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‘In between reports about Charlottesville, race war, and Donald Trump, the Western media is also mourning the loss of several members of its terrorist PR brigade known as the White Helmets. Falsely labeled the Syria Civil Defense (the real Syria Civil Defense is a completely different organization), the White Helmets are a documented wing of al-Nusra Front.

Resting assured that its regular readers are unaware of the White Helmets’ Nusra connections, Western corporate press outlets are parading the dead White Helmets as if they are an example of the “war on humanitarian personnel” in Syria which it disingenuously portrays as being the agenda of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad.

Seven White Helmets members were shot and killed on Saturday by “unknown assailants” in Sarmin, Idlib near the Turkish border. All through rebel-held territory, propaganda vigils were held for the dead White Helmets, with participants carrying signs saying “Save White Helmets” and “The men of civil defense are used to saving civilian lives, but found none to save theirs.”’

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‘An investigation conducted by Syrian authorities indicates the Idlib chemical incident in April was orchestrated by terrorists, Syria’s deputy Foreign minister has said, and that the US used it as a pretext to attack the Shayrat Airbase.

The “Syrian government has concluded its own investigation, based also on the results of analyses made by foreign governmental organizations. During the probe, it was conclusively determined that the so-called incident in Khan Shaykhun from beginning to end was staged by militants according to a prearranged scenario,” Faisal Mekdad announced at a news conference in Damascus Wednesday.’

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‘An elderly Palestinian couple have told RT that it’s “great injustice” if Israel carries out a decision to evict them and their relatives from the home they have owned in East Jerusalem for over 50 years. The EU is already urging Israel to reconsider the step.

The Shamasne family have been living in East Jerusalem’s Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood since 1964, when the area was under Jordanian rule. When Israel took over East Jerusalem in 1967, nobody claimed the rights to the property.

The issue came to light after an Israeli right-leaning settler group, the Israel Land Fund, found the previous owners of the house several years ago.

“We lived for 53 years in this house, it is a great injustice. Israel should give us back our land. They take our homes and claim it is theirs,” 76-year-old Fahmiah Shamasne told RT.’

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‘Iranian President Hassan Rouhani has warned that Tehran can go back to conditions before conclusion of the 2015 nuclear deal with the P5+1 group within hours if the US continues to violate the terms of the agreement and impose new sanctions against the country.

“The new US administration officials should know that the failed experience of threats and sanctions forced their predecessors to come to the negotiating table. If they prefer to return to those times, Iran will definitely return to a situation much more advanced than the start of the [nuclear] negotiations, not within months and weeks, but in a matter of hours and days,” Rouhani said in a televised speech at the parliament’s open session on Saturday.’

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‘Tehran should not be allowed to use the nuclear deal as a bargaining tool and “hold the world hostage,” the US ambassador to UN has said after Iran’s president Hassan Rouhani warned that Tehran could backtrack on the 2015 agreement “within hours” should new sanctions be imposed.“Iran cannot be allowed to use the nuclear deal to hold the world hostage. The nuclear deal must not become too big to fail,” Nikki Haley said in response to Rouhani’s remarks.

On Tuesday, Rouhani told a session of parliament, broadcast live on state television, that if Washington goes back to its practice of imposing unilateral sanctions, then “Iran would certainly return in a short time – not a week or a month but within hours – to conditions more advanced than before the start of negotiations.”’

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‘As the diplomatic feud between Doha and its Arab neighbors continues, Saudi Arabia’s Al Arabiya TV has published a video showing a Saudi fighter jet downing a Qatari passenger plane, saying it’s an “option” for violating Riyadh’s airspace.

The animated video makes clear that Saudi Arabia would have the right to deal with a “violating plane” in “any way it wishes” under international law.

It begins by showing a less extreme scenario in which a commercial Qatar Airways flight is made to land by a Saudi fighter jet after entering the country’s airspace.

However, it goes on to show a deadly example in which the plane is shot down by a Saudi military plane with a missile.’

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‘American commanders should not underestimate the capabilities of the Iranian Navy, said Rear Admiral Habibollah Sayyari, promising to let his fleet set sail for the western part of the Atlantic in the near future.

“No military official in the world thought that we can go around Africa to the Atlantic Ocean through the Suez Canal, but we did it as we had declared that we would go to the Atlantic and its western waters,” the admiral said at a ceremony in Tehran, as quoted in Iranian media.

Sayyari said that in a “recent program on CNN,” US officials had tried to portray the Iranian Navy as weak and unable to operate over large distances.’

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‘Syrian armed forces have for the first time recaptured territory from the Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS/ISIL) in an airborne landing operation, coordinated with their Russian counterparts, according to the Russian defense ministry.

MLRS multiple rocket launchers and Russian Ka-52 military helicopters, also known as “Alligators”, were used in the operation in the region of El-Kder, between the provinces of Homs and Raqqa. The operation was conducted under the direction of General Suheil al-Hassan, nicknamed “the Tiger” and one of the top commanders of the Syrian Arab Army.

“On the night of August 12, for the first time since the start of military operations against the IS terrorist group in Syria, government forces managed to organize and hold a masterly operation tactical landings in the rear of the militants followed the defeat and capture of the village of El-Kder [about 120 km West of the city of Deir ez-Zor],” read a statement from the Russian defense ministry, adding that “Russian military advisers took a direct role in the preparation and control of the operation.”’

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‘Aleppo, a city retaken by Damascus from rebels in December last year, has become a major destination for displaced Syrian returning home in 2017 as numbers of returnees to Syria spills over 600,000, according to the UN.

Over the first seven months of 2017, over 600,000 displaced Syrians returned home, the International Organization for Migration (IOM) said Friday, citing its own figures as well as those of the UN Migration Agency and partners on the ground. The returnees are overwhelmingly internally-displaced people, but 16 percent returned to Syria from other nations, primarily Turkey. The number almost matched that recorded in the whole of 2016.

An estimated 67 percent of returnees went to government-controlled Aleppo Governorate, with the provincial capital itself being the primary destination. Among other places where refugees went in significant numbers, according to ICO, is Al-Hasakah Governorate, the north-eastern province dominated by Kurds.’

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‘“When I was little, I dreamt of being an IDF war pilot,” says 19-year-old Noa Gur Golan.

Now, however, the teenager is sitting in Military Prison 396 near Haifa. She’s been branded a traitor and a coward. It’s not clear when she is going to be released – she’s being detained for refusing to do her military service with the Israel Defence Force (IDF).

Noa is not allowed to receive international calls. But in her answers to The Independent’s questions, relayed via her mother Iris and aunt Michal, who were also interviewed for this exclusive story, the young woman provides an extraordinarily rare insight into what happens to young people in Israel who would rather face prison time than compromise on their opposition to Israeli policy.’

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