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‘As suspected and as was the case in virtually all recent terror attacks carried out in Europe – including both in France and Belgium – the suspect involved in the recent Manchester blast which killed 22 and injured scores more was previously known to British security and intelligence agencies.

The Telegraph in its article, “Salman Abedi named as the Manchester suicide bomber – what we know about him,” would report:

Salman Abedi, 22, who was reportedly known to the security services, is thought to have returned from Libya as recently as this week.

While initial reports attempted to craft a narrative focused on a a “lone wolf” attacker who organized and executed the blast himself, the nature of the improvised explosive device used and the details of the attack revealed what was certainly an operation carried out by someone who either acquired militant experience through direct contact with a terrorist organization, or was directed by a terrorist organization with extensive experience.’

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‘Manchester police say an army bomb disposal unit has arrived in Hulme as part of an ongoing police operation. People are being advised to avoid the area.

Royal Logistics Corps bomb disposal teams have been sent to Linby Street, and a large cordon has been set up.

The force said it was too early to say whether the alert is linked to its investigation into the Manchester bomb attack.

Police said several roads were closed and officers were “currently assessing the situation.”

Armed officers, police dogs and a police helicopter were at the scene.’

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‘At this difficult time, Britain is faced with some hard questions the people charged with protecting us are going to gave to answer sooner or later.

The Manchester suicide bomber Salman Abedi was known to the authorities.

He is believed to have travelled to the Middle East and become radicalised before returning to the UK to cause carnage at a gig in the city where he was born just days later.

As his father and brother were arrested in Libya, security force sources there said the father had links to Al Qaeda and another source claimed the brother ‘was aware of all the details’ of attack plans.

Yet he was allowed to walk back to the UK unchallenged.

What planet are we on when in the face of all these red flags, our leaders allow such deeply suspicious characters back into Britain and then expect us to swallow their lies that we will not give in to terror?

We didn’t just give in. We put out the WELCOME HOME mat for them too.’

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‘Theresa May will urge Nato to step up the fight against the Isis terror group in the Middle East in the wake of the Manchester bomb attack.

The Prime Minister will call for the military alliance to formally join operations against the Islamic militants in its stronghold, when she meets fellow heads of government in Brussels.

However – underlining the continued terror threat in Britain – she will then cut short a planned two-day trip to a summit of G7 countries to return to Downing Street.

At present, Nato supports the US-led Global Coalition to Counter Isis in Iraq and Syria, by sharing information collected by its surveillance aircraft, for example.

But in Brussels Ms May will throw her weight behind a proposal put forward by Jens Stoltenberg, the Nato Secretary General, for the alliance to become a “full member” of the coalition.’

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‘Here’s what the media and politicians don’t want you to know about the Manchester, UK, suicide attack: Salman Abedi, the 22 year old who killed nearly two dozen concert-goers in Manchester, UK, was the product of the US and UK overthrow of Gaddafi in Libya and “regime change” policy in Syria. He was a radicalized Libyan whose family fled Gaddafi’s secular Libya, and later he trained to be an armed “rebel” in Syria, fighting for the US and UK “regime change” policy toward the secular Assad government.

The suicide attacker was the direct product of US and UK interventions in the greater Middle East.

According to the London Telegraph, Abedi, a son of Libyan immigrants living in a radicalized Muslim neighborhood in Manchester had returned to Libya several times after the overthrow of Muamar Gaddafi, most recently just weeks ago. After the US/UK and allied “liberation” of Libya, all manner of previously outlawed and fiercely suppressed radical jihadist groups suddenly found they had free rein to operate in Libya. This is the Libya that Abedi returned to and where he likely prepared for his suicide attack on pop concert attendees. Before the US-led attack on Libya in 2011, there was no al-Qaeda, ISIS, or any other related terrorist organization operating (at least with impunity) on Libyan soil.’

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‘The British military reportedly initially opposed the idea of deploying thousands of troops in the event of a major incident, claiming morale would be hit, it didn’t have the manpower and it wouldn’t know when to withdraw.

Operation Temperer, which was approved by the Cabinet Office Briefing Room and signed-off by Defence Secretary Michael Fallon, was put in motion for the first time on Tuesday following a request by police for military support in the wake of the Manchester Arena suicide bombing.

Rather than being full martial law, which is defined as the military taking over leadership of the country, Operation Temperer aims to place up to 5,100 soldiers under police command to “augment armed police officers engaged in protective security duties.”’

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‘Terrorism is part of the new zeitgeist, and it serves a litany of political and social objectives for government, as does occult symbolism which is introduced to our culture by Hollywood and the beta kittens of the Illuminati-controlled music industry.

Symbolism and Sacrifice

In the case of the recent Manchester attack, the intriguing matter of Illuminati sybolism is overtly present, given the fact that the attack took place at an Ariana Grande concert, a performance artist who is unquestionably part of the Hollywood/Illuminati cult of mind control and social engineering.

This is the segment of pop culture which includes the network of over-sexualized young celebrity women trained to perform self-demeaning and occultish acts for enormous audiences. These are the ‘artists’ who receive the most support from the music industry, the greatest production budgets, the most airplay, the most press and the most gossip. These are the artists who are often seen adorned in Illuminati symbolism and often photographed with one eye covered in homage to the ubiquitous image of the all-seeing eye at the top of the pyramid.’

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‘It has not been 24 hours since the suicide bombing that killed 22 people and injured dozens more after a pop concert in the English city of Manchester.

British authorities have named the suspected killer as a 22-year-old Manchester native.

As people express anguish and horror – and appeal for unity – Israel has moved quickly and cynically to exploit the tragedy for its own agenda.

Meanwhile, Israeli army officers have explained why they tacitly support Islamic State, the group that claimed responsibility for the bombing.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu issued a tweet declaring, “If the Manchester attacker was Palestinian and the victims Israeli, the terrorist’s family would receive a stipend from Mahmoud Abbas.”’

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