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‘The United States will seek talks with North Korea over the reclusive state’s nuclear weapons programme, Secretary of State Rex Tillerson has said.

He is meeting with key allies Japan and South Korea before chairing a ministerial meeting of the UN Security Council.

It comes after President Donald Trump warned a “major, major conflict” between the two countries was “absolutely” possible.

Mr Trump has ramped up international tensions in recent weeks after declaring he would solve the North Korea problem with or without China’s help.

During a visit to Seoul last week, Vice-President Mike Pence declared that the “era of strategic patience” was over and “all options” were being considered.’

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‘There is usually one reason why American presidents commit war crimes, especially early in their first term in office. They are blackmailed by Israel for one purpose or another. Things are no different in the case of President Donald Trump.

“Of course, the rite of passage for every new U.S. President is the commission of a flagrant and unmistakable war crime on behalf of the rogue nation of Israel. Hence, it appears that — with the criminal bombing of Syria — the new POTUS has just had his political bar mitzvah.”
(Source: Trump Bombed Syria For Israel)

It’s now clear that Jared Kushner is acting on behalf of a foreign entity to negatively influence the POTUS. Why? Because it was his wife Ivanka, according to published reports, who convinced her father to launch a missile attack against the sovereign nation of Syria based on a patently false accusation. If Ivanka did weigh in so heavily with her father, then it was obviously husband Jared who convinced her. The idea of such a risky and unprovoked military assault would never have originated with daughter Ivanka, who is well known to be the apple of her father’s eye.’

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‘Israeli authorities are planning to build some 15,000 new settlements in East Jerusalem, Reuters and local media reported, citing the Housing Ministry. Palestinian authorities condemned the decision, calling it the “deliberate sabotage” of peace talks.

The Housing Ministry and the Jerusalem Municipality are working on the plan, with proposals for 25,000 homes in Jerusalem, 15,000 of which would be in East Jerusalem, Housing Minister Yoav Galant told Israeli Radio, Reuters reports. The authorities plan to implement the project within two years, he added.

“We will build 10,000 units in Jerusalem and some 15,000 within the [extended] municipal boundaries of Jerusalem. It will happen,” he said.’

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‘German Chancellor Angela Merkel said France’s Emmanuel Macron will make a “strong president” if he wins the May 7 runoff election against Marine Le Pen, a prospect that she explicitly backed.

Asked whether a victorious Macron would have to prove that he’s not a “poodle” to Germany, Merkel called the expression “simply absurd” in an interview with German media group Redaktionsnetzwerk Deutschland.

“I don’t have the slightest doubt that Emmanuel Macron will be a strong president if he’s elected, which I would wish for,” Merkel told RND in an interview published Friday.’

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‘French presidential candidate Emmanuel Macron’s campaign team, which rejected accreditation and accused RT of spreading fake news, has literally hung up on the request to clarify why they refuse to honor freedom of the press.

Macron’s spokeswoman did not last on the phone for a minute, and hung up the moment she discovered she was being asked for a comment from the political movement’s apparent arch-foe, RT, which En Marche! a day earlier called a “two-headed entity” engaged in state propaganda and fake news.

Refusing to speak to RT, the spokeswoman asked to send her an email and patiently wait for their comment – despite being told that several previous letters from RT were left without an answer. Seconds later, she hung up under the pretext of being outside of the office and having bad phone reception.’

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‘Top European Union leaders are expected to offer full EU membership to Northern Ireland on the condition that it abandons the UK to become part of the Republic of Ireland.

Ulster’s post-Brexit future is expected to be one of the central and most controversial issues to be discussed by top EU officials at a Brussels summit this weekend.

During the meeting EU leaders are expected to approve a list of their Brexit negotiation demands.

The Daily Mail reports that the final draft of the text is likely to include a proposition that Northern Ireland could keep its EU membership if it chooses to leave Britain and merge with Ireland.

The proposition would resemble a similar deal that was offered to East Germany (GDR) after the fall of the Berlin Wall.’

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‘The ratification of Montenegro’s NATO membership by a parliamentary vote instead of a referendum is a violation of democratic norms, Russia’s Foreign Ministry said, adding that Moscow reserves the right to protect its national security after the move.

Russia’s Foreign Ministry has expressed “deep regret that the current leadership of [Montenegro] and its Western backers didn’t heed the voice of conscience and reason.”

“The adoption of fundamental acts, affecting the key issues of state security, by the vote of individual MPs on the basis of a formal majority without taking into account the opinion of the country’s people is a demonstrative act of violation of all democratic norms and principles,” the statement read.’

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‘A veteran Tory MP was forced to resign last night after telling a group of students that being gay is ‘dangerous to society’.

Andrew Turner, a former Conservative Party vice-chairman, dramatically quit as MP for the Isle of Wight just hours after details emerged of his conversation with politics students at Christ the King College in Newport.

Mr Turner, 63, is also said to have told the group of A-level students homosexuality is ‘wrong’.
Tory high command acted swiftly after being alerted to the row.

Conservative chief whip Gavin Williamson rang Mr Turner to establish the facts and he was told to resign hours later.’

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‘Labour’s right wing is now openly campaigning for a defeat for the party in the June 8 snap general election.

Yesterday, the old war criminal himself, Tony Blair, went on Rupert Murdoch’s Sky TV and refused to endorse Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn, stating that Conservative Prime Minister Theresa May would win the election.

The issue was not to run a “conventional partisan election” that relegated Britain’s exit from the European Union to one issue among many, he asserted. The task was to build a parliamentary opposition across party lines to a Brexit that takes “membership of the single market and the customs union off the table.” On this basis, Blair urged voters to consider also backing Liberal Democrats and anti-Brexit Tories.

In the Labour Party and in the media, Blair’s followers are taking up the theme of Labour’s un-electability under Corbyn with less reserve than even their political mentor. A striking feature of this offensive is how it centres on denunciations of any and all calls for social equality.’

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