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‘US authorities have charged a Lebanese businessman with dodging sanctions imposed against him over his alleged financial support to the Hezbollah resistance movement, the Department of Justice has announced.

The Justice Department said in a statement that Kassim Tajideen pleaded not guilty in a federal court in Washington, DC, on Friday.

The 62-year-old billionaire businessman will remain in prison until his next hearing, which is scheduled to be held in the coming week, according to the statement.

He was arrested on March 12 in Morocco after an international warrant was issued by Interpol’s office in Washington, Reuters reported earlier this week.’

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‘The United Nations Human Rights Council has adopted a resolution condemning the Israeli regime for violating the rights of the Palestinian people and settlement construction in the occupied Palestinian territories and Syria’s Golan Heights.

The resolution, which was passed on Friday, called on Israel to put an end to all of the human rights violations linked to the presence of settlements, especially of the right to self-determination.

It condemned the Tel Aviv regime for the “continuation… of settlement activities in the occupied Palestinian territory, including in East Jerusalem (al-Quds), in violation of international humanitarian law… and in defiance of the calls by the international community to cease all settlement activities.”’

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‘Donald Trump’s flagship healthcare bill has been killed off after failing to secure enough support from Republicans, in a major embarrassment for the US President during his first attempt at passing legislation through the House.

The decision, made just minutes before the vote was due to take place, will be viewed as a significant set back for Mr Trump, who has promised to repeal and replace Obamacare.

Republican House Speaker Paul Ryan told Mr Trump just ahead of the scheduled Friday vote that there were too many dissenting Republicans to pass the American Health Care Act. The White House could only afford to have 22 Republicans vote ‘no’ on the bill.’

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‘A federal judge in Virginia has ruled in support of President Donald Trump’s latest travel ban for people from six Muslim-majority countries. The ruling comes a week after two federal courts decided against the ban.

In a decision hailed by the White House, US District Court Judge Anthony Trenga ruled Friday that the revised travel ban could go forward, seeing the latest version as markedly different from the Trump administration’s initial effort. The first version of the travel ban was the subject of negative rulings in federal court last month, most recently in the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals in Seattle, Washington.

Signed on March 6, Trump’s second travel-ban executive order placed a 90-day suspension on the issuance of visas to citizens of the six nations – Iran, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, Syria and Yemen – and all refugee admissions into the US for 120 days.’

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‘Donald Trump has given a presidential permit to the controversial Keystone XL pipeline project – a major boost for Canada-based developer TransCanada.

Environmentalists have objected to the construction of the 875 mile line, which would carry up to 830,000 barrels of oil a day. It requires presidential approval because the project will cross the US’s northern international border.

White House press secretary Sean Spicer tweeted that Mr Trump, who claims the pipeline will create many thousands of jobs, would discuss the pipeline later.

The State Department said it determined that building Keystone served the US national interest. Under the Obama administration, the same department reached the opposite conclusion.’

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Teresa May PM

David talks about the Westminster ‘Terror’ attack from the latest leg of his World Wide Wake Up Tour in Iceland

Yemenis ‘pay the price’ for UK and America’s ‘brazenly hypocritical’ arms deals – Amnesty


Amnesty International has condemned the US and Britain for supplying arms to Saudi Arabia, arms which have then been used to kill hundreds of civilians in Yemen.

Figures from the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute show that the two countries have sent weaponry worth more than $5 billion to Saudi Arabia since Riyadh’s intervention began in March 2015. This is over 10 times the approximately $450 million that the US State Department and the UK’s Department for International Development have sent (or planned to send) in humanitarian aid to Yemen over the same period, which Amnesty has described as a “shameful contradiction.”’

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‘The US State Department says the Keystone XL pipeline will create 50 permanent jobs, despite Donald Trump’s previous estimate of 28,000.

The US President’s administration is expected to approve the programme imminently and subsequently end nine years of debate over a project that has divided the climate change debate.

Confusion however has swirled around the exact number of jobs that will be created.’

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‘Virgin founder Sir Richard Branson is calling for a second EU referendum, warning a hard Brexit will be a “shot in the foot” for Britain.

The billionaire, who campaigned to remain in the EU in the lead-up to the vote, said Brexit was “one of the saddest things that has happened” to both the UK and Europe.

“If a hard Brexit happens it would be pretty devastating and it would be the biggest sort of shot in the foot that the British people have ever done to themselves, so (I) hope that sense will prevail,” he told CNBC.’

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‘”It’s like musicians in their bow-ties playing on board the Titanic,” remarked a friend of mine as I was talking to them about the EU’s 60th anniversary celebrations in Rome.

A mild exaggeration, shall we say – but the image sticks in my mind.

Because as the leaders of the EU’s 27 countries clink champagne glasses in plush, security-tight surroundings on Saturday – all is not well in the Europe outside their gates: youth unemployment persists (especially in the south), terror attacks, illegal migration, inequalities in the Eurozone, Brexit and a tide of anti-establishment populist nationalism across much of the bloc.

To name a few of the challenges. Not to mention “strongmen” Presidents Trump, Putin and Erdogan who all eye the EU with suspicion and some animosity.’

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