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‘Russia has promised to take all necessary countermeasures to ensure its national security given recently-announced US plans to modernize its nuclear triad and hawkish statements on nuclear deterrence coming from Washington.

US Secretary of Defense Ashton Carter told American troops at Minot Air Force Base in South Dakota that the Pentagon has been seeking $108 billion over the next five years to upgrade the nation’s nuclear triad of Intercontinental Ballistic Missiles, ballistic submarines, and strategic bombers. He also announced that NATO is reviewing its “nuclear playbook” to deter potential “terrible attacks” by Russia.

“Across the Atlantic, we’re refreshing NATO’s nuclear playbook to better integrate conventional and nuclear deterrence to ensure we plan and train like we’d fight and to deter Russia from thinking it can benefit from nuclear use in a conflict with NATO, from trying to escalate to de-escalate, as some there call it,” Carter said on Monday.’

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‘The Chinese Defense Ministry has warned the US against deploying the Terminal High Altitude Area Defense system in South Korea. On Wednesday, Washington released a statement that it is going to deploy the system “as soon as possible.”

“We will pay close attention to relevant developments, and consider taking necessary actions to protect national strategic security and the regional strategic balance,” Chinese Defense Ministry spokesman Yang Yujun told a monthly news briefing on Thursday as cited by Reuters. “What needs to be stressed is that Chinese people mean what they say.”‘

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‘It was an immense false flag and it shifted the direction of all medical science in a disastrous industrial direction, and has never – even up to today – been exposed.

All the false flag researchers were not around to point it out. But they are now and it’s key to stopping this Bayer and Monsanto repeat of 1918.

Take a good look at Bush and the set up for now. The CDC’s roll-out of mandatory vaccines (unknown, untested and unlimited) is combined with the ability to take away anyone who is traveling – or at home – and “treat” them with unspecified treatments.

Now no one has to accuse people of anything radical in order to pick them up and forcibly vaccinate or quarantine them. Officials can simply claim the person doesn’t look well. They can take the person away and inject any number of unknown vaccines into them (as they did in 1918) for being “behind schedule” or charge them $100,000 per “event” if they refuse. And if a neighbor dies, they can be charged $250,000 for that.’

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‘Glyphosate, a toxic chemical found in popular weedkiller Roundup, is classed by the World Health Organization as a probable carcinogen. Roundup is commonly used across America in gardens, public parks and for agriculture – but studies have found that one of its ingredients – glyphosate – is dangerous to human health.

According to Ecowatch, glyphosate has been found to be toxic to human cells and associated with numerous diseases and health problems – from Alzheimer’s disease to birth defects and a range of cancers. Yet, despite concerns over exposure to this chemical and studies revealing that glyphosate is present in food and even water – glyphosate is often sprayed on crops just before their harvest.’

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‘An Italian doctor claims that he can transfer human consciousness to a new body by transplanting a head onto a new body. This could hypothetically prolong the lives of people whose bodies are ravaged by diseases that cannot be cured.

The desire to achieve immortality with medicine stretches back centuries, and the idea of a whole-body transplant in particular has been raised as a serious suggestion as far back as the 1960s. But many very real scientific and medical hurdles remain to be addressed before heads are likely to become just another organ to be transplanted.’

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‘Could LED lights be hazardous to your health? Well, it certainly seems like they might be. The American Medical Association (AMA) has just issued a warning that high-intensity LED streetlights emit blue light – which cannot be seen. Blue light is known for disrupting sleeping patterns, and can possibly increase the risks of a number of serious health conditions, including cancer and cardiovascular disease.

These concerns about the potential health risks of LED lights are not unfamiliar; similar questions have been raised over the last few years. But, the AMA’s report provides much needed support to these claims. Their findings may even inspire cities and states to reevaluate the intensity of the light-emitting diodes they install, especially following the AMA’s discovery that bright LED lights can actually impair nighttime vision for some drivers.’

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‘The United States is investigating more Chinese companies it suspects of breaking North Korean sanctions. Beijing has accused Washington of using its laws for “long-arm jurisdiction.”

On Monday, the US imposed sanctions against China’s Dandong Hongxiang Industrial Development Co, alleging the firm used front companies to bypass sanctions on North Korea’s nuclear weapons and ballistic missile programs. It the first time the US has sanctioned a Chinese company.’

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‘Sheriff’s deputies in Louisiana have determined a high school football team isn’t worthy of their protection after many players protested police brutality by kneeling during “The Star-Spangled Banner.”

A majority of the players from Bonnabel High School’s varsity football team declined to participate in the national anthem before last week’s game, and a photograph of their protest gained widespread attention, reported WVUE-TV.’

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‘Trolling has literally changed culture, both online and off. The word is now used to categorize a wide and varying swath of behaviors, from absurdist contrarian comment posts, to harassment and abuse disproportionately aimed at women of all races and people of color, to entire presidential campaigns.

There now exist troll scholars, many of whom have been studying trolls for years, and an academic area of study, trollology. That’s evidence of just how widespread trolling is, and how it’s sparked a sort of anthropological interest in troll behavior and culture. The question for non-trolls is, behind the layer of protective anonymity, what lies at the core of the troll psyche.

The findings of a few studies suggest that trolls who are mean-spirited and manipulative online have offline personalities to match, and that insecurity drives a fair amount of their trollery.’

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‘An “erratically” behaving black man, fatally shot by El Cajon Police after he refused to comply with orders, was actually pointing a 4-inch-long e-cigarette at police, it has been revealed.

The man, thought to be mentally ill, was later identified as Alfred Olango, a 38-year-old refugee from Uganda with a US felony record of drug and weapon offenses.

Police killed Olango a minute after arriving at the scene to check out a report of a mentally unstable person “not acting like himself” and walking in and out of traffic. According to police, the man refused to comply with “multiple instructions” from the first officer on the scene to remove his “concealed hand” from his pants pocket. The second officer who arrived on the scene “immediately prepared to deploy a less-lethal electronic control device while the other officer covered,” police said.’

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