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Eight Abu Dhabi princesses have been convicted of human trafficking over the way they treated servants in a luxury hotel at Brussels.

The women were handed 15-month suspended sentences for human trafficking and degrading treatment at a court in the Belgian capital.

They were acquitted of the more serious charge of inhuman treatment but also ordered to pay a fine of 165,000 euros (£145,000), with half the sum suspended.

The princesses, who are from Abu Dhabi’s ruling al-Nahyan family, did not appear in court.

Defence lawyer Stephen Monod said he was pleased he case was finally resolved after nearly a decade.’

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‘The rich may be even more divorced from reality than we thought.

During Vinnies CEO Sleepout in Sydney, Australia, a charity event designed to raise money for the homeless, corporate executives donned virtual reality headsets to simulate the experience of living on the streets.

The tweet provoked a swift backlash, with several users questioning why these titans of industry couldn’t just, ya know, speak with actual homeless people.’

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‘Lawfare as used by the Zionist organization The Lawfare Project and others is meant to persuade every Jew in the world (and not just Israeli Jews) that his or her Jewish identity, welfare and security are inextricably related to the continued suppression of justice, equality and freedom of Palestinian Arabs or, in other words, to the Apartheid Zionist Jewish state.

Lawfare is a tool used by Zionist organizations to suppress pro-Palestine activity by conflating anti-Semitism (in its sense of “anti-Jewish animus”) with anti-Zionism, the ideology that perpetuates Israel’s denial of Palestinian rights. A case in point is the lawsuit against San Francisco State University (SFSU) currently being heard in a U.S. federal court brought by the right-wing Zionist organization The Lawfare Project, which relies on the complete conflation of anti-Jewish animus with criticism of Israel’s denial of Palestinian rights to assert that SFSU violated the constitutional and civil rights of Jewish students and community members. The true intent of the lawsuit is clear: to ensure that advocates for Palestinian rights are punished for standing up for human rights and justice for Palestinians, who have been dispossessed, occupied, and deprived of basic human rights for 70 years.’

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‘Trump then bemoaned that he was dealt a “very, very difficult hand” with North Korea and the Middle East, but promised he would “get it fixed.”

Trump claimed that since taking office, his administration has created “almost $4 trillion in wealth” for the country and took credit for the unemployment rate being the lowest in 16 years.

After bashing Hillary Clinton’s ties to Wall Street during his presidential campaign, Trump praised his own economic adviser, Gary Cohn, who was the president of Goldman Sachs.

“I love all people. Rich or poor. But in those particular positions, I just don’t want a poor person. Does that make sense?” Trump asked rhetorically.’

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‘Hundreds of inmates are still being housed in Maricopa County’s infamous ‘Tent City Jail,’ as Phoenix is being hit with a punishing heat wave. Temperatures are forecasted to reach at least 120F (48C) or higher.

The Tent City Jail is an outdoor, canvas tent prison compound in Maricopa County, Arizona, where prisoners are subjected to the elements.

“Almost all of these inmates are in Tent City only at night,” Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office spokesman Mark Casey told the Phoenix New Times. “We estimate that approximately 50 will be on-site in the daytime – meaning that they work either a second or third shift at their job.”’

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‘To understand the depth and breadth of Jeff Bezos’ ambitions for the company he built, type into your browser. The domain Bezos registered in 1994 will redirect to Amazon, the company aptly, and ambitiously, nicknamed The Everything Store. He tells his shareholders that the company will act like an aggressive startup — that at Amazon, it is always Day One.

Like Google and Facebook, Amazon uses technology and data to sidestep traditional restrictions on monopoly power. Our lives are increasingly organized by the platforms these companies run, platforms which now mediate the way we communicate and engage in commerce with each other. We are living in a world organized by tech monopolists, a change in power relationships that no one voted for but has been imposed upon us nonetheless.’

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‘Some industry messaging efforts are so heavy-handed they end up highlighting their own PR tactics more than the message they are trying to convey. That’s the problem with “Food Evolution,” a new documentary by Academy Award-nominated director Scott Hamilton Kennedy and narrated by Neil deGrasse Tyson.

The film, opening in theaters June 23, claims to offer an objective look at the debate over genetically engineered foods, but with its skewed presentation of science and data, it comes off looking more like a textbook case of corporate propaganda for the agrichemical industry and its GMO crops.

That the film’s intended purpose was to serve as an industry-messaging vehicle is no secret. “Food Evolution” was planned in 2014 and funded by the Institute for Food Technologists, a trade group, to culminate a multi-year messaging effort.’

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‘Brazil’s federal police say there is solid evidence embattled President Michel Temer received bribes, a legal development that could see him suspended from office.

In a report made available by the Federal Supreme Court, the police said Temer — who was away in Russia Tuesday — benefited from bribe funds, even if he did so using someone else to collect or deposit the bribes.

Temer has repeatedly denied any wrongdoing.

But Brazil’s top court said it had accumulated enough evidence of bribes being paid to merit an investigation into Temer for “passive corruption.”

Prosecutor Rodrigo Janot will use the report as the foundation of the corruption case against the conservative president.’

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‘The saying goes that ‘power corrupts’, and a new study suggests there may be some truth behind this – especially when it comes to brain function.

Researchers have found that CEOs and other leaders may suffer damage to their brain as a result of their rise to power.

The damage results in the loss of the ability to read other people’s emotions, which could explain why people who achieve great power lose their ability to feel empathy for the less powerful.

Researchers at McMaster University in Ontario made the finding using transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS) – a technique that uses magnetic fields to stimulate nerve cells in specific regions of the brain.

This showed that the areas of the brain that deal with empathy were significantly less responsive in people in power.’

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