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PayPal founder’s employees reportedly refer to him as ‘the shadow president’



‘Billionaire investor Peter Thiel is reportedly becoming a key adviser to President Donald Trump and is beginning to stock his administration with friends and former associates.

In December, the PayPal founder set up a meeting between Mr Trump and David Gelertner, a Yale University computer scientist and candidate for White House science adviser.

Four days before Mr Trump’s inauguration, Mr Gelertner met at Trump Tower with the president-elect, his chief strategist Steve Bannon, and Mr Thiel.’

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‘Over 100 French leftist lawmakers have signed a motion demanding the Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement (CETA) between the European Union and Canada be referred to the Constitutional Court over what they say is an issue of sovereignty.

A political agreement on CETA was reached in 2013. Although the deal was passed through the European Parliament, it still has to be ratified by all the 28 EU member states’ parliaments.

A letter signed by 106 leftist members of France’s National Assembly said the deal implied a transfer of sovereignty by signatory countries “beyond what they agreed upon in favor of the EU.”‘

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David Icke – The Trojan Treaties – Deleting Freedom

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‘Barclays has apologised after customers vented their anger or frustration over a “technical” fault that prevented them from making purchases or disrupted their weekend plans.

The bank was flooded with tweets, emails and phone calls after a glitch in its computer system made it impossible for customers to use their debit cards in shops or withdraw cash from machines.

Customers wrote on Twitter that they were left embarrassed after they were unable to pay things such as groceries, while one complained that her payment at a letting office agency was declined.

In-branch, online and telephone banking services were also affected, with some customers still reporting problems on Saturday night and some branches forced to close early.’

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‘More than 2,500 laboratory-made substances are deliberately added to common, processed foods to improve their flavor, color, shelf life, texture, or cost. Additionally, another 12,000 chemicals coming from food-packaging materials, processing aids, pesticide residues, and drugs given to animals unintentionally end up in our food supply.

With the growing popularity of factory-made foods, chemical additives have become a significant part of our daily diet. While some additives are harmless, others cause harm to the body. Titanium dioxide is one of those damaging additives you cannot easily escape. It is used in a variety of everyday products as a whitener or texturizer. The additive, which is also referred to as E171, can be found in candy, chocolate, and chewing gum, as well as in sunscreen, toothpaste, and paint.

According to a new study published in the journal NanoImpact, chronic exposure to titanium dioxide nanoparticles significantly decreased the ability of the small intestine to absorb essential nutrients and act as a protective barrier against pathogens.’

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‘Recent studies supposedly proving the effectiveness of the HPV vaccine manipulated data to make the cervical cancer death rate among black women look much lower than it actually is, according to a study recently published in the journal Cancer.

Vaccine supporters had pointed to the studies as evidence that cervical cancer rates have been falling due to vaccination against HPV (human papillomavirus), several strains of which have been linked to cervical cancer development. But the death rate of black women from cervical cancer is actually twice as high as was reported by the studies, the new analysis found.

Prior research has also shown that the commercially available HPV vaccines may not protect against the virus strains most likely to infect black women.’

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‘In 2016, a new journal Cannabis and Cannabinoid Research published a paper suggesting that non-psychoactive cannabidiol (CBD) converts to psychoactive tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) in the stomach. The controversial paper was coauthored by several scientists employed by Zynerba Pharmaceuticals in Devin, Pennsylvania. It was not the first time that researchers addressed this issue.

In considering whether CBD converts to THC in the stomach, there are three major kinds of data that scientists examine:’

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‘Lately, statins have come under fire as a study concluded that they do more harm than good. A lot of people take statin drugs such as Crestor, Lipitor and Zocor. In the United States, prescription drug spending rose to $374 billion in the year 2014 (the highest level of spending since 2001). Statins make up for a huge portion of spending, and consumers who take these drugs are going to have a lot to worry over than the damage to their wallets.

The American Journal of Physiology, conducted a study that states that statins “…impact on other biologic properties of stem cells provides a novel explanation for their adverse clinical effects.” Specifically, the study states that such adverse effects include advancing the “process of aging” and also notes that “…long-term use of statins has been associated with adverse effects including myopathy, neurological side effects and an increased risk of diabetes.” Myopathy means skeletal muscle weakness.’

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‘The Starbucks Coffee brand has taken a major hit since the company’s announcement that it would hire 10,000 Muslim “refugees” in response to President Donald Trump’s temporary travel moratorium in January.

Starbucks was one of those early to criticize President Trump for putting a temporary hold on immigration from a list of seven terror-torn countries flagged by the Obama administration. In response, the coffee house giant pledged to hire 10,000 Muslim refugees over five years in protest against Trump’s order.

But since the company issued its anti-Trump statement its brand name has lost its luster with customers. Perception levels of the Starbucks brand name fell by an incredible two-thirds since its January announcement, according to a YouGov survey, as reported by Yahoo Finance.’

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‘Could it be true? Could you and your family be paying top dollar for imported foods that aren’t the least bit organic?

According to a report by the Alliance for Natural Health U.S. we have a situation where we are importing food from countries like Turkey and our agencies aren’t inspecting organic claims properly.

The report says:

Organic corn exports from Turkey to the US have exploded. Compared to the same six-month time period in 2015, the dollar value of organic corn imports from Turkey during the first six months of 2016 increased by 500%. Organic soy imports from Turkey in the same period increased by an astounding 3600%.

Unfortunately, there’s a very good chance that these millions of bushels of corn and soy aren’t actually organic at all, and federal regulators—unlike their counterparts in other countries—do not seem concerned in the least.’

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‘McDonald’s is feeling the burn as fewer people choose to dine out, and more people choose to cook at home. The novelty of their all-day breakfast appears to have worn off, as sales and growth have begun to dwindle once again. Now, the fast food giant has turned to something new to help reel customers back in: cutting the prices of drinks.

After last year’s focus on burgers and chicken sandwiches, McDonald’s plans to advertise $1 sodas and $2 McCafe specialty drinks in the hopes of regaining their following across the United States. Bloomberg reports,”McDonald’s leads a $228 billion U.S. fast-food industry that faces slackening growth. After increasing 2.4 percent last year, revenue gains will slow to 1.5 percent this year and 1.6 percent in 2018, data from researcher IBISWorld show.”’

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