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‘When I think of the recent developments in the USA (Dallas shooting, Orlando shooting) and Europe (Nice, murdered priest, Germany shooting) I get this unpleasant feeling that something is not quite right. For one thing, the perpetrators are absolutely ridiculous: pseudo-Muslims who turn out to be drinking homosexuals, ex-patients of mental institutions – the kind of people I call “overnight Muslims”: they all make darn sure to say Allahu Akbar a number of times, but other than that, they have no sign of Islam at all.

In fact, far from being trained Daesh fighters, they are all losers with weak personalities. Exactly the kind of people the special services (and religious sects) like to prey upon because they are weak and easy to manipulate. Oh yes, I know, the good folk a Daesh do end up claiming that the perpetrator is one of them, but that really proves nothing (except maybe that Daesh is desperate to increase its notoriety).’

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‘A senior Republican senator has harshly criticized U.S. President Barack Obama and his national security adviser, Susan Rice, saying they have “not (been) generous enough” toward Israel in negotiations over a new military aid deal.

In an interview with Haaretz, Sen. Lindsey Graham said Congress doesn’t see itself as obligated by any agreement Obama signs with the Israeli government. He added that most legislators support increasing aid to Israel beyond the level proposed by the White House.

Graham, of South Carolina, is a senior member of the Senate Appropriations Committee and the subcommittee that deals with foreign aid. Aid to Israel constitutes a significant portion of America’s total foreign aid budget.’

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‘No war in recent memory can compare to the meat grinder of World War I. Europe still bears the scars of the war, even almost a century later. The gruesome and terrifying type of warfare typical of the Great War had a lasting impact on those who witnessed and experienced it. It also created such carnage on the land where it was fought that some of those areas are still uninhabitable to this day.’

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‘Ukraine will have to pay off $3bln to Russia, in other case Moscow will sue out freezing of Kiev’s foreign assets to secure payment of the debt.

Freezing the assets is quite a logic development of situation.

‘If Russia takes this issue, the Ukrainian authorities will have to spend a lot of time to react. They would better pay off. Ukraine shouldn’t hope that the problem will go away on its own. International monetary financial organizations do not defend Kiev. So, we’ll face an Italian strike,’ Leonid Slutsky, Chairman of the State Duma Committee on the Commonwealth of Independent States, Eurasian Integration and links with compatriots, said.’

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‘Found guilty by a jury last year for planting inert pressure cooker bombs on the B.C. legislature grounds in 2013 with assistance by undercover RCMP, the couple was released after Bruce declared them victims of police entrapment on Friday morning.

“The world has enough terrorists, we do not need the police to create more,” Bruce said.

“This was not a situation in which the police were attempting to disrupt an ongoing criminal enterprise; rather, the offences committed by the defendants were brought about by the police and would not have occurred without their involvement. By any measure, this was a clear case of police-manufactured crime.”

The vulnerable couple was benign, she added.’

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‘A cleric in his 60s has been arrested in Afghanistan after he married a six-year-old girl. The religious leader says that the child was sent to him as a “gift.” However the rescued girl has a different opinion saying: “I am afraid of this man.”

The arrest took place in a village in the Ghor province in central Afghanistan. Mohammad Karim claims he married the child as a “religious offering,” adding that the parents of the girl were fully aware of their marriage.

“The girl was given to me as a gift and we were married so I could raise her,” Karim, who was arrested on Wednesday, told Radio Free Europe. “After the parents gave their daughter to me, they said, ‘you can take her wherever you want.’”’

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‘In a society where marijuana is persecuted and alcohol is socially celebrated, the National Cancer Institute is amazed to find that 9 out of 10 people are completely unaware that there are direct, established links between alcohol consumption and cancer.

While society is completely bombarded by countless commercials casting alcohol in a positive light, health experts are trying to their best to combat “widespread public ignorance about how closely alcohol and cancer are connected.” We all know, at least I think, that alcohol literally consists of liquid from rotted, fermented organic matter – alcohol is literally poison to the body, this is why it “[messes] you up.” As if this is not enough to turn you off, and apparently it is not, research conclusively indicates that alcohol is a carcinogen – known to cause 7 different forms of cancer.’

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‘We regret to inform you that President Barack Obama signed into law, S. 764, which was the newest manifestation of the DARK Act (Denying Americans the Right to Know).

The DARK Acts were a way to establish federal labeling – i.e. the lack of GM labeling – and would banish all state labeling initiatives under a federal standard. A brief press release by the White House simply mentioned a list of bills and S. 764, “which directs the Secretary of Agriculture to establish a national mandatory bioengineered food disclosure standard,” was listed at the end. The “disclosure standard” must be an inside joke, because the disclosure involves the consumer having to scan a QR code on a food product to find out about genetically modified ingredients, or call a 1-800 number. These measures might not even happen for another five years.’

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‘So-called “climate change” — previously known as “global warming” but renamed after the data revealed no warming trend at all — is entirely rooted in false mythologies, official narratives and creative storytelling. That’s precisely why democrats had to hire James Cameron, Arnold Schwarzenegger and Sigourney Weaver to present a climate change scary in a new short film. These are the very same people whose films depict time-traveling Terminator robots, interplanetary aliens with green acid blood, and poltergeists that could be captured with vacuum cleaners (the original “Ghostbusters” movie… the one that didn’t suck).

If you believe in time-traveling robots from the future, you might also believe in the climate change narrative, too. That narrative is based entirely on ridiculous, absurd, make-believe notions such as:’

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‘More than a third of Americans are “enthusiastic” about the prospect of having microchips implanted in their brains, according to a recent poll.

The Pew Research Center has just published the results of a survey it conducted to find out how Americans felt about the use of biomedical “enhancements” currently in development.’

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