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‘A suspect detained after a stabbing attack in Japan was carrying a bag full of knives and other sharp tools, according to the latest reports. He was allegedly able to kill and injure a third of the patients at a facility for the disabled near Tokyo.

The stabbing attack took place at the Tsukui Yamayuri En (Tsukui Lily Garden) facility in the city of Sagamihara in Japan’s Kanagawa Prefecture on Tuesday at around 2:30 am local time, leaving at least 19 people dead and 26 injured, 20 critically, local media quoted police and firefighters as saying…

…Police arrested Satoshi Uematsu, 26, after he turned himself in stating: “I did it.” “It’s better that the disabled disappear,” the suspect was reportedly quoted by police as saying.’

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‘The French government ordered Nice police to fake evidence cops were on the ground during the attack, they also demanded surveillance footage of the event be destroyed.

From the AP:

France’s interior minister is protesting accusations the government tried to cover up security failings the night of the Bastille Day attack in Nice that killed 84.

The woman in charge of video surveillance in Nice on July 14, Sandra Bertin, told the Journal du Dimanche newspaper that government officials told her what to write in her report and that she should mention the presence of police she hadn’t seen.

The AP report leaves out the order to destroy video evidence of the attack.’

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‘The former commander of NATO forces in Afghanistan, retired US Army General John F. Campbell, was the mastermind behind the failed military coup in Turkey, the Yeni Safak daily has reported, citing sources close to investigation.

General John F. Campbell, 59, was “one of the top figures who organized and managed the soldiers behind the failed coup attempt in Turkey,” the conservative paper’s English-language edition said on Monday.

The paper is known for its loyal support of Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, who was the target of the coup attempt. According to Yeni Safak, Campbell “also managed more than $2 billion in transactions via UBA Bank in Nigeria by using CIA links to distribute among the pro-coup military personnel in Turkey.”‘

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‘The NSW government has priv­ately apologised to the victims of child sexual and physical abuse carried out by multiple offenders “in brutal and terrifying circumstances” at a state-run boys’ home northwest of Sydney.

The state’s police force is also investigating the alleged violent abuse of several children at the Daruk Boys Home in Windsor ­between the 1960s and 1980s, with additional cases being referred to it by the Royal Commission into ­Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse as recently as last week.

One of these alleged victims told The Australian he was raped inside an isolation cell by two men working at the home, then forced to listen while another child was sexually abused. The man, who asked to be identified only as ­William, spent years unsuccessfully pursuing the state government through the courts, seeking compensation for what took place.’

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