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‘More details have emerged about the prior familiarity of British intelligence agencies with the Manchester suicide bomber, Salman Abedi, whose murderous assault Monday evening left 22 people dead.

Given Abedi’s connections and his travel movements leading up to the attack, the only explanation for him being able to remain at large for so long is that he was a protected asset—part of a broad network of operatives utilised by Britain and the US to conduct their nefarious operations in the Middle East.

It is the exposure of these operations which accounts for the fury of Prime Minister Theresa May over the US leaking of intelligence information about the UK’s investigation into the bombing. Whatever the specific reasons for these leaks, they have completely undermined the British authority’s original claims that Abedi was an unknown, “lone wolf”.

We know now that British intelligence had received warnings, on at least five separate occasions in the last five years, that Abedi presented a danger, including that he had discussed committing a suicide bombing.’

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‘British Prime Minister Theresa May reduced the terrorism threat level in the UK from ‘critical’ to ‘severe’ Saturday, with armed soldiers patrolling streets across the country to be withdrawn beginning Monday evening.

May said the “significant activity” by police since Monday’s suicide bombing led to the reduction in the terrorism threat level, according to Reuters.

“A significant amount of police activity has taken place over the last 24 hours and there are now 11 suspects in custody,” May said, as cited by Reuters.

“The public should be clear about what this means. A threat level of severe means an attack is highly likely. The country should remain vigilant.”

A total of 11 men are still being detained as part of the investigation and are currently being questioned by detectives with the Greater Manchester Police.’

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‘Thousands of radical extremists must be locked up in new internment camps to protect Britain from the unprecedented terror threat it faces, a Muslim former police chief declares today.

Writing exclusively for The Mail on Sunday, Tarique Ghaffur warns there are too many extremists on the streets for police and MI5 officers to monitor.

Mr Ghaffur, an Assistant Commissioner at Scotland Yard when the 7/7 bombings took place, proposes that special centres be set up to detain as many as 3,000 extremists, where they can be kept from launching attacks.

They would also be made to go through a de-radicalisation programme.’

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‘Police chiefs have asked Ministers to stump up £1.2 million to cover the cost of the controversial investigation into Sir Edward Heath.

Wiltshire Police has spent nearly two years looking into allegations that the late Prime Minister was a paedophile, including claims he was part of a Satanic ritual abuse ring.

The cash-strapped force, which has lost one in six officers in budget cuts, has been accused of wasting money that could be better spent protecting the public.

But now The Mail on Sunday can reveal Wiltshire Police hope they will be reimbursed for the spiralling cost of the Heath investigation, known as Operation Conifer.

The force has asked the Home Office to cover the costs, which stood at £1,228,112 on May 11, on the grounds that the inquiry has looked at allegations nationwide.’

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‘Slightly over a half of people in the United Kingdom agree that the nation’s involvement in wars abroad has increased the terror threat to the country, a poll out Friday has showed.

The survey found that 53 percent of 7,134 UK adults sampled by YouGov said they believed wars the United Kingdom supported or fought were in part responsible for terror attacks at home.

The terror threat level in the country was raised to the highest notch of “critical” after this Monday’s terrorist attack at a pop concert in Manchester, which killed 22 people and injured over a hundred.

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn, who made a speech earlier in the day to mark his return to general election campaigning, said UK’s war on terror had not worked. He cited intelligence experts who said foreign wars, including in Libya, threatened the country’s security.’

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The Defence Secretary Michael Fallon was left floundering in a live TV interview after criticising what he thought was a Jeremy Corbyn quote – before being informed the words actually came from Boris Johnson.

The senior Tory minister was appearing on Channel 4 News with presenter Krishnan Guru-Murthy to discuss the Labour’s leader speech following the Manchester bombing, during which Mr Corbyn said the “war on terror had failed.”

Mr Fallon was quick to criticise a quote read out by Guru-Murthy, which he apparently assumed belonged to the Labour leader.

“Isn’t it possible that things like the Iraq war did not create the problem of murderous Islamic fundamentalists, though the war has unquestionably sharpened the resentments felt by such people in this country and given them a new pretext?” Mr Guru-Murthy read to the Defence Secretary.’

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‘British Airways has cancelled all flights from Heathrow and Gatwick following a massive global IT failure.

Every departure scheduled on Saturday was cancelled and the airline asked passengers not to come to the airports.

On Saturday night the operator said it intended to run a “near normal schedule” at Gatwick on Sunday and the “majority of services” from Heathrow.

It comes as hotels surrounding the airports charged extortionate prices to stranded holiday makers with some charging between £1,000 to £2,5000 a room for the night.

The chaos happened just after 11am on Saturday when the company’s unreliable new IT system crashed worldwide for the sixth time in a year.’

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‘Only one in 10 people supports Theresa May’s plan to bring back fox hunting, according to a poll for The Independent.

The survey of voters, conducted by ORB, found that 64 per cent disagree with the statement that the ban on fox hunting should be reversed, and a very high proportion (46 per cent) say they “disagree strongly”. Just 11 per cent agree with the policy, and a quarter (25 per cent) neither agree nor disagree.

The Tory manifesto, published on 18 May, promised a free vote in Parliament on a bill to “decide the future of the Hunting Act”. That legislation, passed in 2004 by Labour under Tony Blair, outlawed the hunting with dogs of foxes and other wild mammals.’

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‘UKIP leader Paul Nuttall last night called for the return of the death penalty for terrorists and child killers – and volunteered to carry out the executions himself.

He said he would not flinch from personally opening the hangman’s trap door – or pulling the trigger.

Mr Nuttall backed a referendum on the issue – and said it would result in the return of the death penalty, abolished in 1965.

Talking to The Mail on Sunday in Westminster’s Morpeth Arms pub, he said: ‘I would like to see the death penalty for terrorists and child killers.’ Asked if he was prepared to act as executioner, he replied: ‘Yes.’

Citing the killers of soldier Lee Rigby, who was stabbed to death in London in 2013, terrorists who targeted children, and Moors murderer Ian Brady, Mr Nuttall said: ‘For people who kill a [British] soldier and harm children, I would not have a problem doing it. I believe in capital punishment for treason. Opinion polls show the vast majority of people agree with me.”’

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‘Insurers Legal & General and Aviva have announced plans to move some operations to Dublin because of Brexit.

The Irish capital has been campaigning vocally to attract financial services companies based in the UK who are concerned about their ability to trade across Europe after the planned split.

FTSE 100-listed L&G said it will move part of its investment management business to Ireland to ensure it maintains unfettered access to the single market. The move will not impact staff in other locations, L&G said in a statement on Friday.’

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