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‘A probe into allegations of historical sex offences by former Prime Minister Edward Heath was branded an ‘idiotic waste of public money’.

Mike Veale, Chief Constable at Wiltshire Police, said yesterday that the £2million investigation is to end is coming weeks.

The probe into Sir Edward, Operation Conifer, was launched in August 2015 after the former Prime Minister was named as a suspect into historical allegations of child abuse.

However, the MP for North Wiltshire, James Gray, said Wiltshire Police’s probe had been a ‘pretty pointless investigation’.

Mr Gray has accused the force of wasting money and resources on a case that could never be brought to court.

‘He’s dead, for goodness’ sake, and the case against him seems pretty flimsy to say the least’ said the MP writing for his local paper the Wiltshire Gazette.’

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‘South Yorkshire Police missed numerous opportunities to stop Lostprophets singer Ian Watkins sexually abusing children, the police watchdog has ruled.

The Independent Police Complaints Commission (IPCC) said officers had failed to investigate allegations by Watkins’ former partner, Joanne Mjadzelics, that he had sent her an indecent image of a child.

It criticised the “inaction” of officers and said their behaviour could have placed a child at risk of further abuse.

South Yorkshire Police should take steps to ensure that only suitably trained officers deal with child sex abuse cases and should review its processes for dealing with alleged sexual abuses, the IPCC said.’

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‘Vulnerable children not in crisis are being left without help as cash-strapped councils are forced to cut services, a report says.

Tens of thousands of vulnerable children in England are not getting the help they need because they are not at crisis point, a charity has warned.

A report by Action for Children estimates 140,000 youngsters referred to social services over concerns including abuse and neglect do not meet the threshold for statutory social care and were not referred to early help services after their cases are closed.

Sir Tony Hawkhead, chief executive of Action for Children, said: “Our report turns a spotlight on the thousands of families up and down the country who are not getting help, despite concerns having been raised about the welfare of a child.

“Social care can’t just be there for when a family is in meltdown.

“Every day too many children’s lives are overshadowed by drugs, alcoholism, domestic violence and neglect – a toxic recipe for all kinds of problems now and in later life.’

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‘The NSPCC was ‘appalled’ after police paid a convicted child rapist £10,000 to be an undercover informer while investigating an Asian sex gang.

Northumbria Police deployed the man, who can be identified only as XY, to infiltrate the gangs, who were hosting parties where underage girls were attacked and plied with drugs.

But the men who face jail for multiple attacks on vulnerable girls in Newcastle could have walked free as he was roundly criticised in court.

Defence teams said it was ‘misconduct’ and ‘bad faith’ and claimed the proceedings should have been stopped to ‘protect the integrity of the criminal justice system’.

A judge also described him as ‘dishonest’, ‘unreliable’ and ‘lacking credibility’.

But Northumbria Police has defended its use of the informant and said his involvement allowed the force to ‘detect and prevent serious crimes’.’

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‘“They said they had a room. But not for me, just for my children. I was crying. The children were crying. They were scared. It felt likely life was being taken away from me.”

Sarah* and her three children became homeless in May last year. The small London flat the family had been living in flooded, and the fire brigade told her it was no longer safe for them to live there.

As an undocumented Nigerian woman with no recourse to public funds, Sarah knew accessing emergency accommodation wouldn’t be simple. But with an application pending with the Home Office for the family’s leave to remain on human rights grounds, she didn’t foresee the threat of having her children, aged seven, 10 and 14 – all born in the UK and attending school – being taken into care.’

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‘Dramatic footage has emerged of a headmaster violently beating school children in India.

The shocking clip -which was posted online by another teacher- shows students wincing in pain as they are caned on the floor and on their hands and fingers.

The beating which took place in a convent school, in Fafamau city near Allahabad, in east India, has gone viral since being posted.

It has been reported that the some of helpless students fainted after the teacher carried out his vicious attack, hitting some students until the cane broke.

A mother of one of the victims lodged a complaint against the school but was forced to withdraw it after ‘pressure’ from local authorities, the police and the school.’

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‘Nearly 100 lawsuits alleging sexual abuses over four decades were filed against the Catholic Church and the Boy Scouts of America in Guam, beginning in 2016.

Ninety-six lawsuits named the Archdiocese of Agana as a defendant, while 52 lawsuits named the Boy Scouts of America as a codefendant for enabling the priests to continue their abuse, according to a Friday report from USA Today’s Pacific Daily News (PDF). The allegations of sexual abuse span from 1955 to 1994, and involve an archbishop, 13 priest (one of whom was also a Boy Scout leader), and a janitor and a teacher from a Catholic school.

The population of Guam, a U.S. island territory, is 85 percent Catholic, with a total of 26 parishes on the island. The ongoing legal battle bears echoes of the Boston sex abuse scandal uncovered in 2002 by the Boston Globe, but Guam’s scandal goes deeper. Guam has a population of fewer than 163,000, with 59 lawsuits per 100,000 people in this case, compared to 12 lawsuits per 100,000 in the Boston scandal. The Catholic church’s influence in Guam goes far beyond the walls of the cathedrals, as certain priests allegedly wield political power rivaled only by the local military.’

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‘In a page appearing on Planned Parenthood’s official website, the organization tells parents, “Your genitals don’t make you a boy or a girl,” and says boys can have vulvas, while girls can have penises.

While the most simple answer is that girls have vulvas and boys have penises/testicles, that answer isn’t true for every boy and girl. Boy, girl, man, and woman are words that describe gender identity, and some people with the gender identities “boy” or “man” have vulvas, and some with the gender identity “girl” or “woman” have penises/testicles. Your genitals don’t make you a boy or a girl.

Planned Parenthood also notes parents should “emphasize that it doesn’t matter too much what parts someone has.”

On another page discussing how to talk to preschoolers about “gender identity,” parents are told “Most kids begin to identify strongly with a gender around age 3,” the average age range for typical preschoolers.’

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