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‘Not a single civilian has been able to flee militant-held East Aleppo as the third day of a humanitarian ceasefire initiated by Moscow and Damascus came to an end, RT’s correspondent on the ground reports. Terrorists also bombed the humanitarian corridor.

“There were ambulances, buses waiting for civilians, waiting for the sick, nobody was allowed to leave,” RT’s Murad Gazdiev, who is currently in Aleppo, reported on Saturday.

Instead, “rebels and Jihadists” shelled the crossings designated to allow free passage to those willing to exit the encircled part of Aleppo.’

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‘The UK is still training the Saudi Air Force despite growing evidence of the Saudi-led coalition’s crimes against civilians in Yemen, Defence Secretary Michael Fallon admitted, replying to an MP’s question. The statement outraged the opposition.

Fallon was responding to the written questions asked by Stephen Doughty, Labor MP for Cardiff South and Penarth, on the UK involvement in the Yemen military intervention, when he admitted that “UK has provided training to the Royal Saudi Air Force (RSAF) both in the UK and in Saudi Arabia,” in particular, to “improve their targeting processes” and ensure its better compliance with international law.

At the same time, Fallon denied that UK military has been involved in decision-making process in the Saudi-led campaign in Yemen, saying that UK “has not provided training on political authorization of military operations.”’

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‘A Taliban delegation from Afghanistan has arrived in Pakistan, raising speculation of resumption of peace talks that were cut earlier this year.

The militant group’s political bureau based in Qatar confirmed the delegation’s visit to Pakistan, but ruled out the resumption of the talks with Afghan officials.

“Our delegation has traveled from Qatar to Pakistan to discuss the problem of Afghan refugees and some schools recently closed there,” Taliban spokesman Zabihullah Mujahid told media on Saturday.’

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‘The US military is sending dozens of additional intelligence analysts to Iraq to sort out a trove of information expected to be recovered from Daesh (ISIL) terrorists in the ongoing Mosul offensive.

Among immediate priorities of the US analysts will be to “pass along insights useful to American officials planning an attack on Raqqah,” the de facto capital of the foreign-backed terrorists in eastern Syria, and “search for any information about terrorist cells in Europe and any attacks they may be plotting,” The New York Times reported Saturday, suggesting American military intervention in both Arab countries.

This is while there is clear evidence that Daesh militants have been financed and supplied by major US allies in the region, including Saudi Arabia, Turkey and Qatar.’

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‘The United Nations special envoy for Yemen has called for renewal of a three-day ceasefire in the war-hit country amid multiple reports of violations of the truce.

“With the 72-hour Cessation of Hostilities in Yemen coming to an end, the United Nations Special Envoy for Yemen Ismail Ould Cheikh Ahmed urges all parties to agree to its extension for at least another renewable 72 hours,” read a statement released by the envoy on Saturday.

The call was made after a UN-backed cessation of hostilities officially came to an end in the country at midnight local time.’

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‘A massive manhunt has been launched in Haiti after most of the inmates of a prison escape after killing a guard and raiding the facility’s armory.

UN peacekeeping forces are helping the police in their attempt to round up some 174 prisoners who escaped the Arcahaie prison on Saturday.

Police have so far detained several people at checkpoints established in the vicinity of the prison, and eleven inmates were caught while trying to escape.

Authorities said that as the prison’s some 266 inmates do not wear uniforms, distinguishing them from the general population is difficult.’

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