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‘French right-wing leader and presidential candidate Marine Le Pen said if she wins France’s presidential elections this year she wants to propose to Poland and Hungary that they collaborate in dismantling the EU, Polish media reported.

“I think we can work on many points together. If I become the president [of France] tomorrow, I will talk to [Hungarian PM Viktor] Orban about what seems unacceptable to us in the European Union, what is intolerable in the EU’s actions today,” Le Pen told Polish Rzeczpospolita newspaper.

Le Pen said she is also planning to hold talks with Jarosław Kaczyński, the leader of Poland’s right-wing Law and Justice party (PiS). “Certainly we will not agree on everything. But after that, each country is free and sovereign to defend their own interests,” she said.’

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‘Brussels bureaucrats have made a desperate bid to coax Balkan states into joining the European Union amid fears of growing Russian influence in the region.

The area is a high priority for EU leaders and have claimed that states will be allowed to join the crumbling bloc if they continue with economic and democratic reforms.

With Russia opposing the accession of Balkan states into the EU, European Commission chief Jean-Claude Juncker said: “The Western Balkan countries have an unequivocal European perspective.”’

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‘Nigel Farage has urged Theresa May to reject the European Union’s “laughable” demands for a £50billion divorce settlement.

There former Ukip leader insisted Britain had already contributed enough to the Brussels’ budget coffers since voting to leave the Union.

The Prime Minister has vowed to fight the EU over its demands to pay a reported £52billion divorce bill when it leaves the European project.

Discussing the settlement figure, Mr Farage told Sky News Britain had already contributed a net figure of around £30billion since joining the bloc, therefore should be forced to pay very little when it leaves.

“Let’s assume we do trigger Article 50 before the end of this month and then there’s a two-year period, we would have paid in, net, from the day we voted Brexit to the day we leave nearly £30billion – I think that’s quite enough.”’

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‘The EU has been accused of indoctrinating Irish school pupils with a pro-Brussels classroom programme.

A Dublin think-tank has launched a furious attack on the bloc, which it claims is carrying out “insidious propaganda” on thousands of the country’s children.

The Blue Star programme, supported by the European Commission representation in Ireland, taught 16,350 children in 190 schools during the 2015/2016 academic year.’

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‘Professor Stephen Hawking has pleaded with world leaders to keep technology under control before it destroys humanity.

In an interview with the Times, the physicist said humans need to find ways to identify threats posed by artificial intelligence before problems escalate.

“Since civilisation began, aggression has been useful inasmuch as it has definite survival advantages,” the scientist said.

“It is hard-wired into our genes by Darwinian evolution. Now, however, technology has advanced at such a pace that this aggression may destroy us all by nuclear or biological war. We need to control this inherited instinct by our logic and reason.”

Hawking added that the best solution would be “some form of world government” that could supervise the developing power of AI.’

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‘Discussions are ongoing at high levels within the European Union (EU) to assume command of the nuclear weapons possessed by member states for the purpose of common European defence, according to claims published by The New York Times (NYT).

While even organising a combined European defence based on conventional forces — ships, troops, and aircraft — has proven more than the EU is politically capable of and has been a major contributing factor to the impending departure of the United Kingdom from the bloc, the claims are that a common nuclear defence system have at least been considered.

Reporting the comments of proponents of the plan, which the NYT concedes are in a “minority” in proposing the “once unthinkable” scheme, the paper quotes German and Polish politicians, but not lawmakers from France and Britain, nations that actually have the weapons.’

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‘More than half of Dutch voters want to leave the European Union and seek an alternative trade agreement with the rest of the continent in the style of Brexit, a bombshell poll reveals today.

Brussels was facing a full blown popularity crisis as the dynamite survey showed 56 per cent of people in the Netherlands want to quit the political project and revert back to simple commercial ties.

The shock result was published just two weeks before Dutch voters are set to go to the polls to elect their new government, with far-right eurosceptic politician Geert Wilders leading in the polls.’

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‘This is a bombshell. It’s a crucial piece of history that has been ignored by mass media.

I’ve published this interview before. Here I want to make new comments.

First of all, David Rockefeller’s Trilateral Commission was born in 1973, in part because the Globalist plan to ensure “free trade” (no tariffs paid by predatory mega-corporations) had run into a glitch.

That glitch was President Richard Nixon. He began laying tariffs on certain goods imported into the US, in order to level the playing field and protect American companies. Nixon, a substantial crook in other respects, went off-script in this case and actually started a movement to reject the Globalist vision.

After Nixon’s ouster from the White House, Gerald Ford became president, and he chose David’s brother, Nelson Rockefeller as his vice-president. It was a sign Globalism and free trade were back on track.

But David Rockefeller and his sidekick, Brzezinski, wanted more. They wanted a man in the White House whom they’d created from scratch.’

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‘Brussels boss Jean-Claude Juncker today vowed the European Union will “never become a state” as eurocrats embarked on an unprecedented listening exercise with voters over the future direction of the EU.

The EU Commission chief insisted any dreams some politicians may have of a United States of Europe are dead and buried amid voter apathy about the project and growing divisions amongst its member states on migration, Brexit and trade.

He admitted that he was once a federalist himself, but said he now appreciated that ordinary Europeans will not accept the imposition of a superstate by the back door and that Brussels must allow national governments a greater say on Europe-wide policy.’

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