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This is the web page of those who run the Metro Toronto Convention Center referenced in the videocast:

Please be respectful if you choose to ask them why this venue has such contempt for freedom of speech and those who buy tickets for its events.

‘In letters to the United Nations, Syria has demanded compensation from the US and its “illegitimate coalition” allies for bombing civilian targets and destroying the country’s infrastructure, calling for an immediate halt to such strikes.

Syria’s permanent mission at the United Nations made the comments in two letters addressed to the world body’s secretary-general and the UN Security Council’s president, RT reported on Friday.

The Damascus government “insists that these attacks must come to an end, and that the members of this illegitimate coalition must bear the political and legal responsibility for the destruction of infrastructure in the Syrian Arab Republic, including responsibility for compensation,” said the letters.

The letters also underlined that the ongoing US-led airstrikes – purportedly aimed at destroying Daesh terrorists – “continue to claim the lives of hundreds of innocent Syrian civilians.”’

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‘Catherine Austin Fitts just published documentation of Department of Defense (DOD) official audit reports from 1998 that acknowledge “losing track” of $6.5 trillion, along with Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) admission of “losing” over $100 billion. This is euphemistically termed “unaccounted,” and literally means that DOD agrees they received these funds, agrees the funds are gone, and then claims to not have records of where the money went…

…I wrote last year upon publication of DOD’s report. Of course, such “official” looting never happens with lawful accounting because records always show where the money goes. This would be like your bank agreeing they received a $65,000 deposit from you, agreeing the money was gone, and not refunding your account while claiming no further information of this “unaccountable,” “lost,” and “missing” money.

The most common historical explanation of governments “losing” money is, of course, embezzlement to enrich an oligarchy.’

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‘The new report on Gaza by a team led by Robert Piper, the United Nations’ chief humanitarian coordinator in Palestine, makes for disturbing reading.

That’s not only because of the alarming statistics or “indicators” about the humanitarian catastrophe in Gaza, of which there is no shortage in the report.

That the situation in Gaza is untenable, its population living in a pressure cooker that gets worse by the day, is clear to anyone who pays attention.

The UN has previously predicted that Gaza would become “unlivable” by the year 2020.

Piper’s report “tries to look past the polemic and review – as we approach 2020 – the socioeconomic, humanitarian and human rights disaster that is unfolding in Gaza and to advocate on behalf of the two million people trapped in this sad reality.”

Pushing for Gaza’s surrender
Yet what the report actually does is reveal how the UN has apparently aligned with Israel and its international backers in pushing for Gaza’s total surrender to its tormentors.’

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‘At least four people have reportedly lost their lives during clashes in the occupied Palestinian lands as tensions (#SaveAlAqsa) remain high there in the wake of the Tel Aviv regime’s crackdown on Palestinian worshipers wishing to pray at the al-Aqsa Mosque compound.

Palestinian medical sources and witnesses, speaking on condition of anonymity, said a Palestinian teenager, identified as 17-year-old Muhammad Mahmoud Sharaf from the predominantly Palestinian neighborhood of Silwan on the outskirts of the Old City of Jerusalem al-Quds, was fatally shot in Ras al-Amud neighborhood of East Jerusalem al-Quds on Friday afternoon, Arabic-language Ma’an news agency reported.

Witnesses said Sharaf was shot in the neck by an Israeli settler, and later succumbed to his wounds.

Palestinian protesters arranged Sharaf’s funeral shortly after his death amid speculations that Israeli authorities might seize his body. Participants in the funeral chanted slogans in memory of the teenager, and in support of al-Aqsa Mosque.’

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‘Three Israelis have been killed in an attack in the West Bank, Israeli officials have said.

The attack comes at the end of a day of violence between Israelis and Palestinians. Tensions have arisen over new security measures put in place at a holy shrine in Jerusalem.

Israeli media reported that said the three dead were all members of the same family, two men aged 60 and 40 and a woman of 40. The wounded woman, 68, was hospitalised with stab wounds to her back. A still photo carried by Israeli television showed a kitchen floor completely red with blood.

The family had sat down to a traditional Friday evening meal when the attack occurred, according to Israel Radio. The Israeli army said the assailant slipped into the settlement under cover of darkness to carry out his attack.’

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‘Hawaii is the first state to prepare the public for the possibility of a ballistic missile strike from North Korea.

The state’s Emergency Management Agency on Friday announced a public education campaign about what to do. Hawaii legislators have been urging emergency management officials to update Cold War-era plans for coping with a nuclear attack as North Korea develops nuclear weapons and ballistic missiles that can reach the islands.

Starting in November, Hawaii will begin monthly tests of an “attack-warning” siren the state hasn’t heard since the end of the Cold War in the 1980s.

The wailing siren will be tested on the first working day of each month, after a test of an “attention-alert” steady tone siren with which residents are already familiar.

Informational brochures, along with TV, radio and internet announcements will help educate the public about the new siren sound and provide preparedness guidance.’

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‘Theresa May has oddly declined to comment on the reported arrest of the mini-skirted lass who was videotaped cavorting through an ancient Najd village this week, provoking unexpected roars of animalistic male fury in a kingdom known for its judicial leniency, political moderation, gender equality and fraternal love for its Muslim neighbours.

May should, surely, have drawn the attention of the rulers of this normally magnanimous state to the extraordinarily uncharacteristic behaviour of the so-called religious police – hitherto regarded as extras in the very same kingdom’s growing tourism industry which is supported by its newly appointed peace-loving and forward-thinking young Crown Prince.

But of course, since May cannot possibly believe that a single person in this particular national entity would give even a riyal or a halfpenny to “terrorists” – of the kind who have been tearing young British lives apart in Manchester and London – she’s hardly likely to endanger the “national security” of said state by condemning the arrest of the aforementioned young lady. In any event, a woman so proper that she would not risk soiling her hands by greeting the distraught survivors of the Grenfell Tower fire has no business shedding even a “little tear” for middle class girls who upset what we must now call The Kingdom Whose Name We Dare Not Speak At All.’

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‘Prime Minister Theresa May has been urged to talk to the UK’s Saudi allies about forthcoming executions as new figures show £3.3 billion worth of arms sales to the Gulf regime have been licensed in the past three years alone.

The human rights charity Reprieve has warned that 14 men, including one arrested as a minor, are set to be executed by the Saudi authorities for cybercrime offenses.

MPs, including former Labour leader Ed Miliband, have signed a letter to the PM asking her to try and intervene to stop the sentences being carried out.

Reprieve and the MPs have both warned that the men, who allegedly signed confessions under torture, could have been caught and held by Saudi personnel who had received training by UK security forces.

Tory MP Andrew Mitchell and the Liberal Democrats’ Tom Brake also signed the letter which asks May “to take urgent steps to confirm that UK assistance played no role in these individuals’ conviction under Saudi Arabia’s anti-cybercrime law.”’

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