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‘The earliest Latin interpretation of the Gospels has been brought to light by a British academic – and it suggests that readers should not take the Bible literally.

Lost for 1,500 years, the fourth-century commentary by African-born Italian bishop Fortunatianus of Aquileia interprets the Gospels as a series of allegories instead of a literal history.

Dr Hugh Houghton, of the University of Birmingham, who translated the work, said it was an approach which modern Christians could learn from.

The find adds weight to the idea that many early biblical scholars did not see the Bible as a history, but instead a series of coded messages which represented key elements of Christianity, he said.

“There’s been an assumption that it’s a literal record of truth – a lot of the early scholars got very worried about inconsistencies between Matthew and Luke, for example.

“But for people teaching the Bible in the fourth century, it’s not the literal meaning which is important, it’s how it’s read allegorically.’

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‘Buddhists in a village in Myanmar’s troubled state of Rakhine have imposed a blockade on hundreds of Rohingya Muslims living in the area, effectively barring them from work and shopping for their basic needs while imposing restrictions on people’s access to drinking water.

Residents of Zay Di Pyin said on Tuesday that about 700 Rohingya had been blockaded in their neighborhood since late July.

Monitors and aid workers also confirmed the account. They said entry points to the neighborhood had been blocked with a fence and Muslims had no access to a market and a pond used as a source of drinking water.

The blockade is the latest to come from a harsh crackdown on the Rohingya, a community of about one million people who live mostly in northern parts of Rakhine but are also scattered in areas dominated by Buddhists.’

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‘So you thought you wanted enlightenment? Thought that life would be all peachy and smooth sailing when the veils of illusion were lifted? Those who have become ‘dis-illusioned’ — and haven’t slid back into denial after seeing what was on the other side, or run in the opposite direction with their first taste of ‘enlightenment’ — realize that waking up is hard work!

So what is behind these veils of constructed reality, one might ask? To put it in succinct terms, what lies behind the social conditioning is this: “That our society is the product of an extraterrestrial race that moves and breathes — and even breeds — beneath the surface of all of human history.”

It’s much easier to fool people than to convince them that they have been fooled — such is the nature of confirmation bias and other psychological tools of manipulation. Breaking free of the ancient, historical ‘constant’ of mind control is an ongoing process of waking up out of a state of denial. Spiritual emergence and awakening involves a physiological break from the consensus social agreements of our planetary cultures.’

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‘The Archbishop of Manila has spoken out against Philippines leader Rodrigo Duterte’s war on drugs following a week of deadly raids which saw over 80 people killed, including a 17-year-old boy.

“We knock on the consciences of those who kill even the helpless, especially those who cover their faces with bonnets, to stop wasting human lives,” Cardinal Luis Tagle said in a letter read at masses across Manila on Sunday, the Inquirer reported.

The Cardinal also called on “the consciences of those manufacturing and selling illegal drugs to stop this activity,” stressing the complexity of the issue with no one organization unable to claim they have the correct solution.

Calling for a joint response to the issue, he asked for government, police, faith-based communities, and recovering addicts to come together to find a solution.’

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‘Richard Spencer is correct (video above), there is no categorical difference between the skin-colour oriented Alt Right and the Jewish State – a state guided by the delusional concept of ‘Jewish Race.’ Worse, there is also no real difference between Spencer’s white-centric views and Jewish ‘anti’ Zionist’s Judeo-centrism. Jewish anti Zionists such as JVP, like Zionists, claim racially oriented political identities. Neither Spencer nor Mustafa from Gaza can become JVP board members primarily because they aren’t racially qualified.

This leaves open the question why, if Richard Spencer and Jewish ID politics both adhere to biologically oriented factions, then what is the basis of the Jewish orchestrated attacks on Spencer and his views? If the Jewish political discourse is exceptionalist by nature, why are Jewish political institutions so quick to denounce other people celebrating their own cultures?

One possible answer was provided by the great Otto Weininger who gathered in the early 20th century that “we only hate in others what we do not wish to be, and what notwithstanding we are partly.” The Jews who savagely criticise Spencer and white nationalism, probably do so because it is their own racial supremacy which they find impossible to deal with. When JVP and the ADL are brave enough to reflect upon their own exclusive exceptionalism, they may find the appropriate intellectual and political means to deal with White nationalism.’

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‘Federal authorities believe the American-Israeli teen charged with making more than 100 bomb threats to Jewish community centers (JCCs) in the US was selling his services on the dark web for as little as $30 a job.

Michael Ron David Kadar, 19, was arrested in March and later charged in Israel with 28 counts of threatening calls and false information. Israeli prosecutors said he was behind more than 100 bomb threats to JCCs and more than 2,000 threatening calls to schools, airports, police stations, malls and other targets over a span of two years.

According to a newly unsealed search warrant, Israeli National Police found a 128GB thumb drive attached to Kadar’s computer in his room that allegedly contained “files indicating Kadar’s knowledge of and involvement in the threatening email and telephone call scheme.”

Along with recordings of threatening phone calls and screenshots of threatening emails, police found a text file copied from a vendor listing page, where Kadar allegedly made a business of making bomb threats on the dark web.’

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‘One of the world’s 7 remaining absolute monarchies, Vatican City in the heart of Rome, Italy, is a peculiar city within a city, and one of the wealthiest establishments on earth. If you’ve ever been to the Vatican, which is actually a sovereign nation, you’ve seen the unbelievable wealth owned by the Catholic Church, but how much is the Vatican really worth?

The Rothschild family is believed to hold some five times more than the combined wealth of the world’s 8 top private billionaires, but when it comes to the Vatican, it’s much more difficult to assess its overall wealth. In fact, it’s actually practically impossible to pin down the Vatican’s wealth, as the sum total depends greatly on how you add up their assets and affiliations with churches around the world, and also on who you ask.’

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‘By his passing, however, he can no longer be disciplined by British institutions that should have acted. His actions and words now hang in the air, continuing to embolden other antisemites to the detriment of the UK’s Jewish community, and society at large. Sir Gerald has therefore left a rotting stain on both the Labour Party and Parliament that will continue to eat away at both institutions until such time as genuine and public acts of regret and apology are made.

Until then, Campaign Against Antisemitism will continue in our aim of seeing Britain’s institutions free of antisemitism; ensuring that they are not places that quietly give poisonous racism a pass because it happened to come out of the mouth of a rather harmless-looking old Jewish man who happened to be our longest-serving MP.’

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Campaign Against Antisemitism is a campaign against Palestinians

‘The Campaign Against Antisemitism is a British propaganda organization and registered charity that specializes in defaming Palestine solidarity campaigners. When I launched a petition calling for the group to be deregistered, it responded in a hostile manner.

It first tried to persuade the website to take the petition down. When that failed, its supporters attacked the petition in an article published by the Daily Mail, a paper which once praised Adolf Hitler for having “saved Germany from Israelites of international attachments.”

Originality not being its strong point, the Campaign Against Antisemitism then alleged that I was a “notorious anti-Semite.”

The Campaign Against Antisemitism was formed in August 2014 during a major Israeli offensive against Gaza. Its purpose was to paint Palestine solidarity campaigning and opposition to Zionism, Israel’s state ideology, as anti-Semitic.

There was massive opposition to the attack on Gaza among the British public; an estimated 150,000 people took to the streets of London in one protest. Such was the climate of opinion that Sayeeda Warsi, then a Foreign Office minister, resigned from the government, describing its support for Israel as “morally indefensible.”’

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‘Israel has reportedly stolen a large number of confidential documents belonging to Jerusalem al-Quds Islamic Waqf (Endowment) organization, which is trusted with controlling and managing the Islamic edifices on and around the al-Aqsa Mosque’s compound.

Hassan Khater, the head of al-Quds International Center, said on Monday that the appropriation had taken place over three days that followed a reported shootout on July 14 near the site, which left two Israeli soldiers and three Palestinians dead. Israel fully closed off the compound after the alleged incident.

The documents comprise title deeds proving the body’s ownership of a large number of immovable properties, as well as secret files bearing information on the mosque and religious courthouses, he said.

Khater said the papers feature data on around 90 percent of the properties lying in Jerusalem al-Quds’ Old City, where the compound is located, which could enable Tel Aviv to confiscate the properties upon misuse.’

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‘It’s no secret that the US mainstream media enforces a very tight party line when it comes to saying anything about Israel. Generally speaking, any criticism of the ‘Jewish State’ normally ends up in the editorial waste bin.

The reason for this should be academic by now: powerful Israeli Lobby exists in Washington and with satellite branches across the US and Canada. The lobby’s attack apparatus regularly coordinate media incursions and smear campaigns against any publication or journalist who dares to break rank and criticize Israel’s appalling human rights record, endless violations of international law and flagrant ignorance of multiple UN resolutions.

It consists mainly of the following organizations: the Anti-Defamation League (which devotes a large portion of its time and resources to defaming people it seeks to discredit), the quasi Masonic organization and godfather of the Jewish political attack organs B’nai B’rith International, and of course, the ADL’s ugly step child the dubious ‘NGO’ Southern Poverty Law Center.

These organizations enforce their strict public relations code through a collection of tactics like threats and boycotts, including targeting a publication’s advertisers and sponsors, or featuring a journalist, media pundit, author or academic on one of their many ‘Hate Lists’, and by lobbing the standard charge of antisemitism against anyone who sounds remotely critical of Israel and its many failings.’

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