heat wave. Temperatures are forecasted to reach at least 120F (48C) or higher.

The Tent City Jail is an outdoor, canvas tent prison compound in Maricopa County, Arizona, where prisoners are subjected to the elements.

“Almost all of these inmates are in Tent City only at night,” Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office spokesman Mark Casey told the Phoenix New Times. “We estimate that approximately 50 will be on-site in the daytime – meaning that they work either a second or third shift at their job.”’

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‘At least 15 people have been arrested in India on sedition charges for shouting “anti-India and pro-Pakistan” slogans during the ICC Champions Trophy final between the rival cricket-mad nations Sunday.

The men, aged 19-35, were denied bail in a Madhya Pradesh court where they were charged under section 124A (sedition) and 120B (criminal conspiracy) of the Indian Penal Code. They were later transferred to the Khandwa district jail.

Relations between India and Pakistan remain tense, particularly in the disputed Kashmir region where a series of high profile incidents have heightened tensions in recent months.’

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