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‘As tolerance spreads across the United States, universities and their progressive student bodies are coming up with new and innovative ways to ensure a positive multi-cultural experience for everyone… unless you happen to be a Caucasian.

At the American University in Washington, D.C., which is home to about 13,000 of our best and brightest, administrators and student activists have determined that the best way to ensure a a fair and equal environment is to ban all white people from their new student lounge. The meeting area, ironically named “The Bridge,” opened a couple of months ago as a place for people to gather, study and even sing on open mic nights.

But shortly after its opening, the following sign, apparently with the blessing of school administrators, appeared around campus. It designates the new lounge as a safe space and sanctuary for people of color.

In short: No Whites Allowed.’

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‘Calling a far-right politician a “Nazi slut” on television is perfectly acceptable, according to a German court, which ruled that a TV presenter was being satirical when he said those very words about an Alternative for Germany (AfD) politician last month.

When AfD leader Alice Weidel said during a Cologne party conference that political correctness belongs in the dustbin of history, comedian Christian Ehring responded by putting her words to the test.

“Alright then, political correctness is over – let’s all be incorrect to each other. The Nazi slut is right there,” Ehring said while hosting his ‘Extra 3’ program.

Failing to see the ‘comedic value’ in Ehring’s joke, Weidel took legal action against the presenter, saying his words were defamatory and put her in danger.’

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‘Boys could be allowed to wear skirts at a north London private school if a plan for gender neutral uniforms comes in.

Highgate School is considering mix-and-match outfits for pupils after head teachers said that growing numbers of children were questioning their gender.

The school, which charges up to £6,790 a term, has also been encouraged to allow unisex toilets and open all sports to all pupils.

Girls at the school can wear grey trousers, dark blue jackets and ties.

But boys are not currently allowed to wear grey pleated skirts, although they would be under the new proposed dress code.’

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‘Administrators at the University of Arizona are now accepting applications for “social justice advocates,” whose job it is to snitch on other students accused of bias. They’re also expected to hold educational programs about “the mosaic of diversity, multiculturalism and inclusivity” and maintain “social justice bulletin boards” in student residence halls.

The job, which officially calls (archived link) for the advocates to “report any bias incidents or claims to appropriate Residence Life staff,” pays the student workers $10 an hour. They’re expected to work 15 hours a week, which means they could be making as much as $600 a month to police their fellow students.’

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‘When Albert Einstein unveiled his theory of relativity, it must have been a mind blowing bombshell for people at the time. It’s still pretty incredible today. The idea that time may be experienced differently for objects traveling at different speeds, can be difficult to grasp and appreciate.

Still, for all practical purposes, time is pretty much the same for everyone on Earth. No matter who you are or where you live, an hour is an hour, a minute is a minute, and a second is a second. Time may move forward for us Earthlings at a rate that is different from an asteroid hurtling through space, but there isn’t any significant “relativity” between you and me, and it certainly isn’t different for people living in different cultures, right?

Don’t tell that to Clemson University in South Carolina. The taxpayer funded school recently spent almost $27,000 on diversity training materials for their professors. The course consists of slides depicting fictional characters in various scenarios, which are designed to teach them how to make the campus a more inclusive environment. Among those slides, is one that claims that people from different cultures can’t be held to the same standard as everyone else in our society, because their perspective on time is just different.’

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‘As reported by The College Fix, more and more institutions of higher learning are providing what can only be described as ‘comfort objects’ – Play-Doh, therapy dogs, chocolate – so they can better cope with the stress related to taking exams.

Apparently for many, the days of sucking it up and putting in the study time required to pass tests are gone.

The site references reports from several campus publications detailing the coping insanity. For instance, the Daily Pennsylvanian noted that at the University of Pennsylvania, a number of student organizations offered study breaks consisting of a Zumba class, “Chocolate and Chocolate Labs” events, and a video game stress reliever.’

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‘Intersex people cannot use “neutral gender” as a civil status category, the highest appeals court in France said in a landmark ruling in the case of a 65-year-old psychotherapist, born neither man nor woman.

The Court of Cassation in Paris ruled on Thursday that the state cannot recognize a neutral gender, French media report. The distinction between male and female was “necessary to the social and legal organization, of which it is a cornerstone,” it said.

According to the ruling, any judicial recognition of a sex outside male/female categories would have “profound repercussions on rules of French law,” and would entail “numerous legislative changes.”’

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‘For any keen masturbators out there, this news will be thoroughly welcomed.

Instead of keeping the self-love strictly to your bedroom on lonely nights, you should think about doing it while you’re at work.

Known as a ‘masturbation break’, psychologists believes it could be a great way to combat the stress of your job.

While using such a pastime as an escape, perhaps from your boss who is constantly breathing down your neck, would provide similar benefits.’

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