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‘Scientists studying the origin of cosmic rays that bombard the Earth from the heavens have been perplexed for half a century. Now they may finally have an answer – and it’s intergalactic.

The mysterious high-energy rays are radiation consisting of protons and the nuclei of atoms such as hydrogen and iron. It’s also quite rare for them to reach Earth, even traveling at just under the speed of light.

So rare are they, that only about one per square kilometer per year strikes our planet, and as such, a giant observatory is needed to detect them. That’s where the Pierre Auger Observatory comes in.

The collaboration of over 400 scientists from 18 countries centers around the observatory, the largest cosmic ray detector ever built. The massive complex in Argentina covers an area of 3,000 square km and houses an impressive 1,600 detectors that spot the rays when they hit the atmosphere.’

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‘What can we expect the day after the ‘end of the world’? According to wiki, there have been 183 end of the world predictions that have failed. Many of these were prophesied by religious zealots through fear propaganda.

Here are just a few of them:

In 1284, Pope Innocent III (d. 1216) predicted that the world would end 666 years after the rise of Islam. (do you see how long the divide and conquer principle has been going on?)

In 1658, Christopher Columbus claimed that the world was created in 5343 BCE, and would last 7000 years. Assuming no year zero, that means the end would come in 1658.

Mathematician Jacob Bernoulli predicted a comet would destroy the earth on April 5, 1719.

The newly formed Seventh Day Adventists, a group founded by former Millerites, predicted the Second Coming would be in 1874.’

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‘The US-led Cassini probe to Saturn will destroy itself in the coming hours.

The $4bn (£3bn) mission is ending 13 years of discoveries at the ringed planet by ditching itself in the atmosphere.

With an expected entry speed of 120,000km/h (76,000mph), the spacecraft will rapidly be torn to pieces.

Scientists, however, hope to gain new information on the chemical composition of Saturn’s gases just before Cassini loses radio contact with Earth.

That is likely to occur just after 04:55 local time here at mission control – the Nasa Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) in Pasadena, California (11:55 GMT; 12:55BST).’

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‘The blood-curdling myth behind vampires may have some truth to it, according to a new study. A rare blood disease is believed to have led sufferers into a Dracula-style lifestyle in ancient times.

Erythropoietic protoporphyria (EPP), a genetic condition causing people’s skin to become sensitive to light, may have been treated in the past by drinking animal blood and a nocturnal lifestyle, according to the study, published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.

“People with EPP are chronically anemic, which makes them feel very tired and look very pale with increased photosensitivity because they can’t come out in the daylight,” Barry Paw from the Dana-Farber/Boston Children’s Cancer and Blood Disorders Center said in a statement.’

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‘Researchers believe they may have solved the long running mystery of how quakes happen hundreds of miles under the lunar surface.

They say the same gravitational force responsible for creating tides on Earth could be behind the ‘moonquakes’ about 800 to 1,200 kilometers (497 to 746 miles) below its surface roughly every 27 days.

Seismometers placed on the moon during the Apollo 12, 14, 15 and 16 missions revealed the strange events.

The timing of the events – roughly the same as it takes the moon to make a complete circuit around Earth, caused scientists to suspect the moonquakes were a result of tidal stress, but their exact cause remained a source of debate until now.’

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David Icke – The Moon Deception

‘The spectacular rings of Saturn may be relatively young, perhaps just 100 million years or so old.

This is the early interpretation of data gathered by the Cassini spacecraft on its final orbits of the giant world.

If confirmed, it means we are looking at Saturn at a very special time in the age of the Solar System.

Cassini is scheduled to make only two more close-in passes before driving itself to destruction in Saturn’s atmosphere on 15 September.

The probe is being disposed of in this way because it will soon run out of fuel. That would render it uncontrollable, and mission managers at the US space agency Nasa do not want it crashing into – and contaminating – moons that could conceivably host microbial lifeforms.’

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‘Police in South Africa are investigating a possible ‘cannibalism’ syndicate after a man turned himself in at his local police station, reportedly telling officers, “I’m tired of eating human flesh.”

He produced part of a human leg and a hand as evidence of his guilt and then led police to a house in KwaZulu-Natal where more body parts were found. Forensic experts have been called to identify the remains and ascertain whether they belong to one or multiple people.

“The three suspects are alleged to have murdered a woman and then cut her body up,” Police spokeswoman Captain Charmaine Struwig said, as cited by Estcourt News.

“Allegations are that some consumed some of her flesh while some of her body parts were shared with the fourth suspect in Amangwe.”

“Human remains were found at one crime scene in Estcourt and another crime scene at Amangwe. At this time only one person is suspected of having been killed and her identity is as yet unknown.”’

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‘An asteroid the length of about 40 soccer fields will shoot by Earth this September. Hopefully NASA won’t need to deploy its planetary defense system, however, as the giant rock is not expected to pose a threat.

Asteroid Florence, named after 19th-century English nursing pioneer Florence Nightingale, is on track to pass at a distance of 4.4 million miles (7 million km).

Tipped to be one of the largest asteroids to ever fly by Earth, the wandering space rock last took a similar path back in 1890.

“While many known asteroids have passed by closer to Earth than Florence will on September 1, all of those were estimated to be smaller,” Paul Chodas, of NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory, said.

“Florence is the largest asteroid to pass by our planet this close since the NASA program to detect and track near-Earth asteroids began.”‘

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‘Breakthroughs in image scanning and material analysis could make lunar missions easier, if we are to take the latest information being released in Nature Geoscience into consideration. Researchers from Brown University are saying they have evidence that shows the moon’s mantle is water-rich, an assumption that was only heavily hinted at but never empirically proven. Should this data be further verified, it could mean that investigative space missions to the moon could be longer, with less expense to governments. These findings were made from satellite data from various volcanic deposits found across the surface of the moon.’

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