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‘The first interview ever given by someone with perhaps the most advanced case of Morgellons on record. Much has been discussed about this syndrome, as it is called, which is more like an overtaking of the body by synthetic biology, and is afflicting people across the world.

Extremely intrusive, painful and even “intelligent,” Morgellons remains officially unacknowledged and/or dismissed as delusional or self-perpetuated.

Elizabeth, my guest, has had the condition for over 25 years; it now covers 25% of her body and is deeply embedded, creating open wounds that issue a variety of materials and even lifelike forms.’

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‘The CIA has been coordinating weapon deliveries on the Turkey-Syria border, German journalist Jurgen Todenhofer, who recently spoke with a Jabhat al-Nusra commander, told RT. He added that the US knows that the weapons it delivers to rebels end up with terrorists.

“This is a game everybody knows. It’s very clear that the Americans know that their weapons will in the end be in the hands of terrorists.”

“The CIA was coordinating the weapons’ delivery from Turkey and they brought the weapons to the border… These weapons were taken by terrorist groups, Al-Qaeda, Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS/ISIL). This is well-known.”

This is neither a mistake nor a case of negligence, Todenhofer believes, despite some opinions suggesting that American weapons could have accidentally fallen into the hands of terrorists.’

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‘The Pentagon chief put Russia on par with North Korea when he spoke about threats faced by the US and its allies, and the need to invest billions into refreshing NATO’s nuclear playbook to integrate conventional and unconventional deterrence methods.

Addressing US servicemen, missile units and B-52 crews at Minot Base, Defense Secretary Ash Carter stated that the US and its allies had not built any new nuclear weapons or delivery systems in the last 25 years – and said that American nuclear forces must be ready to engage in a possible nuclear confrontation with Russia.’

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‘One glaring conclusion from last night’s US Presidential debate is that there is virtually no difference between either Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton’s view on what the US should do in Syria. Both are advocating for more war – for more airstrikes in Syria, and for “building safe zones” which are actually ‘No Fly Zones’ (where only US Coalition aircraft are allow to fly).

There is one vast difference however, between these two candidates. During her tenure as Obama’s Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton was both the architect of the US-led destruction of the Libyan State, and also of Washington’s secret war against Syria, officially from 2011.’

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‘Saudi Arabia blatantly ignored the protected nature of medical facilities and demonstrated a total disregard for civilian life in Yemen when it executed indiscriminate and apparently intentional airstrikes on NGO-affiliated hospitals, MSF said in two new reports.

The reports by Doctors Without Borders (MSF) were released on Tuesday ahead of a UN Security Council closed session on the protection of medical missions. The attacks described in the reports were on the MSF clinic in the city of Taiz on December 2, 2015 and on a hospital in Abs, Hajjah governorate on August 15, 2016.’

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‘Thousands of Saudis have signed a petition calling on the Riyadh regime to treat women as full citizens by recognizing their complete rights and ending the controversial male guardianship system.

Under Saudi law, a woman must have permission from a male family member, normally the father, husband or brother – in the case of a widow, sometimes her son – to obtain a passport, marry, travel, exit prison and sometimes work or access health care.

In recent years, the Al Saud regime has come under intense pressure by rights groups for mistreating women.

Reports said on Tuesday that some 14,700 people have signed the petition – the first of its kind in the kingdom.’

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‘British politicians are intent on killing plans for an EU-wide army, following a Franco-German push for a stronger EU defense policy.

The tug-of-war between Europe’s defense ministers continued on Tuesday in Bratislava, as Britain’s Michael Fallon insisted a combined EU military power “would simply undermine NATO.”

Fallon said the British government agreed “Europe needs to step up to the challenges of terrorism and of migration,” but the Conservatives would “continue to oppose any idea of an EU army or EU army headquarters.”

“NATO must remain a cornerstone of our defense and the defense of Europe,” he added.’

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