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‘The Washington Post has published, without any disclosure, an op-ed by Podesta Group lobbyist Stephen Rademaker pushing for weapons made by Rademaker’s client Lockheed Martin.

This is the third time in two months that the Post has published op-eds by defense industry lobbyists. Two previous op-eds were by staff columnist and BGR lobbyist Ed Rogers on behalf of Raytheon.

In early April, after President Trump decided to bomb a Syrian air force base using Raytheon missiles, Raytheon lobbyist Ed Rogers took to the opinion section of Washington Post to lavish praise on the president. Rogers’ lobbying firm BGR received $120,000 in 2016 for lobbying on “defense and communications procurement; defense appropriations and authorizations,” for Raytheon, Media Matters reported at the time.’

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Controversial broadcaster Katie Hopkins has been axed from LBC, the radio station has said.

On Friday LBC announced they and Ms Hopkins, 42, have agreed that she will leave the radio station immediately.

The media personality and columnist has in the past sparked outcry with comments over terrorism and Islam as well as for remarks mocking Russell Brand, princes William and Harry and Lily Allen.

Despite always being known for her controversial views, the backlash peaked last week when she called for a “final solution” following the Manchester attack.

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‘A Boston journalist has been slammed for a vile joke about a terrorist attack which killed 22 people and injured 50 at anAriana Grande concert in Manchester on Monday night.

A 7pm EST, as the first reports of the atrocity emerged, Boston-based journalist David Leavitt took to Twitter to write: ‘Multiple confirmed fatalities at Manchester Arena. The last time I listened to Ariana Grande I almost died too.’

‘Honestly, for over a year I thought Ariana Grande was something you ordered at Starbucks,’ he continued, oblivious to the insensitivity of his first tweet.

Leavitt, who used to write guide to Boston on a freelance basis for CBS, was immediately inundated with complaints from outraged Twitter users who labeled him a ‘vile scumbag’ and called for him to never work again.’

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‘European Union ministers have approved plans to force social media companies to combat hate speech on their platforms. It comes a day after Facebook’s internal guide for tackling such behavior was leaked.

The proposals, approved by ministers on Tuesday, mark the first attempt at legislating at EU level on the issue of hate speech across social media, according to Reuters. However, the plans still need to be ratified by the European Parliament before becoming law.

If the proposals are passed, social media companies including Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube would be forced to take measures to prevent hate speech, incitement to hatred, and content justifying terrorism.

“We need to take into account new ways of watching videos, and find the right balance to encourage innovative services, promote European films, protect children and tackle hate speech in a better way,” Andrus Ansip, EU Commission Vice-President for the digital single market, said on Tuesday, as quoted by Reuters.’

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‘Since Wednesday, Twitter has been sending out emails and notifications to its over 300 million monthly users to inform them of changes to their privacy policy.

The new policy, which goes into effect on June 18, includes changes to data collection, data sharing, and digital advertising. The policy is being run on an ‘opt-out’ basis, meaning that if users do not actively change their settings, these policies will automatically be applied to their accounts.

While Twitter hailed the new policy in their mass email sent out Sunday as one that “dovetails with our heartbeat as a company — a commitment to protecting and defending your privacy,” groups like the Electronic Frontier Foundation are not so enthusiastic.’

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‘How do you go from a nerd who developed a popular social media website to master decider of the universe and the future of Humankind? Easy: You turn that social media site creation into a multi-billion dollar platform and presto, instant credibility.

To my knowledge, Facebook founder and Harvard dropout Mark Zuckerburg doesn’t have any advanced training or education in sociology and government. But because his social media site is the world’s biggest, he does have incalculable terabytes’ worth of personal data from 1.8-plus billion active users. And he obviously believes that qualifies him to plan the future of the planet.

In a piece from New York Magazine headlined, “Can Facebook Fix It’s Own Worst Bug?” Zuckerberg says he believes that the world needs a “global superstructure to advance humanity,” and that he feels qualified to help make that happen. And, of course, Facebook is the vehicle for that.’

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‘Facebook is allowing users to share death threats, videos of self-harm and pictures of animal torture, it emerged yesterday.

Leaked company documents reveal staff moderating the social media website are told not to delete such content.

Secret slides detailing ‘permissible’ posts also suggest videos of violent deaths do not always need to be deleted because they can help create awareness of issues such as mental illness.

And moderators do not have to censor death threats as long as they are regarded as generic or ‘not credible’.

Among the examples allowed are: ‘**** off and die’, ‘little girl needs to keep to herself before daddy breaks her face’ and ‘I hope someone kills you’.’

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‘The BBC is threatening to report users to their bosses if they leave ‘offensive’ comments on one of the corporation’s websites, it has been revealed.

Its privacy policy has sparked a furious backlash online with the broadcaster branded ‘Orwellian’ and accused of ‘blackmail’.

The draconian document warns that if the corporation deems a comment to be ‘offensive, inappropriate or objectionable’ then a user could have their ‘personal information’ used against them.

The policy – which a spokesman said is ‘standard’ – also applies to those who ‘engage in any disruptive behaviour on any BBC service’ – although the definition of what constitutes such a sanction is not clearly defined.

It further states that a ‘defamatory’ post could result in a user’s ’employer, school email/internet provider or law enforcement agency’ being informed directly.’

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