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‘Germany’s Vice Chancellor Sigmar Gabriel has warned that Chancellor Angela Merkel’s increasing pressure on the European Union countries to maintain their fiscal discipline could widen divisions in the EU and lead to its imminent collapse.

“I once asked the chancellor, what would be more costly for Germany: for France to be allowed to have half a percentage point more deficit, or for Marine Le Pen to become president?” Gabriel said in an interview published on Saturday in Der Spiegel magazine, adding, “Until today, she still owes me an answer.”

Gabriel, the head of Germany’s Social Democrats Party (SPD) and a partner to Merkel’s conservatives in her ruling grand coalition, said Germany’s insistence on austerity in the euro zone has left Europe more divided than ever, putting the 28-member bloc at the risk of a real break-up.’

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‘A European Union leader has begged countries to stop holding referendums for fear of tearing the bloc apart.

Slovakian Prime Minister Robert Fico has pleaded with the remaining 27 nations to cease giving citizens the power to decide their own future.

Mr Fico pointed to the recent examples in the UK and Italy, which saw the countries turn away from the EU.’

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‘The most heartening poll of the post-Brexit era was published by YouGov last week. It shows that 68 per cent of people want Britain to crack on with Brexit. That’s a pretty clear majority in favour of enacting the June referendum result. Unsurprisingly, the vast majority of Leave voters who responded to the poll said we should get on with leaving the EU, but strikingly so did around half of Remain respondents. That is, a great swathe of the people who on 23 June expressed a desire to stay with Brussels recognise that there’s something more important than their political preferences: democracy; the right of a majority within a nation to shape that nation’s political destiny.’

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‘Did you know that earlier this spring, many U.S. tech megacompanies including Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Microsoft all signed a “code of conduct” pledge promising the European Union they would work with an unelected EU commission to “sanction” and “criminalize” “individual perpetrators” of “hate speech” online.

In addition, these companies have signed up to “promote independent counter-narratives” favored by the EU. (Sounds like a “you can only spread our propaganda, not anyone else’s attitude, doesn’t it?)…

…Now the EU is threatening to escalate the situation up from “non-legislative” action if these companies don’t take action to censor “hate speech” and “fake news” within 24 hours.’

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‘”Everybody cut loose”.. but be prepared to pay for it in Europe. As Martin Armstrong notes, if you dance in a bar in Brussels, you must pay a tax!

The patrons of Bonnefooi, a cafe in the center of Brussels, last week received a visit from a City inspector.

The inspector asked them to pay the “tax dance.” Yes you read correctly. Brussels has a “dancing tax” written in the 50´s and as the government needs money, they have “revitalized” this tax since 2014.

For every customer who dances in a bar the owner has to pay €0.40 per night. They sent incognito civil servants to uphold this law.’

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Nearly half of Germans have indicated they want to follow Britain in holding a referendum on their EU membership.

A survey found 42 percent of citizens want a similar vote that led to Brexit, while two thirds of the population believe the European Union ‘is heading in the wrong direction’.

It will be seen as a blow to German Chancellor Angela Merkel who has been criticised for her open-door policy on immigration which saw one million migrants enter the country last year.

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‘The European Commission is set to announce heavy investment in cyber security, warships and drone technology, in a joint defense plan to be revealed on Wednesday, the Financial Times reports. It follows a resolution calling for the creation of an EU army.

European Commissioner Jyrki Katainen will this week provide details on the European Defense Fund, a mechanism for EU members to combine their defense spending. The fund was unveiled by European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker in his September state of the union address.

“For European defense to be strong, the European defense industry needs to innovate. That is why we will propose before the end of the year a European Defense Fund, to turbo boost research and innovation,” Juncker said at the time.’

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The beleaguered European Commission president gave the desperate cry to members as the EU superstate dream slips from Brussels’ grasp following Britain’s momentous Brexit vote. Terrified Mr Juncker admitted he knows European’s have a “lack of love” for the Brussels club.

His desperate plea come as Austria’s presidential favourite, Norbert Hofer, threatened to hold a referendum to cut ties with the crumbling bloc if he takes power this weekend.

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