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‘An Iraqi refugee who raped a 10-year-old boy at a swimming pool, calling it a “sexual emergency,” has had his conviction overturned after a court in Austria concluded that the 20-year-old attacker may have been unaware the boy did not want to be abused.

The assailant, identified as Amir A., was taken to the Theresienbad pool in Vienna in December of last year as part of the integration process into Austrian society. He was also provided with a 15-year-old translator to help him integrate.

Once at the pool, Amir A, who had worked as a taxi driver in Iraq, dragged a 10-year-old schoolboy into the changing rooms, locked the door and violently sexually assaulted him.’

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‘Roofer Gary McKenzie, 22, is accused of farting on a child’s face. He denies the charge on the grounds it would be “disgusting and disgraceful.”

McKenzie is also accused of punching the child in the arm and sucking his eye while play fighting, Teesside Crown Court heard.

The official charge sheet seen by the Northern Echo newspaper states that McKenzie “willfully ill-treated the child, namely by breaking wind in his face, in a manner likely to cause him unnecessary suffering or injury to health contrary to section 1(1) of the Children and Young Persons Act 1933.”’

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‘The 13-year-old student underwent amputation Tuesday, five weeks after the specialist — identified as Bryant Mosley — slammed him to the ground Sept. 12 at an alternative school in Muscogee County, reported the Ledger-Enquirer.

The boy, identified as Montravious Thomas, was enrolled in the school district’s AIM program after he was temporarily removed from East Columbus Middle School for unspecified violations of behavior rules.

His attorney said the boy was leaving his classroom for the main office, where he planned to call his mother for a ride, on his first day at the school when Mosley stopped him for an unknown reason and threw the teen to the ground up to three times to stop him from walking out.’

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‘As Facebook gives the Israeli government more access to posts deemed as “incitement,” occupation forces have been raiding the homes of Palestinians children and detaining them for months over posts on the social media site, a report by the Defense for Children International-Palestine said Monday.

The group spoke with several Palestinian minors who were arrested for their Facebook posts, interrogated for hours and then kept in prison for months without charges under the Israeli policy of “administrative detention.”

“Israeli authorities must immediately stop using administrative detention against Palestinian minors,” attorney and international advocacy officer at DCIP Brad Parker, said in the organization’s report.’

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‘In a scathing report released on Tuesday, veterans and doctors slammed the UK for recruiting child soldiers under the age of 18, arguing they are misinformed and far more likely to be killed in action, suffer long-term health issues, or commit suicide.

The report entitled ‘Recruitment of Child Soldier by the British Armed Forces,’ which was fronted by the public health charity Medact, draws on damning testimony from those who joined the military as children to make a scientific and ethical case for raising the recruitment age to 18.’

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Regular warnings about Dame Lowell Goddard’s allegedly offensive behaviour were ignored by Home Office staff and advisers, it is claimed.

The growing concerns were being passed to both Theresa May’s special adviser, Liz Sanderson, and to Mark Sedwill, the most senior civil servant at the Home Office, insiders told The Times.

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Dame Lowell Goddard, who resigned as chairwoman of the independent inquiry into child sexual abuse in August, has denied making racist remarks while head of the inquiry.

According to The Times, Justice Goddard said Britain had so many paedophiles “because it has so many Asian men”.

In a statement issued on Friday, Justice Goddard said the claims were false.

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Dame Jenny Murray, the host of BBC’s Women’s Hour has called for sex education in schools to be scrapped, renaming it ‘Gender Studies’ and also to show pornography to teenagers in school for them to analyze it like they would a Jane Austin novel.

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