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‘The Independent Inquiry into Child Sexual Abuse in England and Wales is to hold its first public hearings later.

It will start by examining the cases of British children sent to Australia between 1945 and 1974.

The inquiry will eventually investigate claims against councils, religious organisations, the armed forces and public and private institutions.

The inquiry, set up in 2014, has been dogged by controversy and is now on its fourth chairwoman.’

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‘Pope Francis’ unshakeable belief in the power of mercy has been called into question after a previously-convicted pedophile priest struck again, around two years after the Pontiff reduced sanctions against child-abusing clergy, according to a report by AP.

The case of Rev. Mauro Inzoli, an Italian priest who received church clemency but was later convicted for abusing children, has turned the spotlight back on the sins of the Catholic Church. The report has revealed that Inzoli is now facing a second church trial after new evidence emerged against him.

Inzoli was found guilty of abusing young boys by a 2012 Vatican investigation and was ordered to be defrocked.

He appealed his punishment and, in 2014, Pope Francis overruled the Vatican’s Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith and granted clemency, reducing the priest’s penalty to a lifetime of prayer.’

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‘Pope Francis has been slammed by church officials and sex abuse survivors for cutting penalties for paedophile priests.

The Pope is said to be applying his vision of a ‘merciful church’ to sex offenders by reducing punishments to weaker sentences, such as a lifetime of prayer and penance.

It has been revealed by church officials that Pope Francis overruled advice given to him by the Vatican Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith about two priests – allowing them to be punished by a lifetime of prayer.’

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‘Children reporting violent sexual crimes are not being taken seriously by the police, Britain’s victims’ commissioner, Baroness Newlove, has warned.

Newlove said the authorities are failing young people that come forward with stories of abuse, making them feel like criminals themselves.

In some cases, children said they were simply not believed or told that they were wasting the police’s time.

“They didn’t care because we were three teenage girls,” a young woman said in describing how the police reacted to her call about an assault.

“It’s like we were wasting their time. They couldn’t be bothered with us.”‘

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‘A controversial book that teaches children about the dangers of masturbation has been pulled from shelves by the Indonesian government.

The book ‘I Learn to Control Myself’ by Fifa Chakra is aimed at parents who want help explaining to children “the importance of protecting themselves” against sexual abuse, according to an Instagram statement from the publishers.

“A basic knowledge of sex is important to note since early childhood,” the statement from publisher Tiga Serangkai reads. The post adds that it is a common part of child development for kids to play with their genitals, without the intent of sexual gratification.’

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‘A court in Sweden has ruled in favor of a marriage between a 14-year-old Syrian Refugee and her 21-year-old husband, who is also her cousin. The court made the ruling on the basis that the teenager appears to be “mature,” as well as for religious and cultural reasons.

According to the website Speisa, the girl was married off to her cousin when she was 12-years-old in their home country. The couple was seeking asylum and were sent to live with the girls’ Aunt and her family in Sweden. In addition to being underage, the teenager is now pregnant.

Social service authorities in Sweden became involved because of how young the teenager is and thought the marriage was completely outrageous, so they decided the logical step would be to take it to the justice system. The judge presiding over the case, however, did not share the same outrage as the social service authorities and did not feel any crime had been committed since the couple was raised with different religious and cultural perceptions of morality.’

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Eventually the mainstream media is going to have to have a grown-up adult conversation with me about how the world is really controlled and by whom. It may not be soon, but it can’t be avoided.


‘A group of women who say Sir Edward Heath abused them as children have also accused their parents of being involved in up to 16 murders.

The farce came as police probe incredible claims that the former prime minister was linked to a paedophile ring that killed as many as 16 children – which would make them the worst child murderers in British history.

The seemingly far-fetched allegations have been made by a family who allege that the politician was part of a satanic sex cult run by their own parents.

They say that the cult regularly slaughtered children at ritual sacrifices in churches and forests around southern England and also participated in similar ceremonies in Africa.’

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‘Self-described right-wing ‘provocateur’ Milo Yiannopoulos has been caught on tape defending paedophile abuse, saying ‘We get hung up on this stuff’.

Homeless man’s extreme delight at finding out he got the job
Yiannopoulos was banned from Twitter after controversial attacks on Ghostbusters actress Leslie Jones – and has been defended by Donald Trump.

Trump Tweeted a threat to withdraw funding from Berkeley after riots erupted when Yiannopoulos spoke at the university.’

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‘A female teacher in India is under investigation after a family alleged their 14-year-old daughter was forced to strip in front of her 7th grade classmates as punishment for not completing her homework.

The incident occurred on Saturday in a private school in the town of Nathdwara in the western state of Rajasthan, and was only brought to light after the girl’s brother, also a pupil at the school, told their parents about what happened, according to the Indian Express.’

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