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‘Major powers to ban British jihadists from returning to the country after fighting with Islamic State have been used for first time.

Last week the Daily Mail revealed that Temporary Exclusion Orders (TEOs), introduced by David Cameron two years ago, had never been used by the Government.

He introduced them amid concerns that UK extremists were coming back from the Syrian war zone. The Home Office said that none had been issued – prompting criticism that ministers were not being tough enough on terrorists.’

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‘Russian President Vladimir Putin is a bigger threat to world security than the Islamic State group, US senator John McCain has told the ABC.

The Republican also admitted in an exclusive interview with 7.30 that President Donald Trump sometimes made him “nervous”.

During a visit to Canberra, Senator McCain said Mr Putin was the “premier and most important threat, more so than ISIS”.

“I’ve seen no evidence they succeeded, but they tried and they are still trying to change elections.

“They just tried to affect the outcome of the French election. So I view Vladimir Putin — who has dismembered Ukraine, a sovereign nation, who is putting pressure on the Baltics — I view the Russians as the far greatest challenge that we have.”

He said the US needed to respond to Russia with sanctions.’

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‘Tokyo will take “specific action” and join forces with the US to deter Pyongyang, Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe said after a North Korean missile flew about 450km before landing inside Japan’s economic zone.

“As we agreed at the recent G7, the issue of North Korea is a top priority for the international community,” Prime Minister Abe told reporters in a televised comment, as cited by Reuters.

Working with the United States, we will take specific action to deter North Korea,” Abe said, adding that Japan will also maintain close contact with neighboring South Korea and other countries.

The strident statement came in response to the latest missile launch by North Korea. On Monday morning, a short-range ballistic missile traveled around 450km and landed in the Sea of Japan, 300km off the Japanese coast.’

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‘Government officials have confirmed the security service was examining what assumptions had been made about the 22-year-old killer before last Monday’s attack, which left 22 people dead and injured dozens more.

MI5 were alerted to the Abedi’s extremist views three times, but failed to act.

One examination will aim to identify the errors in the agency’s focus and resources while the second will take an in-depth look into the decision-making around the threat of Abedi before he launched the attack, according to the Guardian.

A source told the newspaper that the key question to be considered would be: “Would different decisions be made?”

MI5 is receiving more money and hiring additional staff but the its increased capacity will still take some time to be felt.

The news comes as police continue to round up a suspected UK terror network in the wake of the horrific attack in Manchester.’

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‘British intelligence agency MI5 was reportedly warned by its US counterpart that Salman Abedi was planning an attack on UK soil, three months before he blew himself up outside an Ariana Grande concert in Manchester. 

FBI agents are said to have informed British officials that the 22-year-old was part of a North African Islamic State cell based in the north west of England that was plotting an attack in the UK.

Abedi was reportedly placed on a US terrorist watch list in 2016 after he came to the attention of intelligence agencies during an investigation into terrorist groups operating in Libya.’

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‘As the White House scrambles to deal with the fallout from the latest revelations about contact between Donald Trump’s campaign team and Russia, there is said to be mounting that talk that his favoured advisor, Jared Kushner, may have to take a leave of absence.

Mr Trump returned to Washington after a nine-day overseas tour and immediately went on the offensive, saying the leaks coming out of his administration were “fabricated lies’ invented by the media.

Yet as the President was said to have met with his own criminal defence lawyer who is helping him deal with the FBI’s probe into possible collusion between his team and Moscow alleged effort to influence the election, increasing attention was being paid to Mr Kushner’s future.’

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‘The 23-year-old was arrested on suspicion of terror offences at a property in Shoreham-by-Sea, while police raided addresses in Chester and Manchester

Shortly after the arrest was announced GMP said officers had also executed a warrant in the Chester area of Cheshire, although no arrests had been made.’

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‘Beginning in the early 2000s, the Chinese Ministry of Public Security has been building a searchable, national DNA database as part of their police information project, Golden Shield. As of 2015, the “Forensic Science DNA Database System” has amassed over 44 million “miscellaneous data entries” from more than 40 million individuals. The database of DNA information is the largest in the world, according to the Chinese government, especially when compared to the second, separate “Combat Trafficking DNA Database” which contains just over 513,000 DNA entries. Authorities claimed that the databases are for crime-fighting purpose, but people like Human Rights Watch‘s China Director Sophie Richardson have called it “Orwellian.”

The word itself is evocative of the totalitarian society in George Orwell’s landmark novel “Nineteen Eighty-Four”, wherein all of the novel’s citizens are constantly being monitored by the government through cameras. It aptly describes how many Chinese citizens feel after police forcibly collected DNA samples from them. Social media platforms such as Tieba, Weibo, Tianya and Zhidao have become replete with stories from concerned and enraged netizens. As stated by many a citizen, police officers without warrants entered their homes, workplaces, and schools for sampling. Others recalled being required to give DNA samples when they applied for ID cards or residency permits.’

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‘North Korea has fired a short-range ballistic missile, the third apparently successful test in as many weeks.

The Scud flew about 450km (280 miles) before landing in Japanese waters, prompting Japan to lodge a protest.

Observers say the tests indicate the North is making progress towards missiles capable of carrying warheads.’

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”’Whatever happens in the election isn’t the end in the Corbyn project, it’s only the beginning,’ says Labour campaign chief Ian Lavery

Jeremy Corbyn’s mission to transform the Labour Party will continue even if he loses the general election, the party’s campaign chief has said.

Ian Lavery told a rally in Glasgow that “whatever happens” on June 8 “the Corbyn project” is only just beginning. The party was in the “long, long, long process of changing politics here in Britain”, he said.’

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‘In the waning years of the Obama administration, the National Security Agency (NSA) swept up and reviewed the communications of Americans to an extent previously unknown, in direct violation of the Constitution and its own revised guidelines, recently unsealed documents reveal.

The NSA is authorized to collect intelligence on foreigners under section 702 of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA). With this type of intelligence collection, it is virtually inevitable that Americans’ communications will be incidentally intercepted; however, there are procedures in place to keep those communications protected and anonymous.

Typically, when an American citizen is swept up in NSA surveillance, they are supposed to be “masked” to protect their identity, but there are large loopholes in place that allow the NSA to spy on Americans without a warrant or any probable cause whatsoever.’

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