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‘A decades-long review of fishing practices concluded that 10 percent of all the fish that are caught worldwide are thrown back into the ocean. This amounted to around 10 million tons of fish — which are either dead or dying — being discarded due to poor fishing practices and improper management. A group of 300 experts with Sea Around Us, an initiative by the University of British Columbia’s Institute for the Oceans and Fisheries and the University of Western Australia, said that this was equivalent to filling around 4,500 Olympic-sized swimming pools with fish every year.

Dirk Zeller, who was the lead author of the study, wrote on, “In the current era of increasing food insecurity and human nutritional health concerns, these findings are important. The discarded fish could have been put to better use.”

Unmarketable fish are typically thrown back into the ocean. These fish are normally ones that are too small or part of an unwanted species. Sometimes, as with the Alaska pollock, fishermen only need a specific part of the fish (in this case, the roe). After they had harvested the intended part, the fish are discarded as well.’

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‘The church of climatology persistently drives global warming fear into their congregation, to ensure that followers will continue believing, continue submitting, and continue giving their trust. The ministers of this religion preach a doctrine of climate change doom, as they shame a fundamental molecule of life (carbon), and call for global control (and taxation) of the weather, climate, and economy. These climate change ministers feign their altruism; they pretend to be righteous saviors of the Earth, as they stroke their follower’s good intentions, and ultimately fool them into believing they care about the future of the planet.

But deep down, these climate change propagandists and manipulators don’t care about the future of this planet or the health of the people. They are just followers of a death cult who need more followers to believe in their religious agenda of climate change doom. With unified belief, they can form global alliances that dictate the behaviors of people and businesses. With unified belief, they can enact new taxes, centralize wealth, control economies, and govern over Nations.’

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‘“Our soils are sick from greed-based, irresponsible agricultural practices, pesticides, chemical fertilizers, erosion and mineral depletion, all of which stop or reduce adequate microbial activity in the soil, rendering them sick and/or dead and sterile. Sick soils make for sick plants and sick plants make for sick humans and animals.” Scott Tips, president of the National Health Federation, Crashing Monsanto’s Pesticide Party in Beijing.

In the area of food and agriculture, you may be aware of various reports and discussions about GMOs, pesticides and organics. You might also know about the power, influence, crimes and shameful lobbying practices of transnational agribusiness companies like Monsanto. And you might have also discovered what (GMO) chemical-intensive agriculture is doing to soils, rivers, biodiversity, human health and crops.

It’s all been well documented. But what you might find little mention of is Codex Alimentarius (Latin for ‘food code’), a collection of international food standards, guidelines and codes of practice that are supposed to contribute to the safety, quality and fairness of international food trade.’

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‘At least two people are dead and hundreds more injured after a powerful earthquake struck off the Turkish coast overnight, triggering a tsunami that hit tourist resorts in the Mediterranean and Aegean Seas and damaging buildings across the region.

The epicentre of the magnitude-6.7 quake was off Bodrum, southwest Turkey, with the country’s Aegean coast and Greek holiday islands including Kos and Rhodes worst affected.

Holidaymakers fled hotels in terror as the quake hit before running for their lives to higher ground as tsunami waves surged through beachfront resorts moments later, deluging hotels and bars, carrying away cars and depositing boats in town streets.

The two fatalities were reported on the island of Kos, with the victims crushed under a collapsed bar ceiling. Parts of a historic mosque in Kos Town also collapsed into the street and rescuers were this morning sifting through rubble looking for trapped survivors.’

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‘Former nuclear industry senior vice president Arnie Gundersen, who managed and coordinated projects at 70 US atomic power plants, is appalled at how the Japanese government is handling the Fukushima nuclear crisis.

“The inhumanity of the Japanese government toward the Fukushima disaster refugees is appalling,” Gundersen, a licensed reactor operator with 45 years of nuclear power engineering experience and the author of a bestselling book in Japan about the Fukushima Daiichi disaster, told Truthout.

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He explains that both the Japanese government and the atomic power industry are trying to force almost all of the people who evacuated their homes in the wake of the Fukushima nuclear disaster to return “home” before the 2020 Tokyo Olympics.

This March Japan’s federal government announced the subsidies that have, up until now, been provided to Fukushima evacuees who were mandated to leave their homes are being withdrawn, which will force many of them to return to their contaminated prefecture out of financial necessity.’

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To avoid the devastating effects of climate change, we must begin actively removing carbon dioxide from the atmosphere as soon as possible, scientists claim.

Reducing greenhouse-gas emissions is not enough to limit global warming to a level that wouldn’t risk young people’s future, research found.

Instead, nations must now look to geoengineering policies like replenishing forests or chemically altering the oceans to absorb more carbon dioxide.

Without geoengineering policies, today’s young people will one day have to spend up to £440 trillion ($575 tn) on technologies to extract carbon dioxide from the air, the study found.’

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‘Almost three million Mercedes Benz diesel cars and vans across Europe have been recalled amid concerns over toxic emissions.

In a drastic move which casts fresh doubt over the future of diesel engines, German car giant Daimler urged drivers to take their cars into the local garage to have a ‘software update’ installed.

This will cut emissions of toxic nitrogen oxides, which are linked to respiratory disease.

The ‘voluntary recall’ covers nearly all diesel Mercedes Benz cars registered in Europe, including the UK, over the last few years.
Daimler, which owns Mercedes Benz, would not give a breakdown of how many vehicles in each country.’

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‘As the Trump administration moves to gut Obama-era clean water protections nationwide, an environmental group is warning the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) that its draft pollution discharge permit for offshore drilling platforms in the Gulf of Mexico violates clean water laws because it allows operators to dump fracking chemicals and large volumes of drilling wastewater directly into the Gulf.

In a recent letter to the agency, the Center for Biological Diversity told the EPA that the dumping of drilling wastewater — which can contain fracking chemicals, drilling fluids and pollutants, such as heavy metals — directly into Gulf waters is unacceptable and prohibited under the Clean Water Act.’

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‘The next time you sit down to a delicious meal, consider the fact that bees are responsible for every third bite you eat. Honey bees take care of about 80 percent of all pollination, with just one bee colony pollinating upwards of 300 million flowers in a single day. In fact, 70 percent of the world’s most important food crops are totally dependent on pollination by bees. And yet, Greenpeace reports that in the United States, “the number of bee colonies per hectare has declined by 90 percent since 1962.”

While it is normal for a bee colony to lose between five and 10 percent of its members each winter, in recent years these declines have averaged between 30 and 50 percent; some farmers have reported 90 percent die-offs in a single year. Though Big Agri companies like Monsanto, DuPont and Syngenta have done their best to avert blame, one of the biggest contributors to the honey bee crisis is the use of neonicotinoid pesticides they produce, as was recently confirmed by a study published in the journal Science.’

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Recently, a controversy over temperature adjustments has spiraled out of control — with proof of records being changed to support Obama’s climate policies and the global warming narrative.’

A new research report — published June 27, 2017, by two scientists and a veteran statistician — found adjustments made to global surface temperature readings by scientists in recent years are totally inconsistent with published and credible temperature data.

“The conclusive findings of this research are that the three GAST [global average surface temperature] data sets are not a valid representation of reality,” the study authors explained. “In fact, the magnitude of their historical data adjustments, that removed their cyclical temperature patterns, are totally inconsistent with published and credible U.S. and other temperature data.”’

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