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‘President Donald Trump’s top aides are meeting to discuss whether or not the US should remain part of the Paris climate agreement — a global effort to cut down on climate-warming carbon emissions.

Officials will be discussing their options, with the goal of providing a recommendation to the president about the path forward, according to an administration official who spoke on condition of anonymity, despite the president’s criticism of the use of anonymous sources.

The non-binding international agreement was forged in Paris in December 2015 and allowed rich and poor countries to set their own goals to reduce carbon dioxide. It went into effect last November after it was ratified by countries, including the US and China.’

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‘Completely unnatural square cloud formations continue to appear off of the North American west coast, why? All available data confirms that the last decade of record shattering drought in California was a direct result of covert global climate intervention programs. Now that the drought has been reduced or eliminated throughout much of the state, does this mean climate manipulation programs have been scaled back or halted? Not at all.

The geoengineers control the flow of precipitation, that must be constantly kept in mind. A primary goal of “solar radiation management” (SRM) programs is to create, expand, enhance, and chemically cool (via chemical ice nucleation processes) cloud cover over the surface of the planet. Though the weather-makers have allowed and augmented the flow of Pacific moisture into the Western US this year (which has resulted in much more overall precipitation), the aerosol spraying assault and massive microwave manipulation of atmospheric moisture has continued to accelerate.’

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‘Results from a recent Swiss study suggest that fluctuations in the sun’s activity may provide insight to the apparent changes in the planet Earth’s climate. The study revealed that the Sun’s current activity is expected to diminish over time, which in turn may lead to slight reductions in global warming over the next few decades. According to researchers, these changes may result in a small decrease in the planet Earth’s temperature. The research was funded by the Swiss National Science Foundation.

A team of researchers have created a calculation model to determine the impact of the Sun’s activity on the potential temperature changes in the planet over the next century. The team included scientists from the Physical Meteorological Observatory Davos, ETH Zurich, University of Bern and the Swiss Federal Institute of Aquatic Science and Technology.

The calculation model showed that while high solar activity was recorded in the 1950s, the planet’s temperature is still projected to drop by up to 0.5 decrees Celsius once the Sun’s activity tapers off to its minimum. Solar activity, in other words, could actually cause global cooling.’

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‘Ministers are reportedly preparing to scrap the European Union’s green energy targets after Britain’s exit from the bloc.

Government sources told The Daily Telegraph the target – under the EU’s Renewable Energy Directive – is likely to be binned after Brexit.

It requires the EU to fulfil at least 20 per cent of its total energy needs with renewables by the end of the decade through the attainment of individual national targets.

“All EU countries must also ensure that at least 10 per cent of their transport fuels come from renewable sources by 2020,” the EU commission adds.’

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‘When soda giant Coca-Cola was asked to participate in a survey of the world’s top six drinks manufacturers by the environmental organization Greenpeace last year, they refused. And boy, has that decision come back to haunt them! Greenpeace went ahead with their survey anyway. In the absence of full disclosure by the company itself, the environmental group examined the yearly sales figures of certain Coca-Cola products, and determined their proportion of the company’s overall packaging mix since 2012, to determine the company’s global plastic impact. Greenpeace calls its findings “eye-popping” and “breath-taking.” They found that Coca-Cola sells between 108 and 128 billion plastic bottles each year – that’s over 3,000 such bottles every second!

The survey found that over 60 percent of Coca-Cola’s global packaging consists of single-use plastic bottles, up 12 percent from 2008 to 2015.’

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‘The vineyards of Burgundy are about to become the first in France to be totally covered by a “hailstone shield” to kill destructive storms that have blighted the famed wine growing region in recent years.

By June, the entire area will be protected by a network of 125 ground generators that cause tiny particles of silver iodide to rise to the clouds above, where they stop the formation of hail stones, and thus reduce the risk of damage.

The move to total “cloud seeding” cover follows several years of severe hail storms in Burgundy. Last year, Macon and Chablis were particularly hard hit.’

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‘A fresh wave of logging is hitting America’s national forests, writes Brett Haverstick. But this time it’s all for the sake of ‘forest health’ and ‘fire prevention’. It might look like industrial clear-cutting to you and me, but really, it’s in a good cause. And if the forests and precious ecosystems they harbor just happen to perish in the process … well ain’t that just too bad?

Wildfires are not ‘catastrophic’ but rather necessary for nutrient cycling, soil productivity and providing habitat for insects, birds and mammals. Wildfire is a natural disturbance event critical to forest function and resiliency.

The public is currently being misled into thinking that our forests are ‘unhealthy’, and that they need to be ‘restored’ due to ‘beetle infestations’ and ‘insects and disease’.

All of this is a euphemism to drastically ramp up logging on the forests.’

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‘The Fukushima disaster that occurred six years ago last month continues to plague Japan and the rest of the world to this day. Heavily damaged by a massive tsunami caused by an equally destructive earthquake, radioactive problems persist without any relief in sight.

In fact, as noted by Fukushima Watch, the world’s worst nuclear disaster since the 1986 Chernobyl plant meltdown in Ukraine could get even worse if the plant’s fuel rod storage pool collapses:

…[A] former nuclear engineer, Arnie Gundersen, believes the worst is yet to come, as workers at the plant get closer to the reactors.’

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‘As drought conditions continue to spread across the globe, from the 2015 drought in California that swept over 90 percent of the state to South American countries like Brazil, and even nations in Africa — it is clear that water is an ever-increasingly precious resource. Even though the Earth is approximately 70 percent water, the overwhelming majority of that water is saline and ocean-based, which means it’s undrinkable for humans. Just 2.5 percent of the earth’s water is freshwater, and even then — only 1 percent of that is readily accessible, as most of that is trapped in glaciers and snowfields.

As National Geographic explains, only about .007 percent of all the Earth’s water is available to its massive human population. This, of course, is a tremendous problem. But a new salvation could be on the horizon. Scientists have developed a special graphene sieve that stands to change the game when it comes to the world’s water crisis.’

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‘Windmills are just one form of alternative energy production – but, they aren’t without their problems. One being how superincumbent they are on the rural landscape.

Here is one that’s inspired by Mother Nature, and fits in nature. It’s a product of the NewWind Company that’s designed to resemble a tree.

This model of windmills tries to achieve what others have failed – maintaining renewable energy in the modern environment. It’s way better than the traditional turbines! How?

While traditional wind turbines were considered noisy and ugly, the silent and glamorous windmill can be established closer to your home.’

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