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‘Oh, how the times they are a changin’. Twenty years ago, traveling from the U.S. to the jungle to take ayahuasca was mostly reserved for the wildly adventurous, the earthy hippie, or those on a quest with a purpose.

Today, going to the jungle to take the “medicine” is a featured “dream trip” in luxury travel magazines like Afar.

Which means, of course, there is work being done in the U.S. to take the jungle and the travel out of the equation (as a sign of the times, not by causation).’

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‘The practice water fluoridation in the United States has been under growing scrutiny for years by a public that has become conscious of the fact adding toxic chemicals which are proven to be harmful to human health and children’s development to public water is medication without consent.

Never-the-less, the effort to stop fluoridation of municipal water supplies has been an uphill battle against entrenched financial interests and against dated ideas about health. While each year we hear news of cities heeding the concerns of their citizens and stopping fluoridation, without a major victory at the national level, people will be fighting this for years to come, all the while consuming toxic chemicals in the one thing we cannot live without, water.

The Fluoride Action Network (FAN) is reporting on a major development to cut the head off of this snake, and an unprecedented lawsuit is now holding promise for a national reversal of municipal water fluoridation.’

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‘Parents in Italy will now have to ensure that their children are vaccinated up to the age of six against a number of infectious diseases or face a ban from school, as the government approves a law following a drop-off in inoculations and a measles outbreak.

The Italian cabinet has made it compulsory for parents to immunize children to be eligible to attend pre-school nurseries, with the number of required vaccinations rising from four to 12. Parents flouting the rule will face hefty fines, said to be up to 30 times the current ones of some 150-250 euros, according to local media, citing Prime Minister Paolo Gentiloni.

“Without vaccinations, there can be no entry into schools from ages 0-6,” Gentiloni said, as cited by Italy’s ANSA news agency.

In addition to four already compulsory vaccinations, for polio, diphtheria, hepatitis B and whooping cough, the new law now also covers vaccination against measles and meningitis, diseases that have recently seen a dramatic spike in Italy, prompting the US to issue a travel warning for Italy.’

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‘More than six in 10 service members who were discharged for misconduct had a brain injury or mental health condition, and many of them are potentially ineligible to receive health benefits from the Department of Veterans Affairs, a new report has found.

The US Government Accountability Office (GAO), an independent government watchdog agency, reported that 57,141 of the 91,764 service members who were separated or discharged for misconduct from fiscal years 2011 through 2015 had been diagnosed with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), a traumatic brain injury (TBI), or another mental health condition at least two years before their separation.’

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‘World famous conspiracy theorist David Icke has had two German key dates of his “world tour” axed amid claims of concern over alleged “anti-semitic content” in his speeches.

Two German venues have pulled the plug on hosting events as part of his “World Wide Wake Up Tour”, due in April and October respectively.

Former BBC Grandstand presenter Mr Icke has been told by the Maritim hotel in Berlin, where a live event was planned for October, and the Carl Benz Arena in Stuttgart, where he was due to speak in April, that he is no longer welcome, according to’

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