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‘A Jerusalem-based human rights group has posted a video showing Israeli soldiers apparently seizing an eight-year-old Palestinian boy and “dragging him from house to house,” reportedly to receive a tip-off on stone-throwers at an nearby settlement.

According to a report by the B’Tselem group, on March 19 the boy’s mother was visiting her parents’ home nearby and asked her son to collect his six-year-old brother from school and bring the younger sibling to the grandparents’ house.

Both boys arrived at about 1:30pm local time, but the elder brother, Sufian, realized he’d lost a toy he’d bought along the way. His mother reportedly told him not to go looking for it, but Sufian sneaked out anyway.

B’Tselem said the boy “was wandering barefoot outside his house in Hebron, looking for a toy he had lost,” when all of a sudden he was surrounded by at least 15 soldiers.’

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‘President Donald Trump’s labor secretary nominee is facing questions over the unusual plea deal he oversaw for billionaire sex offender, Jeffrey Epstein, while serving as US attorney in Miami.

Alexander Acosta made a deal with Epstein which meant he avoided federal prosecution and a potential life prison sentence when he was found guilty of soliciting prostitution in 2008.

He is now at the center of a lawsuit, which names President Donald Trump as a witness, which accuses him of mishandling the case a decade ago.

Critics, including attorneys for some underage victims of financier Epstein, claim the plea agreement was a ‘sweetheart deal’ made possible only by Epstein’s wealth, connections and high-powered lawyers.’

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‘Police in Chicago have revealed that a 15-year-old girl was sexually assaulted by several young men while the attack streamed on Facebook Live. The incident was viewed by some 40 people, none of whom reported it to the authorities.

The attack on Deahvion Austin, which was reportedly carried out by five or six teenage boys or young men, was streamed live on the social media site.
However, police were oblivious to it until the girl’s mother approached Police Superintendent Eddie Johnson in the Lawndale neighborhood of the city’s West Side on Monday, according to police spokesman Anthony Guglielmi.

She told him that her daughter had been missing since leaving home to go to the store on Sunday, and showed him screenshots of the alleged assault, AP reported.’

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‘A crowd of hundreds filled Dublin’s Sean MacDermott Street in 1979 when Pope John Paul II passed by. Local residents were hopeful he would visit Our Lady of Lourdes Church, which holds the shrine of Matt Talbot, a leading figure in the Irish Church’s temperance movement.

The pope could hardly have failed to notice the dense mass of worshippers, but he did not stop. What he may not have seen was a long, brown-brick Victorian building on the opposite side of the street, one of Ireland’s now notorious Magdalene laundries, where women were incarcerated and forced to work in slave-like conditions.

Out of sight and mind for most of its history, it has now become a focal point in Ireland’s coming to terms with its cruel and brutal treatment of women in the 20th century.

The last operating laundry, only closing in 1996, Sean MacDermott Street is now in the hands of Dublin City Council, which plans to redevelop it for housing. But survivor groups and local politicians want to ensure a memorial is put in place to acknowledge the devastation suffered by women in Ireland’s penal institutions. They are backed by a 2013 government report that established a redress scheme for victims, which also recommended the site house a memorial to “honor and commemorate” the women of the Magdalene laundries.’

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‘In a shocking story putting the massive social network in a very seedy light, Gizmodo reported last week, “When BBC journalists discovered child porn on the network and sent those images to Facebook last week, the company reported the BBC to police in the UK for the distribution of illegal images.”

That’s right. When informed that pedophiles were passing around pictures of children in the vilest, most unholy ways, Facebook shot the messenger. Well, Facebook asked police to do it for them — metaphorically of course.

Investigative reporters from the BBC have a long history of tracking down the perverts that seem to pervade the Internet. After discovering that there was a significant amount of such images floating around Facebook, the network notified executives at the company, offering to sit down and show Facebook’s representatives the evidence of pedophilia collected by BBC reporters.’

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‘The £1  million police investigation into allegations that Sir Edward Heath was a paedophile is being wound up amid claims it has found no evidence to justify tarnishing the former prime minister’s reputation.

Private investigators hired by police to help conduct the inquiry have been told contracts are not being renewed, according to sources.

The inquiry, codenamed Operation Conifer, will be closed in the coming weeks but the report on its findings will remain confidential.’

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‘A BBC radio presenter allowed a phone-in caller to discuss having sex with young children and to claim his victims had enjoyed being abused.

Allan Beswick, host of the Late Night Phone-In programme on BBC Radio Manchester and BBC Radio Lancashire, engaged in conversation with the man – who said he was calling from prison – for four-and-a-half minutes without cutting him off.

Listeners were horrified to hear the man repeat details of his alleged crimes and to argue that DVDs of “child sex” should be supplied to adults as a substitute for them abusing children.

The BBC Trust launched an immediate investigation after the incident on March 1.’

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‘Police are investigating the case of a pregnant 11-year-old who is set to become Britain’s youngest mother. The father is understood to be a couple of years older than the girl, police say.

Few details of the pregnancy can be made public for legal reasons and the local authority is seeking strict reporting restrictions in the High Court’s family division.

The mother-to-be, who lives in the east of England, is expected to give birth soon, possibly by caesarean section, according to the Mirror.’

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‘The Pakistani government has contacted Facebook and Twitter to help investigate blasphemous content, warning of repercussions if the social networks do not comply.

Pakistani Interior Minister Chaudhry Nisar Ali Khan pledged Thursday to take every step to “eliminate” blasphemous content from social networking sites and said a decision would be made in the coming days “on the functioning of social networking sites in Pakistan.”

“We will take strict steps if their administration responds in the negative without taking into account any criticism,” he added, reported The Express Tribune.’

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‘A Florida couple is accused of hundreds of sex crimes involving 11 young children in Alabama, authorities said.

The charges leveled against Daniel W. Spurgeon and Jenise R. Spurgeon stem from allegations of abuse sustained by their foster and adopted children when they lived in Alabama years ago, Florence police said.

The allegations have been under investigation since Florida authorities contacted Florence police last July about crimes that occurred in Cape Coral. The Florida investigation led police to believe children in Alabama also may have been abused, said Florence police Sgt. Brad Holmes.’

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