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‘Families from one of the US’s most notorious school shootings have reacted with outcry after NBC broadcast an interview with a leading conspiracy theorist who said the incident never happened and that parents faked their children’s deaths.

Alex Jones, host of the Infowars, has claimed over the years that the US government was involved in the 1995 Oklahoma City bombing and the attacks of 9/11. He also said the 2012 mass shooting at Sandy Hook that left 26 people dead, including 20 children, never happened.

Mr Jones has now repeated his comments, including about what he says never happened at the elementary school in Connecticut, in an interview to NBC’s Megyn Kelly. Ms Kelly, who earlier this year quit Fox News, started by asking him if he was the most paranoid person in the country.’

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“You had to attack civilians, the innocent people, unknown people far removed from any political game. The reason was quite simple: To force the public to turn to the state for greater security”. Gladio Operative Vincenzo Vinciguerra 2001

‘In his 2005 book, “NATO’s Secret Armies:Operation Gladio and Terrorism in Western Europe,” Daniel Ganser accused the US and their NATO allies of using Gladio, a decades long campaign of false flag terror Attacks directed by Western Intelligence agencies that were responsible for the murder of hundreds of innocent civilians.

They attacked train stations, cafes, supermarkets and offices. According to captured Gladio agent Vincenzo Vinciguerra, units in Italy, in cooperation with the CIA and NATO, were responsible for murderous terrorist attacks against the Italian people. Gladio was set up after WWII as a clandestine group of operatives that were to be activated in the event of a Soviet invasion of Europe.

Their plan quickly evolved into a program of political repression and manipulation directed by NATO and the CIA. What could go wrong? For decades Gladio carried out widespread terrorist attacks, assassinations and electoral subversion in democratic states such as Italy, France and West Germany, but were portrayed to the public as Communist or Left Wing terror attacks.

Thanks to corrupt media disinformation and lies, the facts of this operation have been kept hidden from the public.’

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‘There are two documented incidents that form the foundation of modern-day terrorism: the bombing of the King David Hotel in Jerusalem perpetrated by Zionist Irgun militants on July 22nd 1946 and the massacre of the inhabitants of the Arab village of Deir Yassin by Zionist paramilitaries on April 9th, 1948. Tragically, 91 men women and children were killed in the former incident and 107 in the latter.

The terrorists claimed they were justified in killing civilians in order to achieve their political aim of an independent Zionist state. These acts by paramilitaries, however, were never officially approved by anyone.

However, that which was officially approved by a subsequent Israeli government in a secret pact with France and Britain’s Conservative Prime Minister, Anthony Eden, in 1956, was an abortive attack on the Egyptian-owned Suez Canal. Under dire threats from the United States as to the consequences, Israel and its conspirators were forced to withdraw from that specific act of state-sponsored terrorism, chastened in the realisation that the world of colonial land grabs and subjugation of native indigenous populations, had then changed. That is, apart from in Israel.’

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‘Evidence suggests that one London attacker, Rachid Redouane, was part of the broad UK-backed covert strategy to oust Syria’s Assad, following his similar role in Libya in 2011.

The Telegraph reports that London attacker Rachid Redouane fought in the 2011 British/NATO war against Qadafi – as did Salman Abedi, the Manchester bomber – and joined a militia which went on to send jihadist fighters to Syria. In Libya, he is believed to have fought with the Liwa al Ummah unit.[1]

The Liwa al Ummah was formed by a deputy of Abdul Hakim Belhaj, the former emir of the al Qaeda-linked Libyan Islamic Fighting Group. In 2012, the Liwa al Ummah in Syria merged with the Free Syrian Army (FSA)[2], which was formed in August 2011 by army deserters based in Turkey[3] whose aim was to bring down Assad.

In Syria, the Liwa al Ummah was often referred to as an ‘FSA unit’[4] and sometimes teamed up with al-Nusra, al Qaeda’s official branch in Syria.’

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‘The London Bridge attack story continues to spin wildly out of control, as the third attacker named in the terror atrocity, another known wolf, was placed on an EU-wide database and according to security officials, openly acknowledged the will to carryout terror in March of 2016.

The UK’s prior warning of the third London attacker only raises more questions about the intelligence world at large and the true nature of terror in the West. Here at 21WIRE, we’ve outlined key elements in the London Bridge attack narrative and have analyzed the last three UK attacks in great detail, as the relationship between MI5 British security services and the European Union was found to be inextricably linked to two of the three terrorists involved in the London Bridge terror event.

Let’s take a look at some of the latest details in this case, while examining the historical bond between terror, security and media…’

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‘And again, as in previous terror attacks, the alleged three perpetrators are conveniently shot dead by police. Dead men can’t talk. The same pattern, all over again.

In Manchester, in London, Paris, Nice, Brussels, Berlin, Munich, Stockholm, Orlando, San Bernardino – and wherever terror strikes, the alleged culprits are killed. And they usually leave conveniently an ID behind. Dead terrorists can’t testify. They can’t be asked to corroborate the stories of the police and authorities. These stories become truth without questioning.

By the way, has anybody ever seen these dead terrorists? Anybody, I mean, other than the police? Somebody neutral, trust-worthy? – Or are these dead terrorists perhaps invented to hide the real perpetrators behind these awful crimes on society? – Horrific crimes on a government’s own people, with only one purpose – continue and step up wars by military, financial and propaganda aggression throughout the world, to achieve what Washington’s bible, the PNAC (Plan for a New American Century), proclaims as ultimate goal: Full Spectrum Dominance?

We are almost there. If we are not careful and wake up soon, the New World Order is already upon us, swallowing us alive, as a Python swallows an okapi.’

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‘As suspected here at 21WIRE, it has emerged that yet another known wolf terror incident is now tied to security services and MI5. This disturbing news comes after another accomplice’s ID was discovered at the crime scene.

Already there have been a number of questions raised following the recent London Bridge attacks, just as there were following the Parliament Square, Westminster Bridge attacks and more recently the Manchester Arena attack. It’s important to note the common thread between each suspicious event and the last three UK attacks are no exception, as there is now indisputable evidence linking the MI5 and MI6 British security services to various individuals prior to carrying out the terror crimes mentioned above.

The London Bridge attack is the third such incident occurring in the UK over the past three months and now subsequently, the third in a row, that has shown ‘prior knowledge’ of attackers before a high-profile act of terror was committed…’

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