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‘Increased levels of prenatal fluoride exposure have been linked to lower intelligence in children, according to the results of a new study.

In the eye-opening new peer-reviewed study, published on September 19, 2017, in the journal Environmental Health Perspectives, researchers found strong evidence of a link between fluoride and lower cognitive function in children.

With an impact factor of 9.78, Environmental Health Perspectives is one of the most highly ranked journals in Toxicology, Public, Environmental and Occupational Health, and Environmental Sciences.

The researchers found that “higher levels of maternal urinary fluoride during pregnancy (a proxy for prenatal fluoride exposure) that are in the range of levels of exposure in other general population samples of pregnant women as well as nonpregnant adults were associated with lower scores on tests of cognitive function in the offspring at 4 and 6–12 y old,” according to the study.’

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David Icke on Water Fluoridation

‘With the horrific weather anomalies and natural disasters currently happening across the globe, it moved my attention towards all the challenges these Souls are being forced to accept in working with these situations and the subsequent effect it has on their lives. All the energy spent on worrying, fear, preparation, planning, recovery and rebuilding in order to protect life and objects. My heart goes out to everyone who is struggling because of this. The obstacles and challenges in life are an integral part of the journey itself and are needed in order to force us to grow in our awareness, our love, our wisdom and our power.

The observation of these recent events led to a feeling inside my heart. This sensation, once fully clothed with empathy, compassion and the gentle guide of wisdom gives rise to inspiration in the form of a single thought… the concept of ownership.’

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‘The Russian Embassy in the UK was outraged after a BBC story about online jihadist propaganda in the UK featured a Russian flag. Moscow wondered what the tricolor has to do with extremists on British soil.

The BBC article dubbed ‘UK ‘biggest audience’ in Europe for jihadist web content’ appeared on the website on Tuesday. The report cited a study by the Policy Exchange think tank, saying that “online jihadist propaganda attracts more clicks in the UK than any other country in Europe.”

The think tank doesn’t mention Russia at all in its 131-page long report. Nor does the BBC story.

However, the cover picture for the story featured vague figures with smartphones against the background of the Russian white-blue-red tricolor.

“Hey, BBC, what does Russian flag have to do with online jihadist propaganda in UK?? Change your graphic designer or your photobank (sic),” the Russian embassy in UK wrote on Twitter.’

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‘The attacks have usually come at night. Many victims say they never noticed anything amiss. Others insist they have definitely felt or heard something — either vibrations or any number of odd sounds including a loud ringing, a scraping noise and a high-pitched chirping like the noise made by crickets or cicadas. Several said the noises came in minute-long bursts.

One diplomat described being jolted awake in a Havana hotel room by a grinding, blaring cacophony. When he moved a few feet across the room, the noise stopped. When he got back into bed, the agonising sound hit him again — as if, he told doctors, he had walked through some invisible wall cutting straight down the middle of his room.

Whether they heard anything or not, the consequences have been unmistakable — symptoms ranging from nose bleeds, nausea, dizziness and severe headaches to mild brain damage and permanent hearing or memory loss. Oddly, as soon as some of the victims left Cuba, they stopped hearing noises.’

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‘Behind the psychedelic visuals of Travis Scott’s video Butterfly Effect is a hidden message, told through symbolism: Travis Scott’s introduction to the elite’s entertainment industry and the Monarch mind control system.

Travis Scott is a rapper and producer who began his career behind the scenes, collaborating with the likes of Kanye West, Jay-Z, and Madonna. He then launched his solo career and, with the hit song Antidote, Scott found commercial success. Soon, he was propelled to the forefront of the rap game. After the release of his second album, Birds in the Trap Sing McKnight, Scott cemented his trademark sound and got a taste of superstardom. Shortly after, things started to become … symbolic.

While Scott is sometimes criticized for “rapping about nothing”, a clear theme has emerged from his latest works: Monarch programming.’

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‘A year after it reversed a ban on phones in class, Italy is set to introduce mobiles as learning aids, following the example of the US, Canada and others.

“I see children using cellphones in class. You can’t keep trying to separate their world and the world of school,” said education minister Valeria Fedeli in an interview with La Repubblica, published on Tuesday. “On Friday, a ministry commission will work on developing an instruction manual for cellphone use for learning in class.”

Italy has recently spent $1 billion digitizing its classrooms, and Fedeli said that internet-based teaching would help students navigate everyday life.

“Smartphones are an extraordinary tool to facilitate learning. If you leave a child on their own with their device, they are likely to encounter fake news and cyberbullying, But, guided by teachers and parents, they can benefit,” said Fedeli, 68, who was appointed last year.’

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‘Pupils are being told to be in bed by 9pm every night and up at 6.30am in a tough crackdown launched at one of the country’s worst schools.

Children have also been warned they face losing their mobiles for weeks, to walk in single file in corridors and that teachers are the ‘unquestioned authority’ at the Norfolk school.

And they’re being told that they’ll be given buckets to vomit in if they feel sick in class.

Furious mothers and fathers have already set up a group on Facebook called Yarmouth High Worried Parents after being outraged by the new get-tough crusade.

The hardline regime is being imposed as troubled Great Yarmouth High School in Norfolk became a Charter Academy last month after being taken over by the Inspiration Trust.’

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