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‘The number of British citizens applying for Irish passports has increased by more than two-thirds, Ireland’s Foreign Minister Charlie Flanagan says, attributing it in part to Brexit.

“It’s reasonable to suggest that Brexit is a factor in what are record numbers of applications,” Flanagan stated on Saturday while expressing concerns on the impact of the UK’s impending pullout from the European Union, The Guardian reported.

“I think it’s also reasonable to assume that there are large numbers of people of Irish descent who now feel that they would like to remain as EU citizens in what is a changing time in relations between Ireland and the UK,” he added.’

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‘One of England’s best performing academy schools has taken to confiscating Xboxes and PlayStations from pupils’ homes in order to improve exam results.

According to King Solomon Academy (KSA) principal, Max Haimendorf, mobile phones and games consoles were taken away by the school on occasions with parental consent.

The measure was introduced to encourage good behaviour and improve grades, he said.’

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‘Hospital security guards who fastened Union Jack badges to their stab-proof vests were told by management to remove the symbols following a complaint.

The badges were from a charity that supports the families of police officers killed in the line of duty.

The report in Breitbart News cited a whistleblower who had originally told the Bristol Post of the order handed down by University Hospitals Bristol NHS Foundation Trust.

It was claimed that 12 guards received an email from their employer telling them to take the badges off.

“After a complaint from a member of the general public you are to remove the Union Jacks from stab vests,” the Post reported the email as saying.’

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‘What happens when men menstruate? Does this allow men to take on pregnancy, labor, and delivery, too? Will the invisible “glass ceiling” finally be broken? Will menstruating men bring gender equality after decades of imbalance? Will men brag about the size of their tampons?

A new wave of uniformity is sweeping the globe to merge the separation of the sexes once and for all. Uniformity is the blending and blurring of differences into a fluid sea of ambiguity and nebulousness. The new equality movement is gender blending – to ignore the biological differences that exist between the male and female species. Unfortunately, uniformity does not equal unity.

A new space is being created where everyone is welcome to mingle in the same genderless shower rooms and restrooms, even if athletic competitions are still segregated and where female athletes are being crushed by women who were once men. In the race to be “all inclusive” have we stopped long enough to recognize our biological differences and ask if it is fair and balanced or safe for biological males – with larger muscle mass, hearts and lungs and greater strength, acceleration , speed, and power – to compete against girls and women?’

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‘Banking giant HSBC has expanded its selection of titles to include gender-neutral honorifics in an effort to appeal to transgender people and others.
The new options feature ‘Ind’, which means ‘individual’, and ‘Pr’, which is short for ‘person’. They also include ‘Mre’, which stands for ‘mystery’ and ‘Misc’ for ‘miscellaneous’.

Transgender individuals will also be able to pick ‘M’, ‘Myr’, ‘Mx’, ‘Msr’, ‘Sai’ and ‘Ser’ for their HSBC accounts.’

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‘Muslim parents have threatened to gather signatures for a petition against a Berlin preschool, after discovering that one of its male teachers is gay.

any of the parents have removed their children from the nursery.

The protest by parents at the kindergarten in the northern district of Reinickendorf was reported by German media earlier this week.

According to Tagesspiegel newspaper, the parents are mostly concerned about the young man being in physical contact with their children, particularly that he takes them to the toilet.’

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‘Jessica Winfield, a transgender formerly named Martin Ponting, is a convicted rapist who for years has been held at Whitemoor prison in Cambridgeshire. Recently, Winfield was transferred to HMP Bronzefield in Ashford, which happens to be a women’s prison. Put in simpler terms, the staff at Whitemoor prison moved Winfield to a facility not based on his biological sex, but rather based on the gender he felt he was on the inside.

A decade ago, when Winfield was a male transsexual, the convicted rapist wrote an article in prisoners’ newspaper Inside Time in which he complained about being bullied and given a “hard time because of my sexuality, possibly through lack of understanding and empathy.” One of the women who had been a victim of Ponting called the fact that the prison allowed him to change genders “diabolical.” She told the newspaper, “There are not enough words to describe him and the evil he has done.”’

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