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‘One reliable way to know that Donald Trump has reversed himself on an issue is if he denies having done any such thing.

The pattern repeats itself: his Administration is dealt a major setback—the courts blocking his travel bans, the G.O.P. health-care bill dying in the House—and Trump responds by decreeing that “great progress” is being made and the media is neglecting to cover it.

It’s easy to become inured to how bizarre this is: America has a President who denies observable reality and uses his social-media accounts to feed his supporters an alternate version of the truth. All politicians spin. Trump lies, regularly and brazenly.

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‘The Grooming of a President for France has been in the making for a number of years. With Hollande’s approval consistently tanking, the shadows knew they needed to find someone younger, charismatic, a Socialist, someone whose greed and lust for power could easily be bought. And they found Emmanuel Macron.

He attended one of France’s most elite schools where he was trained in Civil Service, graduating in 2004. His biography states that in 2007, he served as deputy rapporteur for the Commission to improve French growth headed by Jacques Attali, Macron was 29. But the Commission wasn’t formed until 2008.  Obviously he is a bit ‘math challenged’.  The  Commission report was heavily criticized for its proposal to ‘relaunch immigration’ and ‘open borders’… Attali was ridiculed and called a ‘globalist’.’

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‘Saudi Arabia has reportedly sentenced a young man to death for apostasy. The news has stirred up Twitter users, with some expressing sadness and sorrow, while others praised the move.

On Tuesday, a Saudi Arabian court dismissed an appeal from Ahmad Al Shamri, who had spent three years in prison over charges of “atheism and blasphemy,” the Exmuslim website reports.

Al Shamri was in his early 20s and lived the city of Hafr Al-Batin in the country’s Eastern Province, according to the website. He had reportedly renounced Islam and posted various videos reflecting his views on social media. The man was arrested in 2014, faced trial and was sentenced to death in February 2015.’

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‘Wikipedia co-founder Jimmy Wales was accused of hypocrisy last night after announcing plans to set up a media service to tackle ‘fake news’.

Despite claims that his online encyclopaedia is riddled with inaccuracies, the internet entrepreneur said his new Wikitribune site would produce ‘fact- checked, global news stories.’

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‘A young boy has had both his legs amputated after allegedly being beaten a number of times with a water hose by an assistant warden at a private religious school in Malaysia. Doctors are now battling to save the boy’s right arm from the same fate.

The boy’s mother, Felda Wani Ahmad, claimed that her 11-year-old-son, Mohamad Thaqif Amin Mohd Gadaffi, was beaten numerous times by a warden at the Islamic ‘Tahfiz’ boarding school he attended during separate incidents in March, according to The Straits Times.

Ahmad said the abuse was highlighted when her son begged her to remove him from the school as he could not take the punishment any longer.’

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‘Nicola Sturgeon admitted today her plan to press ahead with a new independence referendum would have to be postponed until after the election.

The SNP leader had vowed to outline the ‘next steps’ to force a re-run of the 2014 poll when Theresa May rejected official pleas to call one.

The threat was widely seen as signalling SNP plans to hold an unofficial referendum in defiance of Westminster.

But today Ms Sturgeon admitted her plot would have to wait, prompting scorn from Scottish Tory leader Ruth Davidson.

The concession came after a bombshell poll showed support for independence has slumped to 40 per cent.’

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‘CIA Director Mike Pompeo is waging war on free speech in his attacks on WikiLeaks, the website’s editor wrote Tuesday at The Washington Post.

Julian Assange said Pompeo was wrong when he said the WikiLeaks publisher has no First Amendment rights because he is not an American citizen.

“It underscores just how dangerous it is for an unelected official whose agency’s work is rooted in lying and misdirection to be the sole arbiter of the truth and the interpreter of the Constitution,” Assange said.’

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‘SEOUL: Trailers carrying US THAAD missile defence equipment entered a deployment site in South Korea early on Wednesday (Apr 26) with tensions high over North Korea’s intentions, Yonhap news agency reported.

Arrival of the six trailers at the golf course location sparked clashes between locals and police, the agency said.

Washington and Seoul are deploying the Terminal High Altitude Area Defence (THAAD) battery to counter the threat from North Korea, which is pushing ahead with its ballistic missile programme despite multiple sets of UN sanctions.’

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‘Turkey’s founding father Mustafa Kemal Atatürk (1881-1938) had the intention of moving his country away from the Middle East and its neighbouring Arab countries to transform Turkey into a thriving parliamentary democracy, following centuries of, in his view, backward Ottoman rule.

But now, nearly eighty years after his death, the nation’s first popularly elected president Recep Tayyip Erdoğan (aka the Prez) appears busy to do his utmost to reintegrate Turkey into the Middle East and within the reach of its Arab and Muslim neighbours.’

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‘A far-right French mayor has been fined 2,000 euros for inciting hatred, after declaring that there were too many Muslim children in his local schools.

Robert Menard, mayor of the southern town of Beziers, is an ally of the anti-immigrant National Front party.

On 1 September 2016, France’s first day back at school, he tweeted that he was witnessing the “great replacement”.

The divisive term is used to describe the alleged eviction of France’s white Christian population by migrants.’

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‘The State Department on Monday announced the hiring of former “Fox and Friends” host Heather Nauert as the department’s official spokeswoman.

“Heather’s media experience and long interest in international affairs will be invaluable as she conveys the Administration’s foreign policy priorities,” the department said in a statement.

The “top-rated morning cable news show” Nauert anchored, as glowingly described by the State Department, is one of President Donald Trump’s favorites.’

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