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‘AMI (Advanced Metering Infrastructure) Smart Meters (AMI SMs) are being forced on to everyone’s home, apartment, condo and businesses in the United States with total disregard for numerous legal aspects, with one specifically-egregious issue experiencing total abandonment or disregard for the U.S. Constitution, plus individuals’ rights under their respective home states’ constitutions.

Another issue I will not discuss here, but is crucial, is AMI SMs are fire hazards since most are built with plastic parts, are not grounded with surge protectors as analog meters were, and are subject to spiking sinusoidal wave activity, aka “dirty electricity”, thousands of times each day traveling over 60 Hz-rated copper wires inside home walls.  If there’s a fire caused by an AMI SM, it’s deemed to be the property owner’s fault.  Really!’

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‘The year is 2030 and medical enhancement techniques have led to the creation of a new breed of elite super-workers.

Employee’s performance is measured, monitored and analysed at every step by their corporate overlords.

These elite super-workers use technology to their advantage to become, stronger, faster and smarter.

It may sound like the plot of the next Hollywood science fiction blockbuster, but according to professional services firm PwC it could soon become reality.’

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‘The CIA has developed a top-secret program allowing users to remotely hack and capture still images of video streams, according to the latest release from WikiLeaks.

Dubbed ‘CouchPotato,’ a user guide to the tool uploaded by WikiLeaks says that it utilizes ffmpeg software, which produces libraries and programs for handling multimedia data to decode streaming connections.

The user guide is dated February 2014 and the document front page is marked: “Classified By: 2273504” and “Declassify On: 25X1, 20620712.”

“Today, August 10th 2017, WikiLeaks publishes the the User Guide for the CoachPotato project of the CIA. CouchPotato is a remote tool for collection against RTSP/H.264 video streams,” a statement on the WikiLeaks site reads.

Just one part of the document appears to have been redacted, an index page at the beginning under a heading marked “Authority.”’

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‘A set of articles caught my eye this morning, where we see from industry insiders exactly how “Silicon Valley” has not only taken over journalism, but how the methods being utilized by both Google and Facebook which mimics the methods used on smartphones to addict users, dubbed “brain hacking” is not only unethical, but is also dangerous to public health, with one insider stating “I invested early in Google and Facebook and regret it. I helped create a monster.”

In one long, but worthy read over at The Atlantic, the former editor for New Republic, gives an eye-opening description of what exactly went wrong in the world of journalism, where news outlets have come to “unhealthily depend on the big tech companies,” where truth and actual reporting of the news has been sacrificed into desperation in “a mad, shameless chase to gain clicks through Facebook,” and “a relentless effort to game Google’s algorithms.”‘

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‘The development of pilotless passenger aircraft could be worth 35 billion US dollars (£27 billion) to the aviation industry and cut fares for passengers, according to research.

Analysis by investment bank UBS found that technology to enable remotely controlled planes carrying people and cargo could appear by 2025.

Almost three-quarters of the economic benefit would be in airlines reducing the cost of employing pilots, the study found.

Safety would also be boosted as the potential for pilot error or illness would be removed, the report said.’

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‘Artificial intelligence is already transforming the world around us, but one expert predicts terrifying changes on the horizon over the next 30 years.

Professor Toby Walsh believes machine learning has the power to radically alter life as we know it by the year 2050.

Among the more disturbing prophecies, which could be taken straight from an episode of Black Mirror, is that people will live on as chatbots after they die.

The lure of virtual reality and the horrors of reality could also ensnare people into retreating into their deepest and darkest fantasies.

Dr Walsh’s vision for the machine world is outlined in a new book entitled ‘It’s Alive!: Artificial Intelligence from the Logic Piano to Killer Robots’.

In it he portrays a nightmare future where machines control every aspect of our lives, from transport and health to employment and entertainment.’

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‘Many may remember the Batman movie, The Dark Knight Returns starring Christian Bale. In the movie Batman searches in his computer for the jokers precise location and finds it down to the very floor of the building he is in. This technology has now become a reality and specialized police departments are beginning to use it to fight crime.

“A new surveillance system that collects and records information in real-time — and then lets trackers rewind, zoom in and follow certain targets — has hit the test market streets of Baltimore, Md., and Dayton, Ohio, and in at least one crime-fighting unit in California,” the Washington Times reported.

The surveillance software sounds a lot like Google earth with real time and TIVO like capabilities, able to search any individuals location and associations through out their day. A law enforcement officer could track your daily voyage from when you leave your home in the morning until you return in the evening.

The system will be able to track your daily trends, where you travel to, who you are with, when you visit and for how long. Any crimes you may commit throughout your day could be used against you.’

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‘We’ve all seen the sci-fi classics where armies of robots are created with the intention of replacing menial tasks but ultimately gain consciousness, turn hostile and eradicate the human race. There, we just re-wrote the scripts of countless Hollywood hits in one sentence.

And while a small fraction of ‘doomsday preppers’ have labored under the assumption that a robot apocalypse or some other catastrophic event could wipe out the human race, the masses of civilization generally choose to go about their lives with the belief that mass disruption events are no more likely to occur than their favorite Disney fairytales.

But, former Facebook executive Antonio Garcia Martinez, says the societal threat of technological advances are far more dire than anyone really understands.

Martinez worked as a project manager for the social media giant in Silicon Valley but became terrified by the relentless march of technology. He reckons that machines will have taken half of humanity’s jobs within 30 years, sparking revolt and armed conflict. So he quit his job, fled his home and now lives in woodland north of Seattle with a gun for protection.’

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‘Despite vociferous official denials, it is now known that Electromagnetic Frequencies (EMF) can entrain brain waves, cause electrical conduction irregularities in the heart function, cause sleep irregularities, migraines and cancer without doing any tissue heating.

For many years it has been the official USG position that Electromagnetic frequencies (EMF) can only be harmful if tissue is heated.

This has now been shown in numerous peer reviewed studies to be notably untrue, that in fact EMF can entrain brain waves and can disturb electrical conductance in the heart without heating tissue at all.

I have written prior articles which described the sophisticated Globalist agenda to psychotronically oppress We The People using cell phones and cell phone towers, Wi-Fi, dirty electricity and other forms of EMF including custom targeting by ground stations and satellite. I also listed some countermeasures that are now being used to mitigate the effects.’

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‘Is the Internet of Things the next big productivity leap in modern times? Or is it, as it was commonly referred to at DEFCON 25, the Internet of Sh*t?

William Sabin, who describes himself as an “avid trader,” is effusive in his enthusiasm for these new technological developments. In an article evaluating the prospects of General Electric he writes, “The Internet of Things is the most exciting play and why I like GE as much as I do—connecting people, data and machines.” But the security-conscious crowd at DEFCON 25 are not fans.

The buzz word for these devices is “smart,” but what exactly is the Internet of Things? Joe Rozner, a software engineer and featured speaker at DEFCON 25, defines the Internet of Things (IoT) as “everyday devices that are connected to the internet to add functionality.”’

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