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‘Sometimes, we can get a hint of things that are to come by watching what the government is doing to prepare. After all, their intel is way better than ours, and they do have a tendency to keep secrets. Of special interest to anyone who like to don the tinfoil and try to figure out what may be coming down the pipe are the actions of FEMA, the agency which is in charge of “managing” emergencies here in the US.

So when they place a large order for something that they want absolutely immediately, I pay attention.

A few days ago, FEMA put out a solicitation for 5 million bottles of water, to be delivered within 2 days. It said they had an “urgent requirement” for this water.’

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‘A search operation in the Bay of Bengal for an Indian military plane that went missing earlier on Friday has entered its third day.

Sixteen ships, a submarine and six aircraft continued to search for the plane on Sunday.

The plane, with 29 people on board, disappeared on a routine flight to remote islands in the region. The Russian-built AN-32 was on its way to Port Blair, the capital of India’s Andaman and Nicobar islands, when it vanished from radars.’

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‘Donald Trump’s running mate, Mike Pence, inadvertently created an internet frenzy when he posted a picture of his family on Twitter that some have taken as evidence that his daughter is vampire – or even a ghost.

Pence shared what initially appeared to be a normal photo of his family enjoying a meal while on the campaign trail in New York – only there was something very strange about it.

His daughter Charlotte appears to make no reflection in the mirror behind them.’

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‘In the spring of 2012, when I was living near the coastal village of Sechelt, on British Columbia’s picturesque Sunshine Coast, I began hearing a humming sound, which I thought were float planes.

The noise usually started later at night, between 10 and 11 p.m. My first clue that something unusual was happening came with the realization that the sound didn’t fade away, like plane noises typically do. And the slightest ambient noise—exhaling audibly, even turning my head quickly—caused it to momentarily stop. One night after the sound started I stepped outside the house. Nothing.

I was the only person in the house who could hear it; my family said they didn’t know what I was talking about.’

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‘Scientists from the Laser Interferometer Gravitational-wave Observatory (LIGO) have announced they have detected gravitational waves from a pair of colliding black holes for the second time, thus backing up the theory of general relativity.

The international collaboration LIGO, with nearly 1,000 scientists working together, made the breakthrough announcement during a media conference taking place simultaneously in Lomonosov Moscow State University (MSU) and the San Diego Astronomy Association on Wednesday.’

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‘The U.S. military is planning a series of tests near the West Coast that will result in GPS outages all across the area.

The FAA put out a notice warning about disruptions that may affect aircraft in general, and particularly those reliant upon GPS that testing based at the Navy’s China Lake Naval Weapons Center, some 150 miles north of Los Angeles during June 9, 21,23, 28 and 30.’

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Thank you mainstream media – much appreciated. Your help is most welcome in spreading information to those with a mind of their own. You ought to try it – it doesn’t hurt, honest.

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David Icke claims the moon is HOLLOW and built by ALIENS in crazy new theory

‘Physics has been unable to explain why a planet the size of Earth has a moon of such a large size in comparison.

Our moon would be expected to be about 40 miles in diameter, but is closer to 2,000 miles.

Mr Icke has deduced that, because of this, it must have been artificially built, rather than being broken off Earth after it was hit by another planet, as scientists suggest.’

No – not JUST because of that. Jeeez, what were their mothers doing?

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‘On May 20th 2015, a special unmanned space plane of the United States Air Force, Boeing X-37B, was deployed to space by the American government.

The Mirror reports that the reusable unmanned spacecraft blasted into orbit from Cape Canaveral in the state of Florida, carrying a brand new type of ion engine called a “Hall thruster,” and a NASA experiment designed to test how 100 types of materials respond to the harsh conditions of space. At a first glance, the vehicle looks just like a mini Space Shuttle, yet it isn’t. X-37B is too small to carry people on-board, but does have a cargo bay similar to that of a pickup truck, which is just large enough to carry a small satellite.

At the time the plane took off, some scientists expressed grave concern. A senior scientist at the Global Security Program, and also a member of the Union of Concerned Scientists, Laura Grego reportedly told that there was “no compelling reason” why experiments should be carried aboard a top-secret craft.’

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