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‘The year is 2030 and medical enhancement techniques have led to the creation of a new breed of elite super-workers.

Employee’s performance is measured, monitored and analysed at every step by their corporate overlords.

These elite super-workers use technology to their advantage to become, stronger, faster and smarter.

It may sound like the plot of the next Hollywood science fiction blockbuster, but according to professional services firm PwC it could soon become reality.’

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‘A set of articles caught my eye this morning, where we see from industry insiders exactly how “Silicon Valley” has not only taken over journalism, but how the methods being utilized by both Google and Facebook which mimics the methods used on smartphones to addict users, dubbed “brain hacking” is not only unethical, but is also dangerous to public health, with one insider stating “I invested early in Google and Facebook and regret it. I helped create a monster.”

In one long, but worthy read over at The Atlantic, the former editor for New Republic, gives an eye-opening description of what exactly went wrong in the world of journalism, where news outlets have come to “unhealthily depend on the big tech companies,” where truth and actual reporting of the news has been sacrificed into desperation in “a mad, shameless chase to gain clicks through Facebook,” and “a relentless effort to game Google’s algorithms.”‘

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‘Artificial intelligence is already transforming the world around us, but one expert predicts terrifying changes on the horizon over the next 30 years.

Professor Toby Walsh believes machine learning has the power to radically alter life as we know it by the year 2050.

Among the more disturbing prophecies, which could be taken straight from an episode of Black Mirror, is that people will live on as chatbots after they die.

The lure of virtual reality and the horrors of reality could also ensnare people into retreating into their deepest and darkest fantasies.

Dr Walsh’s vision for the machine world is outlined in a new book entitled ‘It’s Alive!: Artificial Intelligence from the Logic Piano to Killer Robots’.

In it he portrays a nightmare future where machines control every aspect of our lives, from transport and health to employment and entertainment.’

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‘Despite vociferous official denials, it is now known that Electromagnetic Frequencies (EMF) can entrain brain waves, cause electrical conduction irregularities in the heart function, cause sleep irregularities, migraines and cancer without doing any tissue heating.

For many years it has been the official USG position that Electromagnetic frequencies (EMF) can only be harmful if tissue is heated.

This has now been shown in numerous peer reviewed studies to be notably untrue, that in fact EMF can entrain brain waves and can disturb electrical conductance in the heart without heating tissue at all.

I have written prior articles which described the sophisticated Globalist agenda to psychotronically oppress We The People using cell phones and cell phone towers, Wi-Fi, dirty electricity and other forms of EMF including custom targeting by ground stations and satellite. I also listed some countermeasures that are now being used to mitigate the effects.’

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‘With 60% of stocks now being traded by bots that fake each other out in order to create buying opportunities, stock exchanges have lost their connection to the reason markets are created in the first place. The exchanges no longer exist as places for people to buy and sell ownership in a corporation. They exist simply as the neural junctions of a conglomerated machine that plays tricks on itself, and your sole goal is no longer to invest, but to put money in the slot machine that is the quickest trickster.

Many of the people who think of themselves as investors see this pretend investing as being almost risk free now that computers and central banks are running the racket. They put their money in the machines, and machines follow the central banks’ lead, purring along at historically low levels of market volatility as the machines run their automated tasks. A minority of market experts see a market that is building cataclysmic risks as it accumulates fake pricing that has nothing to do with intrinsic value and as the component machines keep getting reprogrammed to do a better, faster job of faking out the other machines.’

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‘Facebook has shut down a controversial chatbot experiment that saw two AIs develop their own language to communicate.

The social media firm was experimenting with teaching two chatbots, Alice and Bob, how to negotiate with one another.

However, researchers at the Facebook AI Research Lab (FAIR) found that they had deviated from script and were inventing new phrases without any human input.

The bots were attempting to imitate human speech when they developed their own machine language spontaneously – at which point Facebook decided to shut them down.’

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‘In the Marvel comic books, Steve Rogers is a character that transforms from a rather weak and skinny man into a supersoldier with the help of gene editing technology. For decades since fans were officially introduced to Captain America in 1941, this fictional character has fascinated people throughout the country and across the world. Now, thanks to new technology and millions of dollars spent on research, it appears that you no longer have to live in a fictional world full of superheroes and villains to become a supersoldier similar to Captain America.

According to the official website for the U.S. Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA), “The Safe Genes program aims to deliver novel biological capabilities to facilitate the safe and expedient pursuit of advanced genome editing applications, while also providing the tools and methodologies to mitigate the risk of unintentional consequences or intentional misuse of these technologies.”’

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‘Researchers have started developing artificial intelligence with imagination – AI that can reason through decisions and make plans for the future, without being bound by human instructions.

Another way to put it would be imagining the consequences of actions before taking them, something we take for granted but which is much harder for robots to do.

The team working at Google-owned lab DeepMind says this ability is going to be crucial in developing AI algorithms for the future, allowing systems to better adapt to changing conditions that they haven’t been specifically programmed for. Insert your usual fears of a robot uprising here.’

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