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‘Brussels officials want every European Union country to be using the euro by 2025, a bombshell new report has claimed.

Nine of the 28 member state in the EU are currently not part of the single currency.

The UK and Denmark are exempt, but the remaining seven nations all agreed to adopt the euro when they joined the bloc.

And now the European Commission has now demanded they them all start using the crisis-hit currency within eight years, according to insiders.

The move, revealed by German publication Frankfurter Allegemeine Zeitung, who obtained a leaked copy of a Comission report, is likely to be fiercely opposed by Hungary, Poland and the Czech Republic’s eurosceptic governments.’

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‘Nearly seven out of 10 people in the UK support the creation of a form of world government that would be able to force countries to deal with major risks facing the world such as climate change and nuclear weapons, according to a major new survey.

And 62 per cent said they considered themselves to be “a global citizen” in addition to being British, which will likely disappoint Theresa May who told the last Conservative conference “if you believe you are a citizen of the world, you’re a citizen of nowhere”.

The ComRes survey, commissioned ahead of the G7 Summit in Sicily by the Global Challenges Foundation, interviewed 8,100 people in eight countries, Australia, Brazil, China, Germany, India, South Africa, the UK and US, which are collectively home to half the world’s population.’

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‘How do you go from a nerd who developed a popular social media website to master decider of the universe and the future of Humankind? Easy: You turn that social media site creation into a multi-billion dollar platform and presto, instant credibility.

To my knowledge, Facebook founder and Harvard dropout Mark Zuckerburg doesn’t have any advanced training or education in sociology and government. But because his social media site is the world’s biggest, he does have incalculable terabytes’ worth of personal data from 1.8-plus billion active users. And he obviously believes that qualifies him to plan the future of the planet.

In a piece from New York Magazine headlined, “Can Facebook Fix It’s Own Worst Bug?” Zuckerberg says he believes that the world needs a “global superstructure to advance humanity,” and that he feels qualified to help make that happen. And, of course, Facebook is the vehicle for that.’

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‘A much-touted EU military headquarters set to be launched in the coming days has been dismissed as a “call centre” that will be staffed by “eight to nine people” with other jobs.

EU foreign affairs chief Federica Mogherini confirmed this week that a so-called Military Planning and Conduct Capability (MPCC) facility would finally be formally launched in a few days.

Although the UK blocked the creation of the EU military unit this week, objecting to use of the words “operational HQ” in the text, there was scant concern about its remit, said a Whitehall source.

“The so-called ‘HQ’ amounts to eight or nine people all of whom have existing jobs and will come together to work with the existing general who heads EU military. It’s about as low-ambition as you can get away with,” he told The Telegraph.’

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‘EU member states will pay for joint military ‘projects’ in a move previously opposed by Britain, a senior EU official has revealed.

The cash would form part of Franco-German efforts to develop a more integrated European defence to respond to threats on Europe’s borders.

Nineteen countries including France, Germany, Italy and Spain will start talks next month on the so-called Cooperative Financial Mechanism, or CFM, which could be running sometime next year, said the Brussels official in a briefing to EU defence ministers.

Britain, which has voted to leave the bloc, had long opposed such defence integration, fearing the development of an EU army.’

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F-35A Lightning II aircraft assigned to the 34th Fighter Squadron at Hill Air Force Base, Utah, land at RAF Lakenheath, England. See Masons copy MNJETS: Behind-the-scenes look at President Trumpís £100m Supersonic F-35A Lightning jets which have touched down at Suffolkís RAF Lakenheath base.

F-35A Lightning II aircraft assigned to the 34th Fighter Squadron at Hill Air Force Base, Utah, land at RAF Lakenheath, England. See Masons copy MNJETS: Behind-the-scenes look at President Trumpís £100m Supersonic F-35A Lightning jets which have touched down at Suffolkís RAF Lakenheath base.

‘They cost upwards of £75million each, can reach top speeds of 1,200mph and are capable of carrying nuclear weapons. Now six F-35A Lightning II fighters have been sent to Britain to boost Nato’s strength and ward off any aggression from Vladimir Putin and Russia … Two squadrons – usually comprising 12-to-24 aircraft- of the jets are set to be based permanently in the UK from 2021 at Lakenheath.’

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‘Best for Britain will ‘support parliamentary candidates who commit to keeping the options open for the British people’

The woman behind the Supreme Court case that forced Theresa May to get parliamentary approval for triggering Article 50 is planning to “build the biggest tactical voting effort in UK history”to support election candidates opposed to hard Brexit.

Gina Miller said the group called Best for Britain will aim to back parliamentary candidates from all parties “who campaign for a real final vote on Brexit, including rejecting any deal that leaves Britain worse off.”’

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‘Italy’s main eurosceptic party has soared to a six point poll lead as Sweden’s populists gained ground in the aftermath of the terror attack on Stockholm.

The anti-euro Five Star Movement (M5S) rocketed to 31.5 per cent of the vote in a recent poll, pulling well ahead of the ruling socialists who are languishing on 25 per cent.

At the same time the nationalist Sweden Democrats, who have pledged to hold a Swexit referendum, saw their lead extend to four per cent in the first survey to be carried out since the horror attack in the country’s capital.’

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US President Donald Trump has said Nato is “no longer obsolete”, reversing a stance that had alarmed allies. Hosting Nato Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg at the White House, Mr Trump said the threat of terrorism had underlined the alliance’s importance. He called on Nato to do more to help Iraqi and Afghan “partners”. Mr Trump has repeatedly questioned Nato’s purpose, while complaining that the US pays an unfair share of membership.

The Nato U-turn wasn’t Mr Trump’s only change of heart on Wednesday. In an interview with the Wall Street Journal, he said he would not label China a currency manipulator, despite having repeatedly pledged to do so on his first day in office.

At a joint press conference with Mr Stoltenberg, Mr Trump said: “The secretary general and I had a productive discussion about what more Nato can do in the fight against terrorism. “I complained about that a long time ago and they made a change, and now they do fight terrorism. “I said it [Nato] was obsolete. It’s no longer obsolete.” But Mr Trump reiterated his call for Nato member states to contribute more funding to the alliance.


‘There is a direct line from Adam Weishaupt’s secret society, the Illuminati, which he formed in Bavaria in 1776, to Karl Marx, and onward to the modern Globalist agenda.

One of the key shared ideas: the abolition of private property.

Many people hold a negative view of Weishaupt, the Illuminati, and especially Marx, and so it fell to Globalists to couch their ideas about property in more acceptable terms.

That feat (one of many attempted) was expressed, in 1976, by Carla Hills, US Trade Representative and a key member of the Rockefeller Trilateral Commission. Hills is credited as the principal architect of the Globalist NAFTA Treaty, which has destructively affected the US and Mexican economies.

Patrick Wood, author of the classic, Technocracy Rising, unearthed Hills’ brief statement on private property. I’ve broken it up into three parts, so I can comment after each mind-bending point.’

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