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‘With so many people (many indeed being iconic scientific and historical figures) experiencing what they are supposedly not meant to, according to materialistic thought, the reasonable individual might be forgiven for wondering if there is something more to consciousness than our present “scientific” paradigms would have us believe. Can we go further than questioning the assumed legitimacy of orthodox materialistic theories which reduce consciousness to a mere epiphenomenon (by-product) of physical matter (the brain) and even—heaven forbid—suggest that they are not merely incomplete, but actually types of superstitions in themselves?’

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‘Oh, how the times they are a changin’. Twenty years ago, traveling from the U.S. to the jungle to take ayahuasca was mostly reserved for the wildly adventurous, the earthy hippie, or those on a quest with a purpose.

Today, going to the jungle to take the “medicine” is a featured “dream trip” in luxury travel magazines like Afar.

Which means, of course, there is work being done in the U.S. to take the jungle and the travel out of the equation (as a sign of the times, not by causation).’

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‘The transformation from sleep-walking in the matrix to wide awake in the vast splendor of the universe is often triggered by a low point in life, a dark night of the soul, if you will. This is when the gift of being human is lost among the ever-present morass of confusion, chaos, madness and suffering. What carries us out of this morass is inspiration, which so often comes in the form of wisdom offered by our philosophers and sages, those among us who’ve taken the hero’s journey and have returned with a prize.’

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‘A robot lawyer donning black robes and presenting a case before a sessions judge is certainly in the realm of science fiction. But the entry of Artificial Intelligence (AI) into the legal profession is no longer a mad scientist’s daydream.
When Cyril Amarchand Mangaldas (CAM) tied up with Canada-based, Kira Systems, earlier this year to develop customised AI machines programmed for executing legal tasks, it became the first law firm in the country to publicly announce that it is transitioning to the use of this cutting-edge platform. In simple terms, tedious, time-consuming tasks like collecting data, searching records, going through old cases, fact verification, etc—currently done by junior lawyers and paralegals—will soon be left to AI machines to handle. “AI will make law firms more responsive and swifter. We don’t know about others, but we certainly believe in being the first, and are the first, in embracing AI technology in India. In the West, only a few peer firms have taken up this challenge. In many ways, we are pioneers, globally,” said Ashok Barat, chief operating officer of Cyril Amarchand Mangaldas, to India Legal.
While Barat may claim to be the first to use cutting-edge AI technology, a few top-rung firms like Nishith Desai Associates already use data management systems. But it is a recent development. Even in its basic form, AI has been in use in the legal field for no more than a year. However, developing a dedicated and elaborate platform tailored to understand the nuances of our legal system and to operate in the Indian environment is surely a first of its kind.’

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‘There are some who believe that our universe is a massive hologram, in which 3-D reality as we know it exists within a two-dimensional boundary.

While it may seem radical, the idea has recently regained traction, after a study published earlier this year found that deviations in the universe’s radiation ‘baby picture’ could be predicted using the holographic principle.

Essentially, it would mean that the world around us is a complex projection – and, as the workings of the cosmos still largely remain a mystery, the findings are an ‘important step forward’ in figuring out the truth, a new Life Noggin video explains.’

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David Icke – The Holographic Illusion of Reality

‘Conceiving of the Separation Game

In most of the multitude of realities that “we” created and then played within we knew, to varying degrees, what we were — creator beings that are integral parts of the One creator being — Source consciousness, prime creator, God, or whatever else you like to call it.

But within this great diversity of realities, there were none in which we completely forgot what we were — and this possibility intrigued us immensely. What would that be like and what could it teach us? It certainly seemed like it might be very interesting, to say the least.

So in our eternal quest to know ourselves and the nature of our existence we set out to create this new type of reality — one where we would completely lose our connection to our divine source, forget that we are creators and all integral parts of One universal consciousness. A reality where we would think we were separate from the creator and each other. A reality where we would experience the greatest degree of individuality and separation anywhere in the Multiverse — a reality that could aptly be called “The Separation Game.”’

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‘The first attempts to bring people back from the dead are slated to start this year.

Bioquark, a Philadelphia-based company, announced in late 2016 that they believe brain death is not ‘irreversible’.

And now, CEO Ira Pastor has revealed they will soon be testing an unprecedented stem cell method on patients in an unidentified country in Latin America, confirming the details in the next few months.

To be declared officially dead in the majority of countries, you have to experience complete and irreversible loss of brain function, or ‘brain death’.

According to Pastor, Bioquark has developed a series of injections that can reboot the brain – and they plan to try it out on humans this year. They have no plans to test on animals first.’

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