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‘Maine Governor Paul LePage wants to rewrite the law after becoming incensed at the plight of an elderly, disabled couple — one of whom is a veteran — who were evicted from their home of 33 years because they are too impoverished to pay taxes.

According to the Portland Press Herald, in December 2015, the town of Albion moved to foreclose on the “rundown camp” of National Guard and Marine veteran Richard Sukeforth and his wife, Leonette, when taxes went unpaid.

Then, the town put the couple’s home up for auction — it sold for just $6,500 — and the new owner, Jason Marks, kicked the two 80-year-olds to the curb last week.

LePage is irate — and wants to ensure this can never happen again.’

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‘A 52-year-old Oregon woman has died from hypothermia three months after a non-profit housing organization evicted her from her home of 10 years.

Karen Batts was found dead in a parking garage in Portland on Saturday during a snowstorm in the city. Her death comes three months after she was evicted from her home at a low income housing complex for failing to pay the $338 rent which was due, reported Willamette Week.

Batts was evicted from the Oak Apartments complex in October, having been served a notice for failing to pay August’s rent. The property is managed by Cascade Management and Northwest Housing Alternatives, one of the largest affordable housing providers in the state of Oregon, according to the Seattle Times.’

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‘Chicago police have arrested four African-American youths who were seen drinking, laughing and apparently smoking marijuana while a developmentally challenged white youth is bound, gagged and cut with a knife in a Facebook Live video.

The attackers repeatedly refer to the victim as a Donald Trump supporter in the live video, which has since been taken down, but not before others downloaded and reuploaded the file back onto YouTube.

Be advised, the content in this video is graphic and disturbing.’

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‘Two dozen wolves will be hunted in Sweden at the beginning of 2017 after permission was given by a court, angering environmentalists. The decision is particularly controversial for Scandinavia as the wolf is a protected species that has been close to extinction.

Approval to hunt a total of 24 wolves across four areas of central Sweden was upheld by the Supreme Administrative Court of Sweden.

The move was condemned by the Swedish Carnivore Association, who called it “disappointing” and “provocative” in a press release.

“It is disappointing and provocative that the government further adapt the legislation on licensed hunting of wolves to hunting organizations’ wishes,” said Torbjörn Nilsson, Chairman of the Swedish Society for Predators.’

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‘In most places, the Chavez family would be an exception. But in the school district that includes East Palo Alto, located amid the extraordinary wealth generated by the tech industry, their plight is not uncommon.

Remarkably, slightly more than one-third of students – or 1,147 children – are defined as homeless here, mostly sharing homes with other families because their parents cannot afford one of their own, and also living in RVs and shelters. The district is being squeezed from every side: teachers, administrative staff and even principals have housing woes of their own.

The circumstances of the crisis are striking. Little more than a strip of asphalt separates East Palo Alto from Palo Alto, with its startups, venture capitalists, Craftsman homes and Whole Foods.’

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David Icke – Silicon Valley, Home to the Transhumanist Nightmare


‘Seven attackers set a homeless man on fire at a Berlin subway station, police have said. The authorities are now investigating the case as an attempted murder and have released CCTV images of the suspects.

Berlin police have released images of the seven young men who are suspects in the attack, which happened at around 2am local time on Sunday at Schonleinstrasse station, a statement on the city’s police website says.

“The seven youngsters or young men are suspected of having put a homeless person in danger through fire at the Schonleinstrasse subway station,” the announcement reads.

According to a press release, the alleged perpetrators fled the scene in a train following the incident. Law enforcement is now investigating the case as attempted murder.’

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‘The sub-freezing temperature was dropping. As the snow began to fall, many felt their hands were too cold to hold signs during the December 17 action. Two dozen had answered the Green Party call to picket the mayor of St. Louis for his efforts to close down New Life Evangelistic Center, the city’s homeless “shelter-of-last-resort.” They knew things would be much worse for those forced to sleep in the cold if the shelter were shut down. The action was one in a series of efforts to draw attention to the city government’s continual onslaught against those with no place to go.’

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‘Religious institutions have traditionally offered a helping hand to those most in need, and that of course includes the homeless. Food, shelter, a place to sleep and clothing are all part of what churches have traditionally offered for people who needed a leg up.

But, as reported by DC Clothesline, officials in a Maryland community have now criminalized offering help to the homeless. One church in the town of Dundalk may now have to shut down, after being fined $12,000 for assisting the homeless – which is more like a Christian duty, actually.

The Patapsco United Methodist Church offered safe haven for the homeless, until a disgruntled Grinch of a neighbor decided that the church’s aid to the homeless was hurting his business.’

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‘Homeless people are facing increasingly hostile streets as more rough sleepers find their nights disturbed by “deliberate noise pollution” and “defensive architecture,” as well as attempts to spray them with water as they sleep.

Crisis, a homelessness charity, said 20 percent of those it surveyed claimed to experience deliberate attempts to disturb their sleep and force them away from public spaces.

Respondents to the survey said these measures included playing loud music, bird song and traffic noise from speakers, as well as metal spikes embedded into infrastructure.’

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‘Homeless people could be fined up to £1,000 for sleeping in doorways near popular tourist spots, under new rules launched by a London council.

It’s not clear how destitute rough sleepers are expected to pay.

Hackney Council’s Public Space Protection Order bans sleeping in public places – offenders are handed a £100 fixed penalty, which can rise to £1,000 in court.’

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