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‘Nobel Peace Prize laureate, US President Barack Obama has been steadfastly pursuing a policy of armed interventions and conflicts across the globe longer and more extensively than any other president in recent US history. Now he’s sounding an advance against Russia, paying no heed to the fact that it may result in world war followed promptly by mutual nuclear annihilation.

One could hardly make a compelling argument how else one can explain the statement made by Spokesperson for the US State Department, Rear Admiral John F. Kirby, other than a direct declaration of war. The statement reads as follows:

The consequences are that the civil war will continue in Syria, that extremists and extremists groups will continue to exploit the vacuums that are there in Syria to expand their operations, which will include, no question, attacks against Russian interests, perhaps even Russian cities, and Russia will continue to send troops home in body bags, and they will continue to lose resources – even, perhaps, more aircraft…’

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‘Washington never had a so-called ‘Plan A’ to resolve the Syrian crisis, Syrian envoy to the UN Bashar al-Jaafari told RT, adding that the West is one of the root causes of the Syrian war.

In the wake of the worsening security situation in Syria, Washington has blamed Damascus and Russia for jeopardizing efforts to peacefully resolve the ongoing civil war. However, al-Jaafari told RT that Washington on its part never had a solid plan to settle the war inside Syria.

“The United States had never had a ‘Plan A’ to move to ‘Plan B’, Washington had a‘Plan B’, they never worked out a ‘Plan A’,” the Syrian UN envoy said.’

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‘The US has resolved to prevent the fall of Aleppo and is preparing to allow its Gulf allies to flood the city with shoulder-fired, anti-aircraft missiles, according to a source with close contacts to rebel forces.

The Reuters news agency this week reported anonymous US officials as saying that the recent intense bombardment of Syria’s second city had “heightened” the possibility of the Obama administration lifting a long-held ban by allowing Qatar and Saudi Arabia to arm rebels with man-portable missiles.

A source on Tuesday told Middle East Eye that the US had confirmed it would allow the two Gulf states to begin shipments.’

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‘The western media and politicians have been going all-out in the last two weeks to promote and pump-up the profile of what they are calling a “first responder NGO” known as the White Helmets who claim among other things, to have “saved 60,000 lives” in the Syria conflict. Is it true, or is this claim bogus?

Like so many celebrated attributes of the lauded White Helmets, the rescue numbers are clearly exaggerated. The so-called “rebel-held” territories (in actuality, terrorist-held areas) in which the White Helmets exclusively operate, have very few civilians remaining in them. Nonetheless, the West want their public believe that these areas are bustling, thriving pockets of Syrian society being savaged by the evil dictator and Hitler reincarnate, Bashar al Assad.’

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‘The US is not targeting al-Nusra terrorists in Syria because they have become too “intermingled” with moderates and civilians, the US State Department claimed, accusing Moscow of causing the mess which prevents Washington from separating the groups.

Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov once again stressed in an interview with the BBC on Friday that Washington never delivered on its obligation to separate Jabhat Fateh al-Sham (known before the rebranding as al-Nusra Front) and other extremist groups from the so-called “moderate” rebels, to whom the US provides support.’

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‘Last week, the US Congress approved the Stability and Democracy for Ukraine Act, or “STAND for Ukraine.” As the Ukrainian Embassy in the US has reported, American congressmen unanimously supported the bill.

The bill’s list of means for supporting democracy in Ukraine includes the supply of lethal defensive weapons systems. The legislation will come into force following a vote in the Senate and its signing by the US President. From that point on, Washington will be able to officially supply lethal weapons to Ukraine.’

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‘In a September 22 speech to an elite foreign policy group in New York City, Brazil’s legislatively installed president, Michel Temer, made the startling admission that President Dilma Rousseff was removed from office because of her position on economic policy, rather than any alleged wrongdoing on her part.

Speaking to the Americas Society/Council of the Americas, a group of “opinion leaders” and corporate executives with interests in Latin America, Temer said:

And many months ago, while I was still vice president, we released a document named “A Bridge to the Future” because we knew it would be impossible for the government to continue on that course. We suggested that the government should adopt the theses presented in that document called “A Bridge to the Future.” But, as that did not work out, the plan wasn’t adopted and a process was established which culminated with me being installed as president of the republic.’

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