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‘In the days leading up to the London attacks, Met Police rehearsed a ‘terrifyingly realistic’ drill on the River Thames prior to yet another known wolf act of terror taking place.

‘GLADIO-322?’ – The London attacks occurred exactly a year after the Brussels airport bombings, conjuring the peculiar lore of Yale’s Skull & Bones numerology. Its also worth noting, the London attacks appear to have echoed elements of a 2016 Hollywood film called “London Has Fallen.

Though many are still reeling in the wake of the tragic events in London – key questions have emerged following this latest terror attack in the UK.

During the course of this article, we’ll examine some of the available evidence of the events in London, as well as discuss the relevance of the ‘known wolf’ aspect of the case. In addition, we’ll consider the political context with which to view the attacks following an uptick of Western allied involvement in Syria.

Let’s review the London attacks below…’

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‘Churchillian!’ Viewers hail Andrew Neil’s incredible monologue on Westminster attack

‘Andrew Neil has been branded “Churchillian” as he delivered a blistering monologue on the Westminster terror attack.

Speaking at the beginning of the This Week show, the BBC journalist sent a message of a defiance in the wake of the atrocity which claimed the lives of four innocent people.

The spine-tingling speech, in which he labels attacker Khalid Masood a “pathetic, Poundland terrorist in an estate car”, has been widely praised online.

He began by paying tribute to PC Keith Palmer, the officer stabbed to death inside the parliamentary grounds.’

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Phillip Schofield is mercilessly mocked on Twitter in series of hilarious memes for walking across Westminster Bridge as an act of ‘defiance’ following London terror attack

‘On Thursday evening, as the nation still reeled from the shocking attacks that took place in Westminster a day before, Phillip Schofield carried out a symbolic act.

The TV presenter took to his Instagram account to share a shot of the Houses of Parliament, and reveal that he was walking across Westminster Bridge, in ‘tribute and defiance’ to those hurt and killed by Khalid Masood.

And while his gesture was met with praise on the photo-sharing site, things were largely the polar opposite on Twitter, where countless users mercilessly mocked him in a series of rib-tickling memes.’

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‘The US military has confirmed a coalition airstrike on the site in Mosul where dozens of civilians allegedly died. The US said the strike was at the request of the Iraqi forces. An investigation into the case has been opened, it added.

“An initial review of strike data from March 16-23 indicates that, at the request of the Iraqi Security Forces, the Coalition struck ISIS fighters and equipment, March 17, in West Mosul at the location corresponding to allegations of civilian casualties,” US Central Command said in a statement issued on Saturday.

Videos of the aftermath of the airstrike released Friday show scores of dead bodies being pulled out of a completely destroyed building in western Mosul.’

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Teresa May PM

David talks about the Westminster ‘Terror’ attack from the latest leg of his World Wide Wake Up Tour in Iceland

Yemenis ‘pay the price’ for UK and America’s ‘brazenly hypocritical’ arms deals – Amnesty


Amnesty International has condemned the US and Britain for supplying arms to Saudi Arabia, arms which have then been used to kill hundreds of civilians in Yemen.

Figures from the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute show that the two countries have sent weaponry worth more than $5 billion to Saudi Arabia since Riyadh’s intervention began in March 2015. This is over 10 times the approximately $450 million that the US State Department and the UK’s Department for International Development have sent (or planned to send) in humanitarian aid to Yemen over the same period, which Amnesty has described as a “shameful contradiction.”’

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‘Heavy-duty armoured cars which can withstand bomb blasts and machine gun fire have been deployed on the streets of London in the wake of the Westminster terror attack.

Two of Scotland Yard’s fleet of Jankel ‘Guardian’ vans were parked off Parliament Square today as the force announced a surge in number of armed officers.

The seven-tonne vehicles, which can cost more than £100,000, can carry eight offices and have bullet-proof tyres, a blast-resistant floor and can withstand bullets from AK47s, grenades and bombs.

It came as hundreds of extra firearms personnel were put on patrol around the country as forces mount a large-scale security operation following the outrage.’

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‘The threat posed by violent extremism is higher in Europe than anywhere else in the world, apart from actual war zones and hotspots, US European Command head General Curtis Scaparrotti said, commenting on Wednesday’s terrorist attack in London.

“The number of threat streams that we have of this type within Europe – it’s probably higher in Europe than any other part of the globe, with the exception of the places we’re actually physically fighting [terrorists], like Syria […] Afghanistan and Iraq,” the senior US military leader in Europe, who is also NATO’s Supreme Allied Commander, told the Senate Armed Services Committee on Thursday.

He said that Europe is faced with a “difficult challenge” posed by extremists.’

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Chaos And Fear: The Currency of Control – David Icke


‘The mother of terrorist killer Khalid Masood is being guarded by police in case of reprisals over the Westminster attack by her estranged son.

Three police officers were tonight stationed outside the home of Janet Ajao, 69, in a quiet country village more than 200 miles away from the scene of her son’s terror attack.

Police ruled out that she had any links to the crimes of her son – but are worried that she could be targeted in her isolated home where she lives with a border collie and chickens and runs an online business selling hand-made bags and cushions.

Khalid Masood, 52 – born Adrian Elms – unleashed his trail of destruction in Westminster more than a decade after turning his back on his family in the Home Counties.’

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‘In the early 1990s Adrian Elms met Jane Harvey in a pub in Tunbridge Wells and romance quickly blossomed.

Now MailOnline can reveal that the Roebuck Inn where the eventual terrorist wooed the mother of his children is now an Islamic Centre – and Khalid Masood ‘moaned’ when it was converted.

A few years after the couple’s first meeting in 1991, The Roebuck, which locals say had a reputation for ‘violence’, closed down, becoming Tunbridge Wells Islamic and Cultural Centre in 1995.

But it is unknown if the Westminster killer, who converted to Islam in the early 2000s and changed his name to Masood, ever attended the centre and the Imam said he had ‘never seen him there before’.’

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‘He had a middle-class upbringing and lived with his attractive partner in a neat bungalow with a nameplate.

Khalid Masood’s background in the heart of Middle England was as far removed from the stereotype image of an Islamic State ‘soldier’ as it is possible to imagine.

Security services are now investigating what drove a middle-aged English tutor from the Home Counties to unleash Wednesday’s Westminster atrocity – the worst terror attack on British soil since the July 7 bombings in 2005.

While IS recruitment propaganda typically shows disaffected young men posing with AK-47s and militaristic camouflage gear, Masood was 52 and a father-of-three when he decided to kill.’

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‘Lebanese politicians have reacted with anger over a proposed Israeli parliament bill which would redraw the current highly sensitive maritime border with Lebanon.

Israel is seeking to annex a zone of 860 square kilometres (330 square miles) of disputed waters between the two neighbours which is believed to be rich in natural gas reserves, Israeli newspaper Yedioth Ahronoth reported on Monday.

The move comes after Lebanon’s government – formed at the end of 2016 after two years of political deadlock – recently advertised commercial tenders for oil and gas exploration in the same stretch of the Mediterranean.’

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