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‘Marking two years since the brutal Israeli assault that killed more than 2,200 Palestinians, #GazaLives tells the stories of Palestinians living there, in their own words.

On 20th July 2014, as many as 150 Palestinians were killed in Shuja’iyya after Israeli forces devastated the area.’

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‘There are at least five Daesh military training camps in Kosovo, located in remote areas near the self-proclaimed republic’s border with Albania and Macedonia, a source close to the intelligence services told Sputnik.

In an interview with Sputnik, a source close to the intelligence services singled out at least five Daesh (ISIL/ISIS) training camps, located in remote areas near Kosovo’s border with Albania and Macedonia.

The largest camps are located in areas adjacent to the towns on the Urosevac and Djakovica line as well as the Decani district, the source said, adding that the smaller camps were tracked in the Prizren and Pec regions.’

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‘The Korean people are one of the people that suffered the most during the Cold War, which was a hot war in the Korean Peninsula. The land of the Korean people was divided and ravaged by destruction.

This is why many of the South Korean people do not want to be embroiled in any type of US tensions or confrontation against China, Russia, North Korea, Iran, or any other country. In this regard, the National THAAD Countermeasure Council in South Korea has begun a public campaign against the deployment of THAAD to their country. One of their demonstrations was held in Seoul on July 16, 2016. Trying to obfuscate the facts, most of the media in South Korea overlooked the event or casually mentioned it. The following is a brief article from South Korean news outlet MinPlus about the event.’

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‘A massive fire has erupted near a NATO military base in western Turkey, with authorities investigating whether they are facing an act of sabotage.

The fire started on Sunday evening in an area straddling the Sahintepe and Mevkiinde districts in the city of Izmir. It engulfed the wooded area and spread closer to NATO’s military base, the Allied Land Command (LANDCOM), because of strong winds.

Reports say the fire has been contained but efforts continue to extinguish it. Four helicopters and two water-bombers have been involved in battling the flames.’

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‘Turkey’s Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu has said that the ties with the US could turn sour unless Washington extradites cleric Gulen, who, according to Ankara, is behind the failed coup.

His statement comes ahead of his trip to the US, and he said he would discuss the relations with US officials during the visit.

Washington has repeatedly said that Turkey must give clear evidence of Gulen’s link with the attempted coup before discussing any possible extradition. Lawyers have said the process, if launched, may take years.’

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‘Bulgaria has claimed a rise in violations of its airspace by Russian military and commercial aircraft, calling it provocative.

According to Defense Minister Nikolay Nenchev, Russian aircraft had entered “Bulgaria’s area of responsibility” in NATO airspace four times in the past month.

“It is very worrying, so we take preventive measures,” scrambling Bulgarian fighter jets, he told Nova TV channel on Sunday.’

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‘Israeli forces have arrested at least seven Palestinians during new raids in the occupied West Bank.

The Israeli forces stormed the town of Qabatiyah, south of the city of Jenin, in the northern West Bank and raided several homes.

Eyewitnesses said the Israeli soldiers claimed that the Palestinians were “wanted,” but it was not clear what for.

Three young Palestinians were arrested during the raid in Qabatiyah and taken into custody at an unknown site.’

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‘Ramzan Kadyrov has accused the US authorities of instigating the civil war in Afghanistan and other Muslim countries, and called on senior politicians in these states to set aside their differences and unite in the face of what he sees as a common enemy.

“During the 37 years of the war in Afghanistan peace has not become closer, not even by a single step. The United States used the excuse of fighting their own Bin Laden to unleash a decades-long civil war there. America and NATO could have solved the Afghan problem in just two years, but they need this eternal bloody cauldron in Afghanistan that takes the lives of many thousands of young Muslims,” the acting head of the Chechen Republic stated in comments on the latest terrorist attack in Kabul.

Kadyrov expressed his position in a post on Instagram – a medium he normally uses for communication with the public.’

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‘Prime Minister Manuel Valls says France needs to overhaul its security culture amid an escalating scandal over the government’s handling of a recent deadly attack in Nice.

The French government has been hit by a fresh crisis after a senior policewoman accused it of covering up its mishandling of security at the Nice fireworks display where 84 people were killed in an attack.

“We need a deep change in our security culture,” Valls told BFM television on Monday.

Interior Minister Bernard Cazeneuve has been the lightning rod for criticism over alleged security failures. His account of police deployments on the night of July 14 celebrations has faced questions.’

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