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‘Social services are intervening in families or taking children into care partly because they are too fat.

Figures show that Welsh authorities are among those who have either put children on the child protection register or placed children into care where obesity or a high BMI were factors.

Three children in Carmarthenshire were placed on the child protection register between 2014 and 2016, where those concerns were a factor, according to a freedom of information response.’

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‘A Mississippi couple lost custody of their five children for making them do “excessive” homework and having too short “punishment” haircuts, among other unproven accusations. It took them months of legal battles with the state to get their children back.

Details of this social services horror story would have stayed inside the family of Jennifer and Scott Berry, had it not been uncovered by the Biloxi-based Sun Herald.

Over two years after winning a case against Mississippi Department of Human Services, the couple and their children are still struggling to get back to life as usual.’

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‘The Wartena family of seven was returning from vacation, traveling home to California, when they were suddenly faced with the most tragic of circumstances. The family, stopping off to lodge at the La Kiva Hotel in Texas, was unprepared for what happened next. When their seven-year-old autistic daughter, Alexis Wartena, went missing that evening, the family called for police help and began to desperately search the area.

The hotel was adjacent to a large body of water, the T-Anchor Lake. The land behind the hotel is rugged and drops off, giving way to the city lake.

That Tuesday evening played out in horror for the family. As they searched frantically for their missing child, Michael Wartena and Tiffany Stewart were confronted by police investigators who launched a six hour “investigation” that was dead set on forcing some kind of confession from the mother.’

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‘An independent journalist for Health Impact News was recently called before a judge, who implied that her news reporting might land her on the wrong side of the law.

The warning came as part of a larger pattern by the Alabama justice system of intimidating those who have questioned the activities of the Alabama Department of Human Resources (DHR), specifically the branch performing functions known in most states as Child Protective Services (CPS).

Health Impact News reporter Terri LaPoint was outside the courtroom with the Prince family, who was there for a hearing to attempt to regain custody of a child who was taken by police from the breast of its nursing mother while still in the hospital. She had been invited as a friend of the family, and had previously written about the case.’

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‘A mother who has been pregnant for most of her adult life has had 17 children removed from her care by social workers over the past 20 years. It is thought to be the largest intervention of its kind on record.

The woman, who has not been named, was not allowed to keep any of her children, although the reason for social services’ seizing the kids remains unknown.

Now thought to be in her late 40s, the Newcastle mother gave birth multiple times despite knowing the children would almost certainly be taken away from her.’

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‘Knock. Knock. Knock.

Open the door and see the armed Gestapo at your doorstep demanding you turn over the rights of your children and toddlers. They no longer belong to you as mandated by federal law.

You see the fear in your toddler’s eyes as you are no longer capable of protecting them and are forced by law to give up your children to the police. They sit them on a bus to be shipped away to a school hundreds of miles away in which they will be trained to forget every value, tradition, and characteristic you have tried to teach. They will be disciplined with abuse, torture, starvation, and rape. If you ever see them again, they will not be the innocent child you once knew.

This did not happen in a far away land, this did not happen a long-long time ago. This happened in the “greatest country on Earth” in fairly recent history. This was the policy of the United States government in an effort to assimilate American Indian children in a boarding school system that peaked in the 1970’s.’

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download (1)Every child in Scotland is to have a named person that will be appointed by the state and will compile a dossier, sometimes in secret’, cataloguing the daily life of our children in a scene that could have come straight out of an Orwell novel.

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