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Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu apologizes for controversial election statements about Arab voters – then ‘goes one step further.’

And the reactions to the above …

“When I saw you chose to contact us in English,” he continued, turning directly to Netanyahu, “I understood exactly where this message is intended and for what purpose. So I say to the Prime Minister on behalf of the Arab public that we are not buying his show of hypocrisy.”’

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‘There’s a certain “yawn…” moment looming about “daily shooter” phenomena provided, of course, that you are not getting shot yourself. It stems from predictability. What independent media dub “anomalies” does not seem so anomalous anymore, because anomalies themselves are apparently inevitable, and therefore: predictable, even more so then the main line of events mediated by mass media.

We are talking, of course, about frequent unreliability of media images, ties of perpetrators to some form of security and/or intelligence services, unbelievable nature of not so minute details of the story, etc.’

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‘The Democratic Party has made history by nominating Hillary Clinton to run for US president as the first woman to head a major party’s presidential ticket.

Speaking via video link from New York after her nomination on Tuesday night, Hillary Clinton told the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia that she was honoured to have been chosen as the party’s nominee.’

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‘After two years and still no real answers from international authorities regarding the downing of MH17? This month marks the two year anniversary of the downing of Malaysian Airlines flight MH17 – an incident that took place against a backdrop of a brutal proxy war – pitting Kiev and its supporters in Washington DC, the EU and NATO – against rebel forces in eastern Ukraine and Russia. As with most 21st century conflicts, truth has been the first casualty of war here.’

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