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‘In this video, Vin Armani discusses a clever new strategy with Dan Johnson to put the government in direct competition with private non-profits to deliver social services. Dan Johnson is the Executive Director of the Tax Revolution Institute. Prior to joining the Tax Revolution Institute, he was the Founder of People Against the NDAA (PANDA), which he grew into one of the largest civil liberties movements in America, and served as President of the Solutions Institute, an activist training center.’

”Those three “Leftist” leaders have not found, in their statement, one word of solidarity for the families of tens of thousands of Greeks who have been driven to end lives they could not tolerate any more, as a result of the “reforms” imposed on Greece by the German and other European governments, the EU and the IMF.

They did not find a word of solidarity for the 1.5 million Greeks living in conditions of extreme poverty as a result of the policy endorsed and applied by Frau Merkel, M. Juncker and Mme. Lagarde.

They did not find a word of solidarity for pensioners who now see their pensions being cut by another 30% in the 17th successive pension reduction in seven years, imposed by the creditors and voted by the Greek Parliament in a context of threat and blackmail. On the contrary, they supported the legislation cutting these pensions.

They did not find a word of sympathy for poor Greek cancer patients who will die because they don’t have the money to pay for treatment in a private hospital, at a time when the Greek health system is crumbling under the cuts imposed as a consequence of the reforms imposed by Germany, the EU and the IMF.’

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‘Now that Trump finally figured out he needs lower interest rates to preserve the debt-funded “growth” of the US and prevent the $20 trillion in government debt from spontaneously combusting (as higher rates lead to higher interest outlays, resulting in even more debt and so on)…

… speculation about who may replace Janet Yellen has faded despite her term ending in 2018.

Or maybe it hasn’t, because in an unscheduled meeting, NBC reporter Hans Nichols tweeted on Friday that “Spotted at WH: Mark Carney, governor of the Bank of England. Denied being here for FBI job. But Yellen’s?”

Nichols included a picture of Carney walking the big white building and he’s citing a Bloomberg correspondent. Bloomberg says that Carney met with National Economic Council Director Gary Cohn in Washington on Friday.’

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‘Everything from self-driving cars to more capable and prolific industrial robots in factories are threatening a growing list of human jobs. And with artificial intelligence findings itself applied across a growing list of specialized tasks, not only is menial labor being threatened and disrupted, but so are many “white-collar” jobs.

A population facing the prospect of unemployment because their jobs have been permanently replaced by automation is a growing problem that requires an urgent solution. And many solutions have been proposed.

Education programs are proposed to retrain workforces around the globe to tackle jobs that still require human labor. There is also the proposal of what is called universal basic income. It is described by Wikipedia as:

…a form of social security in which all citizens or residents of a country regularly receive an unconditional sum of money, either from a government or some other public institution, in addition to any income received from elsewhere.’

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‘A former manager at the Israeli tax authority has been thrown into jail after he had exposed official corruption on a massive scale.

Shuki Mishol had spent more than a decade uncovering corruption of mafia proportions, involving the theft of approximately $14 billion (50 billion shekels) annually from ordinary citizens.

However, the system finally found something with which to prosecute him – an overdue payment of $100 on car insurance – and on 16 May he was sent to prison for two months.

Mr Mishol had led a team in the tax authority which uncovered serious corruption involving the state prosecutor, the chief of police and a leading lawyer. This included taking bribes, rigging court procedures and turning a blind eye to the illegal activities of mafia families.’

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‘Will having more wealth actually make you happier? According to a number of studies an addition to your income isn’t only unlikely to make you happier, but it can make those around you less happy, and you for the fear of losing it.

To explain, we must first look at a study from the National Bureau of Economic Research. Two economists, David Blanchflower of Dartmouth and Andrew Oswald of Warwick, set out to document the relation that age has to overall happiness. What they found was that as income tends to increase steadily over time, happiness follows a U-shape pattern, dipping to its lowest point at around age 45, then quickly climbing up thereafter.’

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‘I really can’t think of a more crony project than what has just been announced by Yale University.

Specifically, the Yale School of Management reports that $10 million has been raised to expand the Yale Program on Financial Stability and launch the “Crisis-Response Project.”

The project is primarily funded by Jeff Bezos, Bloomberg Philanthropies, Bill Gates, and the Peter G. Peterson Foundation.

The goal of the project is to “codify best practices and provide training that can help governments fight financial crises.”

Who are the advisors that will be advising on the project?

The operatives that bailed out Goldman Sachs and the other crony parts of Wall Street following the 2008 financial crisis.’

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‘Germany has come up with another terrible idea! As Josh Sigurdson and John Sneisen report, Deutsche Bank alongside Daimler, Allianz and Axel Springer want to create uniformity when it comes to internet accounts. The plan is to kill online registrations and create one single account for everything.

This is the type of technocracy that people such as Patrick Wood have been warning of for so long.

Not only does this risk privacy but it further monopolizes everything under one control grid with a thin veil of “convenience.”

This is similar to the push for a cashless society which Deutsche Bank has been at the forefront of where, instead of decentralized Bitcoin, the IMF under Special Drawing Rights (SDR world currency) wants to create a centralized digital currency which would enslave the populace to the banks as all transactions would be artificial and through the bank, not to mention tracked.’



‘Should the Left and labour support a demand for a Basic Income (BI)? This simple question has provoked a fervent and confusing debate. The discussion over BI touches on real political and economic anxieties. The attack on the social welfare state, the depreciating power of organized labour and an economy producing increasingly low-wage precarious jobs have led many to search for alternative mechanisms and policies to address these problems. It is no wonder that BI with its promise of streamlined access to minimal economic security has attracted many adherents on the Left.

Discussing BI with clarity is made difficult because of the sweeping scope and abstractness of the issue. Debates over BI necessarily involve an analysis of capitalism, the state, the nature of automation and theories of social change.’

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