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‘British Airways has cancelled all flights from Heathrow and Gatwick following a massive global IT failure.

Every departure scheduled on Saturday was cancelled and the airline asked passengers not to come to the airports.

On Saturday night the operator said it intended to run a “near normal schedule” at Gatwick on Sunday and the “majority of services” from Heathrow.

It comes as hotels surrounding the airports charged extortionate prices to stranded holiday makers with some charging between £1,000 to £2,5000 a room for the night.

The chaos happened just after 11am on Saturday when the company’s unreliable new IT system crashed worldwide for the sixth time in a year.’

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‘Insurers Legal & General and Aviva have announced plans to move some operations to Dublin because of Brexit.

The Irish capital has been campaigning vocally to attract financial services companies based in the UK who are concerned about their ability to trade across Europe after the planned split.

FTSE 100-listed L&G said it will move part of its investment management business to Ireland to ensure it maintains unfettered access to the single market. The move will not impact staff in other locations, L&G said in a statement on Friday.’

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‘So many anti-protest bills have been passed since Trump’s election that the ACLU has launched its own interactive map just to track the legislation. At the writing of this article, at least 25 bills have been introduced across 18 different states.

Unsurprisingly, the North Dakota State legislature has the most anti-protest bills of all the States, with six introduced since November. What is striking about the Statewide legislation, however, is not the quantity of the bills, but the similarities between them.

When Anti-Media first began monitoring the trend in November, Washington state Senator Doug Ericksen had announced plans to introduce a bill that would criminalize demonstrators as “‘Economic Terrorists.” In March, North Carolina also passed a bill creating a criminal classification for “economic terrorism.”’

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‘A catastrophe far worse than Fukushima lurks in the United States, as the Nuclear Regulatory Commission used faulty data to estimate potentially ruinous risks of a nuclear-waste fire — one which could occur at any one of dozens of sites across the country.

“Published by researchers from Princeton University and the Union of Concerned Scientists,” the latter organization reports, “the article [in the May 26 issue of the journal Science] argues that NRC inaction leaves the public at high risk from fires in spent-nuclear-fuel cooling pools at reactor sites.

‘The pools — water-filled basins that store and cool used radioactive fuel rods — are so densely packed with nuclear waste that a fire could release enough radioactive material to contaminate an area twice the size of New Jersey. On average, radioactivity from such an accident could force approximately 8 million people to relocate and result in $2 trillion in damages.”

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‘Alternative energy company Tesla which includes US-based electric car development and production, battery production, and now also includes residential solar panel and battery systems previously under SolarCity, represents a simultaneous threat to several cornerstones of Western corporate-financier monopolies.

Openly seeking to replace big-oil and big-auto, it was only a matter of time before Tesla’s co-founder, CEO, and product architect Elon Musk attracted the negative attention of both of these deeply rooted and corrupt industries.

The genuine enthusiasm for Tesla and its products versus the paid-for media campaign to obstruct or even reverse Tesla’s influence on energy and transportation has been a see-sawing battle unfolding just beneath the surface.

More recently, attempts to further complicate Tesla’s US-based manufacturing facility in California have been spearheaded by the United Automobile Workers (UAW), an organization that attempts to pass itself off as a labor union.’

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‘It appears that air travel is going to be the new frontier for high-tech privacy invasion taking place in the name of security, efficiency and convenience … and now “customer service.”

There was a time not long ago where rumblings about facial recognition and other forms of biometric identification for use in travel was dismissed as a science fiction that could not be achieved and that most people would not tolerate it if biometric ID ever became a reality. As I covered last week, this is science fiction no longer as airports around the United States and the world are beginning to implement biometrics at varying degrees of scale with little to no resistance from the traveling public.’

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‘A “Fifth Column” is a group within a country at war who are sympathetic to or working for its enemies.

Even a full-blown war with North Korea or Russia could not inflict the damage done to this Country by Moody’s, Fitch and S&P. The rating agencies have declared war on the United States and the damage they are inflicting will eventually destroy this Country from within.

In 2008, the Country was brought to its knees with the eight trillion-dollar mortgage bond crisis. It again got a taste of what the rating agencies are capable of with the Detroit and Puerto Rico bankruptcies.

You see when a credit rating agency or a bank works on transactions worth hundreds of millions or billions, they deploy their best folks. The most experienced and educated investment bankers. This is also true of the Banks that knowingly sell these fraudulent investments to their unsuspecting clients.’

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‘Have you ever felt like the process of seasoning your latest culinary masterpiece was too low tech?

One lifestyle firm believes it has spotted a gap in the market and has come up with a bizarre piece of kit designed to make this more of an event.

Smalt incorporates a Bluetooth connected smart speaker and mood lighting, to take the stress out of shaking salt.

Users will also be able to monitor their salt intake via Smalt’s app.’

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‘Top oil executives have donated more than £390,000 to the Conservative Party since Theresa May became Prime Minister.

The industry stands to benefit from the Conservative Party manifesto which pledges to build upon the Government’s “unprecedented” support for the sector.

Among the high-profile donors revealed in Electoral Commission filings is Ayman Asfari, the chief executive of Jersey-registered oil and gas firm, Petrofac, who gave £90,000 in December.

Mr Asfari was questioned under caution by the Serious Fraud Office earlier this month over suspected bribery, corruption and money laundering at his company. The Syrian-born businessman is one of the prime minister’s business ambassadors.

Another oil industry donor is Ian Taylor, chief executive of the world’s largest oil trader, Vitol. He has personally given the Conservatives £47,000 since Ms May won the party leadership in July last year, adding to hundreds of thousands he had previously donated.’

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‘Google already monitors your online shopping – but now it wants to work with payment firms to monitor what you buy offline as well.

The search giant says it has access to roughly 70 percent of U.S. credit and debit card transactions through partnerships with other companies that track that data.

Now it hopes to use this to tell advertisers when their online ads have led to an offline purchase.

Google believes the data will show a cause-and-effect relationship between online ads and offline sales.

‘Machine learning is key to measuring the consumer journeys that now span multiple devices and channels across both the digital and physical worlds,’ it said.’

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