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‘A religious congregation which has failed to date to provide its share of funds to a redress scheme for institutional abuse victims, is to be given ownership of the new €300 million State-funded National Maternity Hospital.

The Sisters of Charity are the shareholders of the St Vincent’s Healthcare Group which the Department of Health said will be the “sole owner of the new hospital” which is to be built on a site at Elm Park in south Dublin.

The relocation of the hospital from Holles Street to the St Vincent’s hospital campus involves the largest single investment ever made in maternity services in the State. Proceeds from the sale of Holles Street will go towards funding the new maternity hospital.

A department spokesman said the “autonomy of the national maternity hospital board will be underpinned by reserved powers to ensure clinical and operational independence, and the Minister for Health will hold the power to protect those reserved powers”.’

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‘Holy Week is upon us across much of the Western Hemisphere. A time when children are often taught to connect Easter’s Pagan origins with the Judeo-Christian belief in a savior god. A connection that uncomfortably tries to equate ‘a giant rabbit or ‘hare’ with a crucified Sun God. It’s a mad, ‘mad world’, especially when ‘State and religion’ would have children focusing on the ‘ritual killing’ of Jesus (the crucifixion), in one hand, and celebrating the return of a ‘giant bunny’ delivering chocolate eggs with the other. Giant bunnies, chocolate eggs, alongside the crucifixion story of course, is not found in the ‘holy book’ but nonetheless the modern world celebrates ‘Easter time’ with the same vigor as it does every other festival on the calendar.’

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‘Pope Francis has dismissed a Roman Catholic priest from New Hampshire who was convicted of stealing $300,000 from a hospital, a bishop and a deceased priest’s estate.

Monsignor Edward Arsenault, who served as the face of the church in the state during a sex abuse scandal, pleaded guilty to three theft charges in 2014 and is serving a jail sentence.

The Diocese of Manchester said Friday that Arsenault no longer has “faculties to act, function, or present himself as a priest.”‘

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‘A renegade Catholic bishop who has been excommunicated twice is being accused of harboring clergy accused of sexual abuse.

Two priests were found taking refuge in Broadstairs, Kent, where Society of St Pius X (SSPX) clergyman Richard Williamson leads the ‘SSPX Resistance’ movement.

Williamson, who was illicitly ordained a bishop in 1988 by the ultra-conservative Catholic group, has also been found guilty of Holocaust denial in a German court. He was excommunicated by Pope John Paul II and Pope Francis for being ordained and ordaining others without papal approval.’

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‘Swedish Prime Minister has slammed the policy of gender segregation in a Muslim school after a Swedish TV channel revealed that girls are forced to board their school bus through the back door, while boys use the front one.

The video is part of the latest episode of TV4’s “Kalla Fakta,” or Cold Facts, show, which was to be aired on Tuesday evening. It features secret footage showing children between six and 10 years old being segregated by gender while boarding a school bus. The boys freely use the front door while the girls are directed to the rear door.

The Cold Facts’ reporter, Helena Gissen, also found out that the pupils are being divided by gender during school prayers as girls sit in one room, and boys in another one. Gissen asked the school headmaster, Hussein Ibrahim, to comment on the situation but he refused to do it and then demanded that the journalists leave the school, threatening to call the police if they do not.’

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Islamist ‘morality police’ oppressing women’s freedoms in Swedish suburbs – report


‘Islamist ‘morality police’ are patrolling areas of Stockholm, committing acts of violence against women, advocates told Swedish media, expressing concern that Muslim girls are facing extreme limitations on their freedoms.

Those who fall victim to so-called honor crimes are accused of having inflicted shame upon their families by challenging, defying, or breaking the strict rules and norms imposed on them. Honor crimes can often be fatal, with ‘guilty’ parties being murdered by their own family members, friends, or fellow community members.

To keep girls and young women in check, the ‘morality police’ are now wandering the suburbs of the Swedish capital, in a situation which Zeliha Dagli, chairwoman of the women-only association Kibele, described as a “macho culture” aimed at controlling virtually every aspect the their lives, SVT broadcaster reported.’

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‘The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints needs their members to give their 10 percent tithing money to the church so much that they don’t care if your children go hungry.

Patheos noticed that over the weekend at the Mormon’s biannual General Conference elder Valeri V. Cordón gave a speech demanding the church’s money. He explained that as a child he worked in his father’s factory during school vacations.

“The first question my father always asked after I received my salary was, ‘What are you going to do with your money?’” he recalled. “I know the answer and responded, ‘Pay my tithing and save for my mission.’”’

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‘Religion is increasingly subject to workplace jokes as gender-based humor has become taboo, according to a study by pollsters ComRes.

Up to 1 million workers have been mocked for their beliefs in their place of employment, according to polling data.

The study suggested that many believers were victims of “lower-level exclusion” because they did not deem the mocking serious enough to report.

Some people told us they felt uncomfortable about mentioning that they pray,” Katie Harrison, head of the ComRes Faith Research Centre, told the Telegraph.’

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‘Those slaughtering cows now face a life sentence in the Indian state of Gujarat, after lawmakers voted to pass new measures to protect the sacred animal, up from a previous punishment of seven years. The state law is the toughest in the country.

Under current Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s term as the state’s chief minister, slaughtering cows and possession of beef was banned under a 2011 amendment to the 1954 Gujarat Animal Preservation Act. This latest amendment punishes the slaughter of cows with life imprisonment, while those found in possession of beef can be sentenced to seven to ten years and fined. The penalty for both offenses has been doubled from 50,000 to 100,000 rupees ($1,542). Those found guilty of transporting beef will also be jailed for 10 years. Vehicles used to take animals to slaughter may also be seized.’

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‘Donald Trump’s election didn’t just empower the alt-right troops with their #MAGA hats and Pepe the Frog avatars. The religious right is also more quietly making moves to consolidate power on a state and local level, aided by Trump’s promises to appoint conservative-friendly judges and to strike down legal limits on church-based politicking.

But even in the current environment, it’s startling to learn that the Alabama legislature is considering a bill to give a Birmingham-based church its own police force. The bill, Senate Bill 193, would specifically authorize the Briarwood Presbyterian Church, which has more than 4,000 members, to hire its own police force that would be “invested with all of the powers of law enforcement officers in this state.”

“The sole purpose of this proposed legislation is to provide a safe environment for the church, its members, students and guests,” the church said in a memo sent to Salon after requests for comment. The memo also mentioned the Sandy Hook school shooting in Connecticut, claiming that the church needs “qualified first responders” in case such a thing would happen there.’

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