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‘On January 13, journalist and author Udo Ulfkotte, who spoke out about mainstream and fake news, reportedly died from a heart attack. Ulfkotte had been an editor at the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung.

Ulfkotte published a book explaining how the CIA had a hand on every significant journalist in Europe, which effectually gave Washington control over European opinion and reduced knowledge of and opposition to Washington’s control over European heads of state. Essentially, there are no European governments independent of Washington.

Ulfkotte recently went on public television stating that he was forced to publish the works of intelligence agents under his own name, adding that noncompliance with these orders would have resulted in him losing his job.’

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‘Eight people have been shot at a Martin Luther King Jr. Day march attended by thousands in Miami’s Martin Luther King Jr. Park.
No deaths have been reported.

A large crowd gathered at the Martin Luther King Jr. Park in Northwest Miami-Dade County to pay respects to the civil rights leader, when shots were fired at about 3:40pm on Monday.

Miami-Dade Police confirmed to RT that two African-American girls, one 13 and the other 11, were grazed by bullets and were treated on the scene, and released to their parents.’

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‘An anti-Syria group comprising certain foreign-based oppositionists openly pleads with the Israeli regime to directly confront the government of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad.

The so-called National Salvation Front in Syria, which represents certain members of the anti-Damascus opposition in diaspora, including some who are based in France and Belgium, also proposed a “roadmap” for closer relations with Tel Aviv, the official Syrian Arab News Agency (SANA) reported on Monday.

Citing an Israeli radio station, SANA said the roadmap features the recognition of Israel by a post-Assad Syrian regime, arriving at a compromise over the issue of Syria’s Golan Heights, which have been occupied by Tel Aviv since 1967, and the setting up of friendly ties and strategic cooperation between the two sides.

The plan also obligates the dissolution of all Syria-based anti-Israeli Palestinian resistance groups.’

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‘President-elect Donald Trump may want to make a deal with Russia, award-winning journalist John Pilger told RT, adding that the “US intelligence and national security monolith is pointed towards war.”

“It seems that he [Donald Trump] wants to make a deal with Russia, it makes sense from everyone’s point of view,” Pilger told RT’s Rory Suchet during a lengthy interview. “There is a great pressure on him not to do it”.

The US president now has “enormous military power,” noted Pilger. Trump is currently under pressure from fellow Republicans calling for tougher sanctions against Russia and those standing for softening rhetoric towards Moscow.’

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Children of the Matrix By David Icke


Children of the Matrix, the book that has been out of print for more than two years, is BACK!

This is the book in which David focuses on the reptilian manipulation of human society from the hidden realms beyond the ludicrously tiny frequency band of visible light – the only frequency range that human eyes can see.

There are accounts from those who have interacted with these entities and a host of other information, ancient and modern, to support the contention that human society is being manipulated by a non-human force.

The book, written in 2000, also foresees and predicts the direction in which the world has since clearly gone and the techniques that would be used to take us there.


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‘British manufacturing giant Rolls-Royce is set to pay £671 million in penalties to escape accusations of bribery it resorted to overseas.

The company said Monday that it agreed to pay the fortune in order to avoid being prosecuted.

The multinational company, which sells turbines and engines for passenger jets and military aircraft, will pay £497 million to the UK Serious Fraud Office (SFO) after a high court approval, $169m (£140m) to the US Department of Justice and $25m to the Brazilian authorities.

The payment will be a five-year process, agreed under a deferred prosecution agreement (DPA), an arrangement by a company to stop investigations against it for a fine.

The settlement follows an investigation in 12 countries, where the country has “commercial agents,” tasked with clinching deals.’

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‘Venezuela’s President Nicolas Maduro has overseen military exercises, claiming the country is under threat of invasion. The US has extended an executive order declaring a national emergency in the South American state.

The exercises have involved more than 76,000 troops and half a million civilians. They have been held across the oil-rich state on land, sea and in the air. On Saturday, the drills included urban defense and protection of coastal oil refineries.

The aim was to resist what the socialist government sees as a US-backed plot to overthrow it. State television showed images of soldiers camouflaged as bushes shouting “socialist fatherland,” as their commanders held Russian-made military equipment.’

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‘Across the Western world, countries have succumbed to pressure and incrementally introduced the paraphernalia of a security state. Albeit without the promised security and massive breaches of privacy and other hard won human rights. The rise of the security state has implications across the planet from austerity measures, the militarisation of police forces and copious amounts of tax dollars funnelled into the Military Industrial Complex. This, we are told, is needed to fight the farcical ‘War on Terror’ (WoT), a euphemism for rapacious imperialism. But is the world any safer?’

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‘The F-35 stealth fighter jet suffers from hundreds of problems and won’t be fully combat-capable before 2020, says a scathing report from the Pentagon’s top evaluator. New issues keep cropping up, and fixing them all may cost over $1 billion.

Dr. Michael Gilmore’s damning assessment is part of the massive annual report for fiscal year 2016, and his 62-page dossier devoted to the F-35 paints a grim picture of America’s much touted,futuristic Joint Strike Fighter. The program, which began in 2001, was supposed to deliver a fifth-generation jet serving the needs of the Air Force, the Navy and the Marine Corps, achieving savings through a modular design. Instead, it is 70 percent over initial cost estimates and years behind schedule.’

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‘Angela Merkel warned Germans should not take freedom for granted, in a speech aimed at countering a rising tide of populism on Friday night.

Speaking at a party conference in Saarlouis, the chancellor called on Germans to show respect for other people’s opinions, but said right wing groups opposed to mass migration have no right to “exclude” anyone from the benefit of belonging to the nation.

Putting a twist on “We are the people”, a chant popular with anti-Islamisation movement PEGIDA, Merkel said “All of us, we are all the people”.’

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David Icke – What Is Populism?


‘Ever since the Ancient Times – Human have used plants in many different ways. They’ve been used in Health, Cleansing, Guidance, Personal Exploration and Protection.

This brings us onto the Power of Smudging. In essence, smudging is the burning of herbs before spreading the smoke across your body or fanned around a particular area in order to cleanse or protect.’

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‘One of the greatest controversies in oncology may have been resolved: Researchers may have discovered the reason that research into the effectiveness of high-dose vitamin C as a cancer treatment has been so mixed.

When taken orally, massive quantities of vitamin C are either broken down or excreted unused by the body. In contrast, intravenous administration of vitamin C produces blood levels 100 to 500 times higher than oral administration.

This could explain why many clinical trials on vitamin C and cancer — most of which have used oral administration — failed to support the results seen in laboratory studies using cancer cells.’

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‘The climate change narrative has led to the resignation of a noted academic who dared to question the legitimacy of the anthropogenic (man-made) global warming theory.

Dr. Judith Curry, a respected climatologist and tenured professor at Georgia Tech University, has decided to leave her “dream job” in academia after years of battling with those pushing the climate change agenda – a group of narrow-minded zealots who accept nothing less than complete agreement with their theoretical biases.

In other words, a powerful coalition of scientists, politicians and other interested parties have decided that empirical scientific method is no longer valid when it comes to evaluating the state of the planet’s climate and its future permutations – they have all the answers, it seems, and no further critical investigation is allowed.’

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‘Members of the Resist Spectra movement have been sentenced to fines and community service for protesting a pipeline extension being built in upstate New York.

RT America’s Alexey Yaroshevsky spoke with Courtney Williams, a member of Resist Spectra movement, about the Algonquin gas pipeline extension that passes through her neighborhood.

Resist Spectra is a movement that is standing up to Spectra, the company that is building the Algonquin Incremental Market (AIM) pipeline, which the group calls “an attack on our community.”’

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