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‘How can we explain that centrist candidate Emmanuel Macron is still leading the French presidential elections, just a month away?

Is it possible that every Macron supporter – and not Macron himself – has been brainwashed like in the movie “The Manchurian Candidate”? Maybe it’s a case of “The Manchurian Voters”?

That seems unlikely. Lotta work to hypnotize so many millions of people.

As a longtime daily news correspondent in France I have ignored Macron as long as I could. I thought he could never be taken seriously, given such a damning list of faults:’

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‘That’s right, folks! It’s a “legit bag of air” — “air straight from Adele live” up for auction on EBay with 48 bids up to $2,000 AU (approximately $1,525 USD).

The bidding, it should be noted, had started at $14.95 with free shipping, meaning the guy knew he was selling an otherwise empty zip lock baggie with a bunch of stuff written on it in Sharpie marker as a total gimmick and yet…

People couldn’t wait to blow their money on…’

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‘Protestors sparked outrage after shouting ‘Heil Merkel!’ as the German chancellor arrived in the eastern city of Halle to visit the National Academy of Science.

Seething demonstrators came out to protest the German leader’s arrival, with many holding red banners and flags bering an image of two hands pressed together in a ‘diamond’ shape – Merkel’s distinctive gesture.

Protestors marched through the streets chanting the same slogan and were filmed protesting as Merkel’s car arrived at the Leopoldina National Academy for Science.’

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‘Syria was called a rogue state for having the audacity to pursue an independent foreign and economic policy in the Arab world.

Yugoslavia was called a rogue state by the US for trying to defend the borders of what until the foreign meddling of the 1990s, was the most successful multi-cultural state in late modern Europe and possibly the world.

So when discussing what makes a rogue state, it is better to construct a new, more neutral definition than rely on the American application of the word to any state which doesn’t dance to the NATO/US tune.

Let us define a rogue sate as: a state whose government pursues unilateral aggressive policies which result in the country’s sudden or gradual isolation from regional neighbours, former allies and those beyond.’

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‘Unknown to the US media, who is intoxicated with Russian conspiracy theories and the running joke which is US healthcare, Turkey’s President Recep Tayyip Erdogan is instituting the final phase in his Stalinization transformation of Turkey from a secular democracy – to a Neo-Ottoman religious fiefdom.

On April 16, Erdogan will hold a new Referendum to change the country’s constitutional, giving the government sweeping new legal powers – including a provision that would allow him to be ‘President for Life‘ – potentially ruling until 2029.

Last week, the Turkish autocrat dispatched his emissaries to European countries to help campaign to Turkish voters in countries like the Netherlands and Germany. After Germany cancelled various rallies organized by Turkish ministers, Erdogan accused Germany of “fascist actions” reminiscent of “Nazi practices.” The Dutch government saw what was coming and proceeded to ban Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu from flying to Rotterdam to attend a Turkish rally in support of Erdogan’s new powers, Reuters reported.’

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‘Donald Trump has defended some of the wild claims he has made in his short political career amid questions over his credibility, saying, “I guess I can’t be doing so badly, because I’m President, and you’re not.”

The interview with Time magazine was a rare moment of media access to Mr Trump for a publication that is not considered right-leaning.

Instead of squarely addressing Time’s question regarding the reputation of the White House and his relationship with the intelligence community, Mr Trump was evasive and would only say repeatedly that he “inherited a mess”.’

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‘The US Senate has confirmed right-winger David Friedman as America’s next ambassador to Israel.

He was approved in a 52-46 vote in the Republican-run chamber, despite opposition from the Democrats.

Mr Friedman, who was once Donald Trump’s bankruptcy lawyer, is critical of the US goal of a two-state solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

He also supports Jewish settlements in the occupied West Bank, and has backed moving the US embassy to Jerusalem.

The UN does not recognise Jerusalem as Israel’s capital, and the US embassy has been located in Tel Aviv for decades. The Palestinians want East Jerusalem as the capital of their promised future state – but Israel claims the entire city as its undivided capital.’

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‘Israeli police have launched an investigation after an officer was filmed assaulting a Palestinian truck driver in East Jerusalem. The police authorities have described the officer’s behaviour as “shameful.”

Footage published on Thursday shows an Israeli police officer head-butting, kicking and slapping a 50-year-old Palestinian truck driver.

“I got to work this morning in my truck which is by the Interior Ministry in the Wadi Joz neighborhood, as always,” said the truck driver, Mazen Shwiki, as quoted by the Jerusalem Post.’

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‘An Egyptian court ordered on Thursday a renewed corruption probe into ousted president Hosni Mubarak, who has been cleared for release after almost six years in detention, judicial officials said.

The court ruling to reopen the investigation after it had been dropped would not affect a prosecution decision to release Mubarak after his acquittal in another case, the officials said.

Mubarak, 88, remains in a Cairo military hospital.

The new investigation centers around allegations that he, his wife, two sons and their wives received gifts from the state-owned Al-Ahram newspaper valued at about $1 million.

An investigative judge had agreed in 2013 to drop the probe after they paid back the amount, but the prosecution appealed.’

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‘People in Europe won’t be able to “walk safely” and freely on the streets if they don’t change their current attitudes, Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan has warned, amid a deepening diplomatic row over the cancellation of Turkish rallies in the EU.

“If Europe continues this way, no European in any part of the world can walk safely on the streets. We, as Turkey, call on Europe to respect human rights and democracy,” Erdogan told a group of local journalists in Ankara on Wednesday, Reuters reported.

During his inaugural address, Germany’s new president, Frank-Walter Steinmeier, said Erdogan risks undermining everything Ankara has achieved in recent years.

“The way we look (at Turkey) is characterized by worry that everything that has been built up over years and decades is collapsing,” Steinmeier said during his inaugural speech on Wednesday.’

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