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‘President Donald Trump on Monday promised a “historic” $54bn increase in the US defense budget as he met with state governors at the White House.

“This budget follows through on my promise on keeping Americans safe,” he said.

“It will include a historic increase in defense spending.”

His comments come a day before he addresses a joint session of Congress, an important agenda setting event for new presidents.

The New York Times reported that Trump will instruct the government agencies Monday to put together the outlines of a budget that will include deep cuts in domestic spending.

Trump will need to make those cuts to pay for a military buildup and to preserve pensions and health insurance for the elderly as he promised during the campaign.’



PayPal founder’s employees reportedly refer to him as ‘the shadow president’



‘Billionaire investor Peter Thiel is reportedly becoming a key adviser to President Donald Trump and is beginning to stock his administration with friends and former associates.

In December, the PayPal founder set up a meeting between Mr Trump and David Gelertner, a Yale University computer scientist and candidate for White House science adviser.

Four days before Mr Trump’s inauguration, Mr Gelertner met at Trump Tower with the president-elect, his chief strategist Steve Bannon, and Mr Thiel.’

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Trump UN Ambassador

‘Just when we thought the great national embarrassment of a UN Ambassador Samantha Power was over, we are suddenly faced with a new US Ambassador to the United Nations, Nikki Haley, who almost makes Ms. Power look like a giant in world affairs and diplomacy.

Addressing the UN Security Council Open Debate on Conflicts in Europe today, Ambassador Haley managed to get nearly every single point spectacularly wrong while mixing in the most banal of platitudes to further deaden the delivery.’

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‘Michael Heseltine has put himself at the head of a rebel Tory campaign to stop Theresa May taking Britain out of the EU with no deal – unless she gets the go ahead from MPs.

The peer says he will defy orders by Tory whips to not vote for a change to the Brexit Bill, which will give Parliament a veto over the outcome of Mrs May’s Brussels negotiations, including if she walks away without a deal.

Writing in today’s Mail on Sunday, Lord Heseltine says: ‘This is not a confrontation with the Government. It is to ensure the Commons can exercise its authority over the defining issue of our time.’

The revolt comes at the same time as a separate campaign to force Mrs May to guarantee the rights of EU nationals in the UK to stay here – before talks even begin.’

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‘Last week—following criticism from bipartisan Congress members, citizens, press, and advocacy groups like the White Coat Waste Project, a nonprofit that seeks to eliminate cruel, wasteful and unnecessary taxpayer-funded animal testing—the U.S. Department of Agriculture began to reverse course on its unjustifiable animal welfare database blackout. It started by restoring documents about government and other animal laboratories. This is a crucial resource, but we’re still fighting systemic government transparency failures about $15 billion in wasteful taxpayer-funded experimentation on dogs and other animals.

Months before the recent USDA purge—a scandal first exposed by WCW—we released “Spending to Death,” a report documenting cruel and unnecessary government dog experiments, and a troubling abundance of secrecy about the practice and what it costs.’

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‘Friday’s White House press briefing, normally an on-camera affair open to all reporters with press credentials, was turned into an exclusive event for certain outlets hand-picked by the administration.

The action came after President Trump on Friday described the media and what he terms “fake news” as “the enemy of the people.”On the list were Trump-friendly outlets such as Breitbart News, the Washington Times and OANN, a conservative television network that employs former Trump campaign manager Corey Lewandowski as a commentator.

Off the list were some of Trump’s favorite targets, including the New York Times and CNN. The Los Angeles Times was also excluded.

The off-camera briefing with Sean Spicer, the press secretary, was not solely for conservative outlets. Several mainstream reporters were also allowed in, including the three major broadcast networks and wire services, such as Bloomberg News. Also allowed in were pool representatives who transmit news events to a far larger group of reporters.’

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‘Jewish Labour Movement chair Jeremy Newmark apparently wants people to believe he is unconcerned by The Electronic Intifada’s reporting on his organization’s pro-Israel advocacy within the UK’s opposition Labour Party.

While he feigns nonchalance in public, Newmark’s organization had its lawyers send a “private and confidential” letter to my colleague Asa Winstanley in a blatant attempt to intimidate him – and The Electronic Intifada – from doing our work as journalists.

But before I get to that, let’s look at what Newmark says in public.’

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‘Self-styled “witches” around the world are planning a mass ritual binding spell against Donald Trump and “all those who abet him” in possibly the most bizarre protest movement to date against the new US president.

According to the bewitching campaigners, the “spell” is scheduled to be performed at the stroke of midnight EST on Friday February 24, and again on waning crescent moon ritual days until Trump leaves office. (In case you don’t already have them marked in your diary going forward, for the next few months they include March 26, April 24, May 23 and June 21.)

The binding spell is supposed to prevent the person from doing damage to themselves or others.

So, in theory, the ritual covers Trump and those who “abet him,” presumably strategist Steve Bannon and advisor Kellyanne Conway – and possibly Vladimir Putin, depending on where you get your real or fake news.’

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‘A white man in Kansas suspected of shooting two Indian men in an apparent hate crime said he thought they were from the Middle East.

Adam Purinton allegedly opened fire on three people at a bar in Olathe, Kansas on Wednesday. One man was killed, while the other two were seriously injured.

Witnesses told local media that Purinton had spewed racial slurs and shouted, “Get out of my country!” before attacking the men.’

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