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‘While Praying is said to be a “liberating” song that addresses Kesha’s painful past with her producer Dr. Luke, the video tells a whole other story. Indeed, through symbolism, the video implies that Kesha is still an industry slave … because that’s what she actually is.

For years, Kesha has been displaying all of the “symptoms” of a music industry slave. At an early age, the singer got locked into an airtight contract with Sony Music, under Dr. Luke’s label Kemosabe. Since then, she’s had little to no control over her professional career and personal life.

Like most industry slaves, Kesha’s work has been replete with elite symbolism and infused with a foul, dehumanizing agenda. For example, her 2012 video Die Young (analyzed in this article), featured the singer repeating “We’re gonna die young” as satanic images flashed on screen. The entire thing was so blatant that even mainstream magazines such as Billboard had to admit that the video was all about Illuminati symbolism:’

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‘Radiohead may not be forgiven if the band plays Tel Aviv, the filmmaker Ken Loach has warned.

Loach made his comments during a week when activists held protests at the rock band’s performances, urging that it respect the Palestinian call for a cultural boycott of Israel. A petition with 14,000 signatures was also handed in to Radiohead’s London-based record label.

In a statement tweeted by the group Artists for Palestine UK, Loach delivered a clear message. “If they [Radiohead] go to Israel, they may never live it down,” he said.’

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‘A continuous assault on the public psyche by the entertainment industrial complex aims to disorganize and derail the individual. It’s a world governed by terror, and to find relief from such continual fear and stress we’re invited to seek shelter in meaningless, self-destructive habits and pursuits. The celebrity role models in our culture lead the way, setting the example for how to abandon ourselves to the mainstream orgy of debauchery and stupidity.

Via the 24/7 news cycle format, the media keeps the shock and awe flowing, and corporate pop-culture is the escape. Pop stars are selected for their helplessness against the MK Ultra/Monarch-type mind control. This kind of programming is necessary to turn people into celebrity puppets whose behavior is to be emulated by the public. The stars that do this best become icons of Illuminati symbolism, using their careers and souls to pimp occult messages and ideas to the masses.’

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‘Electronic artist Moby’s new animated music video sends a clear message about his feelings on capitalism, greed, and President Donald Trump — and the latter’s supporters aren’t having it.

Once Trump supporters caught wind of Moby & The Void Pacific Choir’s “In This Cold Place” video, they began drawing their own conclusion about the artist’s activist message.

“Moby cartoon video corrupting children into hatred and accepting violence against President Trump” reads the headline of a post at the American Thinker blog decrying the “Trump derangement syndrome” apparent in the satirical cartoon.’

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