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‘Protestors sparked outrage after shouting ‘Heil Merkel!’ as the German chancellor arrived in the eastern city of Halle to visit the National Academy of Science.

Seething demonstrators came out to protest the German leader’s arrival, with many holding red banners and flags bering an image of two hands pressed together in a ‘diamond’ shape – Merkel’s distinctive gesture.

Protestors marched through the streets chanting the same slogan and were filmed protesting as Merkel’s car arrived at the Leopoldina National Academy for Science.’

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‘The Colorado Court of Appeals reversed a lower court decision on fracking, siding with a group of teenage plaintiffs who argued that the state must protect the health and environment of its citizens before allowing oil and gas drilling in the state.

“We, therefore, conclude that the commission erred in interpreting [the Oil and Gas Conservation Act] as requiring a balance between development and public health, safety and welfare,”stated the three-judge appeals court in its 2-1 decision on Thursday.

“The clear language of the act… mandates that the development of oil and gas in Colorado be regulated subject to the protection of public health, safety and welfare, including protection of the environment and wildlife resources.”‘

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‘Norway will divest its pension fund from companies associated with the Dakota Access Pipeline after the indigenous Sami parliament persuaded Oslo to support those fighting against the $3.8 billion project in the US.

Norway’s indigenous Sami parliament successfully lobbied the country’s local authority pension fund KLP, which announced it would sell $58 million worth of shares in companies involved in the pipeline.

The Sami live in the Arctic region of Sapmi in northern Norway, Sweden, Finland and Russia.’

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‘Bulgarian volunteers have begun erecting a fence on the country’s border with Turkey without authorization from the government to “prevent Turkish provocations” during elections, RIA Novosti reports.

“The situation on the border is difficult and to prevent provocations from Turkey, our volunteers began erecting a four-meter fence. We have set up around 11 km from the town of Malko Tarnovo, construction is in progress,” Nikolay Ivanov, leader of the self-described activist group, told the news agency.

The activists say Turkey may attempt to bring ethnic Turks holding Bulgarian passports into the country on buses to vote in Sunday’s parliamentary elections, influencing the political landscape in the country, giving an advantage to pro-Turkey parties.’

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‘Rival pro-EU campaign groups are sending out mixed messages about whether a planned anti-Brexit demonstration will go ahead in London on Saturday.

The March for Europe had long been planned to assemble at Park Lane, moving to Westminster – seeking to emulate a demonstration after the referendum last summer attended by tens of thousands of people.

However the European Movement, which is chaired by former Tory MP Stephen Dorrell, has told its supporters to stay away at the last minute because of the burden that the march might place on police in the aftermath of Wednesday’s terror attack.’

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‘Tens of thousands of angry protestors took to the streets of Macedonia after EU officials allegedly tried to meddle in the nation’s domestic politics.

Demonstrators took to the capital of Skopje chanting “Macedonia! Macedonia!” after Johannes Hahn, the EU commissioner for Enlargement and Neighbourhood Policy, reportedly rejected proposals to meet with nationalists.

Organisers of the protests claimed there were 42 rallies across the country, with one bitter group unravelling banners expressing their discontent with the EU chief along the route from the airport to the capital taken by Hahn.’

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‘A wage strike and massive street protest by Argentine school teachers were energized on Wednesday by anger over a disparaging comment that President Mauricio Macri made about the country’s public education system.

Buenos Aires traffic was paralyzed by tens of thousands of teachers marching on the presidential palace, demanding pay increases to help keep up with inflation which was 40 percent last year and is expected to be about 20 percent in 2017.

“The basic problem is the terrible inequality between those who can go to private school and those who have to fall into the public school system,” Macri said on Tuesday while discussing a government study showing relatively bad public school results.’

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‘I’m currently writing and illustrating the third part of my Kokoro triology called Aeon Rising, with a huge focus on Atlantis, Mu and the invasion of Sophia Earth within this story. The project is in its early stages with much to do, but I am really excited about the way the book is unfolding. I am not giving too much away at this stage apart from the fact the ‘eagles’ play a huge role in this narrative, hence the recent image of Altair.’

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‘When local news spread about a cosmetology student being investigated for giving free haircuts to the homeless, many people expected to find some shocking twist revealed in the fine print. Surely, this student must have done something truly monstrous to warrant an official state investigation.

But instead of the story taking a Sweeney Todd-esque twist, it turned out that Juan Carlos Montesdeoca was just a generous cosmetology student trying to help the less fortunate in his community. His only real “crime” was not asking the government for permission beforehand.

A Noble Deed

Montesdeoca had extra time on his hands after his cosmetology school unexpectedly closed its doors a few months ago. Not wanting to lose the momentum he had built while in school, Montesdeoca decided to continue practicing his trade while also lending a hand to his fellow man.’

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