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‘They are notoriously difficult to pin down – and most of us don’t have the foggiest idea about them.

But today 11 new kinds of cloud will be officially recognised by weathermen.

The British Met Office and World Meteorological Organisation said it had made the decision after exhaustive research – with many pictures sent in by amateur cloudspotters around the world.

The bodies said they were confident that the clouds it was listing are regularly occurring weather patterns, and not just freakish weather patterns.’

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‘Google Maps is about to chart out more than just streets and roads. They’re going to locate methane leaks in cities. A collaboration between scientists, advocacy groups and Google found that equipping the cars with methane sensors helped locate natural gas leaks.

A new feature on Google cars could be a big boon for environmentalists. By pairing these cars with methane sensors, utility companies could be able to pinpoint and track down troubled areas on natural gas lines, according to a study from several Colorado scientists, advocacy group Environmental Defense Fund and Google’s Street View program.

The study, published in the journal Environmental Science and Technology, used an infrared laser methane analyzer on the vehicles. Their ability to detect leaks was not perfect; for small leaks, they could locate them only 35 percent of the time driving by while medium leaks were successfully spotted 63 percent of the time and large leaks were noted with a 74 percent success rate.’

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‘Peru’s Air Force has mobilized its planes to airlift thousands of citizens from flood-ravaged areas as the death toll from the natural tragedy rises.

The air force has been airlifting people from the northwestern city of Piura where a river burst its banks, threatening further devastation.

So far at least 75 have been killed in the flooding, 263 have sustained injuries, 20 are missing and some 630,000 have been displaced, according to the latest official report.

According to officials, some 7,000 residents have been transported in the last five days. Over 1,000 more are still waiting to be lifted to safety. However, the flights have been met by long queues of residences seeking to escape the deadly floods.’

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‘The UN children’s agency UNICEF predicts that 25 percent of children, 600 million in total, may live in areas with severely limited water resources by 2040, exposing them to fatal diseases such as cholera and diarrhea.

Already some 500 million children live in areas with limited water supplies, and the demand for water today far exceeds available resources in 36 countries, UNICEF said Wednesday.

Supplies are expected to shrink further due to droughts, rising temperatures, flooding, population growth and urbanization, the UN agency said in a report.

If no action is taken to clean up and conserve water supplies, more children will be forced to drink potentially unsafe water as a result, UNICEF said.’

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‘On 21 March, the International Day of Forests, 200 organisations are reminding the UN Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO) that its misleading forest definition dating back to 1948 must be changed.

The definition has allowed the plantations industry to hide the devastating ecological and social impacts of large-scale monoculture tree plantations behind a positive forest image.

FAO’s forest definition has allowed the plantations industry to call their monoculture plantations of fast-growing species such as eucalyptus, pine, rubber or acacia “forests” because it defines a forest only by the number, height and canopy cover of trees on an area. The FAO forest definition has been used as blueprint for over 200 national and international forest definitions since 1948.’

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‘Dedicated chemtrail researcher Peter Kirby recently put together a short 10-minute video going over his most recent research paper “Chemtrails Exposed: Truly a new Manhattan Project.” His article was published last Monday right here on Activist Post and is currently one of the most read articles of the week.

The article and the video cover New Manhattan Project involvement with: the Massachusetts Institute of Technology Radiation Laboratory, the Mitre Corporation, Vannevar Bush, Alfred Loomis, Edward Teller, John von Neumann and more.’



‘Firefighters are battling to contain a raging wildfire just outside Boulder, Colorado which has already forced the evacuation of more than 1,000 homes.

The fire broke out overnight and quickly expanded to cover 62 acres, according to the Boulder Office of Emergency Management (OEM). The blaze lies just west of the city of Boulder.

Authorities are struggling to contain the fire and the Denver Post reports that the flames is moving in a southerly direction towards downtown Boulder.’

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‘US Defense Secretary James Mattis has said that climate change is a threat to US interests and the Pentagon’s assets, a statement that is at odds with the beliefs of US President Donald Trump and others in his administration.

Mattis made the statements in his unpublished written testimony to the Senate Armed Services Committee after his confirmation hearing in January. ProPublica received excerpts of Mattis’ responses, which were confirmed by Senate staff.

“Climate change is impacting stability in areas of the world where our troops are operating today,” Mattis said. “It is appropriate for the Combatant Commands to incorporate drivers of instability that impact the security environment in their areas into their planning.”’

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‘”WInter Storm Stella” is the latest all out geoengineering assault to be launched by the power structure against the US population. “Stella” is now also “predicted” to inflict winter weather warfare damage in regions of the UK in spite of London remaining warm.

The first satellite image below (from NASA), clearly reveals massive atmospheric aerosol spraying operations in skies along the US East Coast as the climate engineers prepared for the manufacturing of “Winter Storm Stella”. Virtually all the “cloud cover” visible in the NASA satellite photo is from geoengineering / solar radiation management (SRM) aerosols being sprayed by jet aircraft.’

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‘The year 2016 will be known to Maryland beekeepers as another year of extremely heavy losses. According to Bee Informed Partnership (BIP), losses exceeded 56 percent in 2016. Over a three-year average, Maryland beekeepers have lost 54 percent of their total colonies.

Maryland has approximately 14,000 (plus) registered honeybee colonies, according to Maryland State Agriculture statistics. The average replacement cost per colony is $150 with colonies ranging from a $100 package to $200 per nucleus colony.

This means that beekeepers in Maryland spend over $1.13 million each year to replace the approximately 7,600 lost registered honeybee colonies. These figures do not include lost revenue, lost labor, or losses in potential business growth that would otherwise be possible by splitting healthy colonies.’

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