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‘IS … is neither typical nor mired in the distant past, because its roots are in Wahhabism, a form of Islam practised in Saudi Arabia that developed only in the 18th century. In July 2013, the European Parliament identified Wahhabism as the main source of global terrorism, and yet the Grand Mufti of Saudi Arabia, condemning IS in the strongest terms, has insisted that “the ideas of extremism, radicalism and terrorism do not belong to Islam in any way”.

Other members of the Saudi ruling class, however, look more kindly on the movement, applauding its staunch opposition to Shiaism and for its Salafi piety, its adherence to the original practices of Islam. This inconsistency is a salutary reminder of the impossibility of making accurate generalisations about any religious tradition. In its short history, Wahhabism has developed at least two distinct forms, each of which has a wholly different take on violence.’

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Teresa May PM

David talks about the Westminster ‘Terror’ attack from the latest leg of his World Wide Wake Up Tour in Iceland

Yemenis ‘pay the price’ for UK and America’s ‘brazenly hypocritical’ arms deals – Amnesty


Amnesty International has condemned the US and Britain for supplying arms to Saudi Arabia, arms which have then been used to kill hundreds of civilians in Yemen.

Figures from the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute show that the two countries have sent weaponry worth more than $5 billion to Saudi Arabia since Riyadh’s intervention began in March 2015. This is over 10 times the approximately $450 million that the US State Department and the UK’s Department for International Development have sent (or planned to send) in humanitarian aid to Yemen over the same period, which Amnesty has described as a “shameful contradiction.”’

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‘The terrorist who murdered four people in Westminster was investigated by MI5 for “violent extremism” but was ruled out as a threat by security services before being “re-radicalised”, it was feared on Thursday night.

Khalid Masood, 52, was named by Scotland Yard as the Isil-inspired extremist who was shot dead inside the gates of Parliament on Wednesday, as eight suspected associates were arrested in raids in London and Birmingham. Last night it emerged that Masood was born Adrian Elms and is thought to have been radicalised in prison.

Nearly 20 years ago he was jailed for slashing a man across the face in an argument which had “racial overtones” in 2000.’

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”MPs warned last month that security at Parliament’s main gates was so weak it could put police officers at risk.

On Wednesday Khalid Masood was able to run through Carriage Gates and into New Palace Yard where he stabbed Pc Keith Palmer to death.

The Telegraph understands that police have raised repeated concerns about the security of the gate, which has been described as a “weak point”.

In February the House of Commons administration committee discussed the issue, with a particular focus on the “flimsy” and “Meccano” crowd-control barriers in front of the wrought-iron gates.’

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‘Unknown to the US media, who is intoxicated with Russian conspiracy theories and the running joke which is US healthcare, Turkey’s President Recep Tayyip Erdogan is instituting the final phase in his Stalinization transformation of Turkey from a secular democracy – to a Neo-Ottoman religious fiefdom.

On April 16, Erdogan will hold a new Referendum to change the country’s constitutional, giving the government sweeping new legal powers – including a provision that would allow him to be ‘President for Life‘ – potentially ruling until 2029.

Last week, the Turkish autocrat dispatched his emissaries to European countries to help campaign to Turkish voters in countries like the Netherlands and Germany. After Germany cancelled various rallies organized by Turkish ministers, Erdogan accused Germany of “fascist actions” reminiscent of “Nazi practices.” The Dutch government saw what was coming and proceeded to ban Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu from flying to Rotterdam to attend a Turkish rally in support of Erdogan’s new powers, Reuters reported.’

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‘A rift has opened up between NATO allies US and Turkey over the part Syrian Kurdish forces should play in the liberation of Raqqa from Islamic State terrorists as Ankara has openly rejected taking part in any operation that would involve the Kurds.

Turkey has “set out a model” for successfully fighting against jihadists in Syria, which it suggested should be further implemented to defeat Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS/ISIL) in the region, Turkey’s Deputy Prime Minister Numan Kurtulmus said, as cited by Turkish media on Thursday.

Citing the liberation of the cities of al-Bab and Jarabulus in the Aleppo Governorate, which was carried out with the support of the Turkish military, the minister said Ankara was willing to support the anti-terrorist operation to free the IS stronghold of Raqqa in a US-led offensive.’

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‘Over 130 people trying to take shelter from the fighting in Mosul have been buried under the rubble of a building hit by a coalition airstrike, witnesses say in a video released by AP.

“The entire neighborhood was fleeing because of missiles that hit, so people had taken refuge here. I didn’t know if it was a shelter, I didn’t know we couldn’t go there. My entire family is inside, 27 people. We pulled only one of them out and don’t know about the rest. Yes, he was dead,” a resident of western Mosul, Ahmed Ahmed, told AP. He added that over 137 people were inside the compound.

Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS/ISIL) is in fact going to new lengths to make sure that civilians are killed, Kurdish journalist Hevidar Ahmed from Rudaw agency told RT.’

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‘What can you tell about the state of relations from a string of deaths?

At home in the U.S., the rhetoric against Putin has never been stronger. The hacking narrative continues to be in use, and behind the scenes, tensions are boiling up in every respect. Flynn was axed from Trump’s administration, and the struggle between deep state and head of state becomes all but transparent.

Elsewhere, there have been Russian diplomats piling up dead, including the ambassador to the United Nations who had a heart attack in New York. The televised execution of a Russian diplomat in Turkey was seared into the collective consciousness. More quietly, there were other deaths, too, in Moscow apartments and hotel rooms.

Now, key opponents of Putin, and Western-sponsored supporters of Ukraine are winding up dead. This will change the narrative. Is this Russian intelligence evening the score, or is it CIA framing their adversaries?’

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‘Washington’s proposed $52 billion increase in military spending is beautiful news if you work in Lockheed Martin’s showroom. But maybe it’s time for a quick little audit before the American people write the Pentagon another blank check?

We know that it’s extremely inconvenient to have to keep track of “how” money is spent. The fact of the matter is that the money gets spent — shouldn’t that satisfy our curiosity?

Not when $10 trillion is unaccounted for since 1996:

Although it’s required to by law, the DoD has never had an audit, something every American person, every company and every other government agency is subject to. The result is an astounding $10tn in taxpayer money that has gone unaccounted for since 1996.’

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‘As the airline electronics ban spread from the US to the UK, many of those affected took to social media to air their grievances,and to poke fun at the confusing rule.

From jokes to pointed statements about both the US and the UK’s foreign policy, the denizens of social media did not disappoint.

Many expressed confusion at the ban, wondering why it only applies to certain countries, and why X-ray machines in airports couldn’t detect and find explosives or bombs in laptops.’

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