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Eventually the mainstream media is going to have to have a grown-up adult conversation with me about how the world is really controlled and by whom. It may not be soon, but it can’t be avoided.


‘A group of women who say Sir Edward Heath abused them as children have also accused their parents of being involved in up to 16 murders.

The farce came as police probe incredible claims that the former prime minister was linked to a paedophile ring that killed as many as 16 children – which would make them the worst child murderers in British history.

The seemingly far-fetched allegations have been made by a family who allege that the politician was part of a satanic sex cult run by their own parents.

They say that the cult regularly slaughtered children at ritual sacrifices in churches and forests around southern England and also participated in similar ceremonies in Africa.’

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‘Self-described right-wing ‘provocateur’ Milo Yiannopoulos has been caught on tape defending paedophile abuse, saying ‘We get hung up on this stuff’.

Homeless man’s extreme delight at finding out he got the job
Yiannopoulos was banned from Twitter after controversial attacks on Ghostbusters actress Leslie Jones – and has been defended by Donald Trump.

Trump Tweeted a threat to withdraw funding from Berkeley after riots erupted when Yiannopoulos spoke at the university.’

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‘The Russian Embassy in London has rejected as pure innuendo a report in The Telegraph which claimed Moscow had conspired to overthrow Montenegro’s government during the 2016 poll, describing the report as recycled “fake news.”

“As usual, no evidence, pure innuendo,” the Russian mission posted on Twitter in response to the Telegraph’s lengthy article that ran under a sensational headline and then proceeded to accuse Russia of orchestrating a coup plot in Montenegro last fall, allegedly “to sabotage the country’s plan to join NATO.”

Citing unnamed “senior Whitehall sources,” the Telegraph, which is considered a rather respected publication, claimed in its report that Prime Minister Milo Djukanovic had been targeted by “Russian intelligence officers with the support and blessing of Moscow.”’

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‘Donald Trump’s defence secretary has distanced himself from the president’s war on media, calling journalists a constituency of the democratic process.

James Mattis’ comments came after his commander-in-chief declared the fifth estate the “enemy of the American people” and vowed to “expose them for what they are”.

“The press, as far as I’m concerned, are a constituency that we deal with,” Mr Mattis said. “And I don’t have any issues with the press, myself.”

Mr Trump often mocked the “dishonest” media in his presidential campaign. But since taking office, this denigration has morphed from crowd pleasing rhetoric into a strategy seemingly intended to discredit journalists reporting unflattering revelations of dysfunction and divisions in his White House.’

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‘The “subtly” named “World Government Summit,” which started Feb. 12 and ran through Feb. 14 in Abu Dubai, United Arab Emirates, included a few Bilderberg Group and World Economic Forum (WEF) members, such as WEF founder Klaus Schwab and frequent Bilderberg attendee Christine Lagarde, longtime International Monetary Fund chief.

But with Arab officials comprising perhaps half of the attendees, the pedigree of this much-lesser-known annual summit differs significantly from the Bilderberg-WEF axis and its North American-European complexion. An overriding fixation on world rule, though, is the irreducible shared goal.

The annual Bilderberg meeting involves a mere 140 high-flyers from finance ministries, banking, royalty, parliament, the technology sector, select silent media etc. Bilderberg’s anonymous press department issues one sketchy annual press release and produces zero video footage of its speeches and proceedings.

But with 90 speakers and 4,000 attendees from 130 countries, the Dubai summit, much like the WEF, is a larger and basically open forum that’s broadcast worldwide via summit organizers’ You Tube channel and official website.’

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‘The United States’ accusations against Iran over “destabilizing” the Middle East are “laughable,” says a former Congressional staffer…

…Republican senators in control of US Congress are unveiling a new measure against Iran over its defensive missile program.

“I think it is now time for the Congress to take Iran on directly in terms of what they’ve done outside the nuclear program,” said Senator Lindsey Graham, a member of the US Senate Armed Services Committee, at the Munich Security Conference on Sunday.

The former Congressional staffer told Press TV that the statement is “laughable and intellectually dishonest.”

“If any party is destabilizing the Middle East and has destabilized the Middle East, it’s the United States with its imperial actions in Iraq, its horrific genocidal actions in Syria, and its destabilizing actions in Libya,” he said. “That is what the United States does, particularly in the Middle East.”’

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