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‘Who’s really got the power in America? Most people are living in an alternate reality created by those with the biggest platforms.

Individual “reality” is defined by what people believe to be true more than what actually exists. A firmly held opinion can create such a vast cognitive dissonance that many people can actually witness something that challenges their belief and still deny that they could be incorrect.

This sounds like the biggest conspiracy theory ever, but if you are here reading this, you probably at least suspect that there are manipulations at play in nearly everything we view or read. There are just a few hundred people who control the media, entertainment, and the Internet, and unless we are completely unplugged, we are lambasted with their versions of reality relentlessly every day.

Let’s talk about how opinions are really formed and who has the influence to sway the people of America. No matter how well-informed a person tries to be, the truth can be hard to come by when bias is presented from so many primary sources.’

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‘A 2012 study out of Bonn University led to a new round of speculation about the nature of the universe.

The study proposes that cosmic rays undergo a strange energy shift. The energies are “re-fitted” to align with an underlying pattern or lattice. There is only one proper fit; no exceptions are permitted.

If the lattice is, indeed, a basic pixel-like Reality we are interacting with every day of our lives, then we could be living inside a created artifice.

A simulation.

Put this description alongside the hypothesis that the universe is a hologram: lines of code inscribed on a two-dimensional surface deliver instructions on how the lattice is built, and what its properties are.

In other words, the software which holographically projects the universe includes the exact structure of the lattice.’

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‘The story you are about to read has nothing to do with liberal bias, although the establishment media sure wants you to think that in order to keep everyone fighting amongst themselves on political lines (or racial lines, or sexual identity lines or any lines they can bait people into fighting with each other on right about now).

The establishment is really pushing the idea (and has been for months now) that we are living in a computer simulation like the one depicted in the film The Matrix.

Even Bank of America analysts were coming out saying there was a 50% chance it was true several months back… why would bank analysts be doing that?

Now the Daily Mail is pushing some “expert” opinion that definitely says the Trump presidency and Brexit may prove we are living in a simulated world.’

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‘Israeli military forces have launched a barrage of artillery shells at several sites in the southern part of the Gaza Strip as the Tel Aviv regime goes ahead with its acts of aggression against the besieged Palestinian coastal territory.

Three shells slammed into the southern Gaza Strip city of Khan Yunis, al-Qarara town north of Khan Yunis and Deir al-Balah city, which lies in the central Gaza Strip and over 14 kilometers south of Gaza City, early on Friday. No immediate reports of casualties were available though.

Israeli forces also fired flares in the targeted areas around the same time as the shelling.’

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‘Sometimes life all gets too much, forcing us to seek out an escape from the harsh realities of the real world.

Some of us might read a gripping novel, while others may lose themselves in a Netflix marathon, or a gruelling session at the gym.

For some though, living in a virtual reality world – limited only by the creative extent of the human imagination – holds the best promise for escape.

New research has revealed that 17 per cent of Brits, almost one in five, would prefer to live in a virtual world.’

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