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‘Sir Winston Churchill tried to suppress secret Second World War documents detailing a Nazi plot to offer the throne to the Duke of Windsor in the event of Britain’s defeat, newly released secret files disclose.

The Prime Minister personally urged the French and US leaders to block publication of the captured German telegrams after the war, fearing they would “give pain to the Duke”.

While he dismissed the documents as “German intrigues”, he feared they might cast doubt on the Duke’s loyalty.

Details of Sir Winston’s fears are disclosed on Thursday with the publication of previously top secret files at the National Archives in Kew.

The telegrams between Joachim von Ribbentrop, Nazi Germany’s foreign minister, and his ambassadors in Madrid and Lisbon over the summer of 1940 had been captured in Germany at the close of the war and kept secret.’

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‘Markings that are only visible in moonlight have been discovered on an ancient stone formation in Britain, leading archaeologists to believe there could be more messages hidden amongst the world’s stone memorials.

A new study of the Stone Age-engraved panel ‘Hendraburnick Quoit’ in Cornwall, southwest England, revealed that 10 times the amount of markings were visible when the stone was viewed under moonlight or very low sunlight from the southeast.

“This makes Hendraburnick Quoit the most known decorated or deliberately marked stone in southern Britain – possibly topping even Stonehenge,” said archaeologist and digital heritage specialist Tom Goskar, who studied the stone.

After finding 105 new cup marks and 47 previously undiscovered grooved lines, archaeologists now believe the features may have been used for sacred moonlight rituals. This contradicts the previously held belief that Neolithic structures were built to align with the movements of the sun.’

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‘Several Russian officials and politicians, including the foreign ministry spokesperson, criticized a documentary about the ‘Forest Brothers’ – pro-Nazi guerillas from the Baltic nations – recently released by NATO.

“I remember that 6 months ago the international community, including the leading mass media, was discussing whether Holocaust-themed dance shows should be allowed. I have a strong hope that these same people who claim that they care a lot about the tragic pages of history will also give their appraisal to this appalling stunt by NATO. I also hope that no one needs a reminder concerning mass executions performed by those who later started calling themselves Forest Brothers,” Russian Foreign Ministry spokesperson Maria Zakharova wrote on her Facebook page.

The reaction came to the eight-minute reenactment film ‘Forest Brothers – Fight for the Baltics’ which was released by NATO. The film glorifies guerillas who fought against the Soviet regime in the Baltic countries, and depicts an ambush in which some Forest Brothers attacked and killed Soviet soldiers.’

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‘The State Department has released a trove of documents that give insight into the CIA’s role in the 1953 coup d’état that led to the overthrow of Iranian Prime Minister Mohammad Mossadeq.

The newly declassified documents, titled “Foreign Relations of the United States, 1952-1954, Iran, 1951–1954,” provide a notable difference from the State Department’s 1989 version of the coup, which left out any involvement from American and British intelligence.

A memorandum from Director of Central Intelligence Allen Dulles to President Eisenhower, dated March 1, 1953, serves as a reminder that internally, “the elimination of Mossadeq by assassination or otherwise,” was used as a method in repairing ties with Iran, restoring oil negotiations, and stopping a “Communist takeover.”’

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History of Iran, Operation Ajax

‘According to an account written by the drunken, cigar-chomping, terrorist scum-pig, Winston Churchill, it was during the 1943 Tehran Conference that “Uncle Joe” Stalin proposed executing 50,000 German staff officers after the war. American Gangster President Roosevelt then joked that 50,000 was too many; but that 49,000 would do! Though Churchill claims that the sick joking upset him (sure it did, Winnie — sure it did), the murderous Allies were all in agreement that “trials” of Germany’s top leaders would take place after the war. And indeed they did.

When the show trials began in late 1945, an 8-panel tribunal (The Nuremberg Trials) was seated (2 judges each from the US, UK, USSR, & France). The primary American judge was Francis Biddle, of the Biddle Family that spawned the 19th century American Central Bank Chairman and nemesis of Andrew Jackson, Nicholas Biddle.

Honorable German leaders were condemned as “war criminals” by governments that not only imposed the war upon Germany, but also carried out the Hamburg, Dresden and Tokyo fire-bombings, the sinkings of the civilian Wilhelm Gustloff & the Goya ships in the frigid Baltic Sea, the forced return of Russian refugees & POWs to Stalin’s vengeful henchmen, the starvation / disease murders of 1.5 million German POWs, the execution murders at Katyn Forest, the mass raping of German women, the dropping of atomic bombs and other real war crimes too numerous to list here.’

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‘President Donald Trump has an alternative version of US history, according to social media, thanks to his “bizarre” remarks about the Civil War and Andrew Jackson, the United States’ seventh president.

During an interview with the Washington Examiner’s Salena Zito over the weekend, Trump questioned why the Civil War happened, and said that Jackson ‒ to whom he has compared himself ‒ would have prevented the catastrophic bloodshed if he’d “been a little later.”

Historians, celebrities and the twitterverse all jumped on the remarks, which CNN’s Poppy Harlow deemed “bizarre.”

“I mean, had Andrew Jackson been a little later, you wouldn’t have had the Civil War,” Trump told Zito. As many pointed out, Jackson died in 1845, or 16 years before the so-called War Between the States began. Of course, if Trump was channeling his inner First Lady Mary Todd Lincoln, perhaps he’s been holding seances in the White House to communicate with Jackson’s ghost.’

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‘Suppose all the wildest theories and historical conspiracies of novelist Dan Brown were proven true. And the mind-reading, spoon-bending claims of Israeli psychic Uri Geller all turned out to be real as well.

That wouldn’t be half as extraordinary as the announcement in an obscure scientific journal this month that vindicated 20 years of maverick research and best-selling books by the eccentric archaeologist Graham Hancock.

His insistence that a highly evolved human civilisation was wiped out by a global catastrophe, remembered now only in myths and Biblical accounts such as the story of Noah and The Flood, has been mocked and dismissed by mainstream experts since he first spoke out in the mid-Nineties.

His latest book, Magicians Of The Gods, presented findings from all over the world as he argued that a mini Ice Age had swept the planet around 13,000 years ago, following a comet strike that caused devastating earthquakes and tsunamis.’

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