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‘In scenes reminiscent of the widespread protests that swept Europe a year ago, human rights groups and social activists marched in 30 cities across Spain to demand that the government do more to help migrants and refugees and end “Fortress Europe.”

United under the hashtags #NoEUFortaleza #NoFortressEU, protesters decried the perceived indifference of the Spanish and other European governments in the face of the refugee and migrant crisis.

The protests come just days after a controversial working paper was leaked in which German authorities proposed relaxing human rights protection for refugees to expedite the deportation process, should Europe witness another influx of asylum seekers and economic migrants.’

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‘Senators across the US received a copy of a new board game called Secret Hitler in a move that is part publicity stunt, part timely political statement warning of the dangers of fascism.

Each of the 100 US senators received a letter along with the social deduction game that models the rise of fascism in a democratic system.

“To achieve his evil ends, Adolf Hitler required the cooperation of well-meaning men who hoped to appease and control the Nazis,” the letter reads. “Our game explores that relationship and highlights the difficulty of recognizing your own manipulation before it’s too late.”’

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‘Palestinian officials have demanded a boycott of Israeli military courts after the regime rearrested a freed Palestinian and sentenced him to life in prison.

Qadura Fares, the head of the Palestinian Prisoners’ Society (PPS), made the remarks at a press conference in the occupied West Bank city of Ramallah on Sunday, calling on the families of the prisoners and Palestinian organizations to stop attending the Israeli military trials and to refuse to pay convict’s fines.

He further said that Palestinians had paid the Israeli authorities as much as $6 million last year as convict’s fines imposed by the regime’s courts.

Palestinians detained by Israeli forces are usually brought before the military courts and defense lawyers say they are often not informed of the charges against their clients or allowed to speak with them before the trial.’

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‘Back in the 18th century, political reformer Henry Fox was advocating giving the vote to more people. But only, he insisted, to what he called ‘the better sort’. Not ‘the mob or the mere dregs of the people’. Heaven forbid!

Now, in the 21st century, such derogatory sentiments about ‘the people’ are dangerously back in fashion — ever since they dared vote for Brexit in Britain, and for Donald Trump in the United States.

Questions are being asked in high places about whether ordinary voters are fit to make decisions on major issues.

As a result, democracy — the cornerstone of our way of life — is being undermined, its very survival put at risk. Its modern enemies are mustering from all corners — but most worryingly from the Left, the very area where its stoutest defenders should be.’

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‘Riot police were forced to use tear gas to contain a protest staged by anti-fascist and far-left union protesters in Nantes in western France. The demonstration was initially organized against a speech by the National Front leader Marine Le Pen scheduled for Sunday.

According to RT’s Jonathan Moadab, the demonstrators, many of whom wore hoods and masks, threw smoke bombs and even a Molotov cocktail at officers, who had summoned a water cannon to the central square. At least one officer has been taken to hospital after receiving a burn to his leg, according to the regional newspaper Ouest-France, which said that two people have been arrested, and three more taken to a police station for identification.’

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‘Filipinos have rallied and clashed with police outside the US Embassy in capital Manila as thousands more marched to mark the anniversary of a revolution that ousted a US-backed dictator over 30 years ago.

Anti-riot police blasted the protesters with water cannons on Saturday after the crowd managed to form a human barricade leading to the embassy gate. Several people were reported to have been injured by the water cannons.

“The police did not do the right thing since we were just expressing our opinion about the oppression of foreign countries and their exploitation of our resources,” said Carlito Badion, spokesperson of the National Alliance of the Filipino Urban Poor, which organized the protest rally.’

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‘A new movement of “state deniers” has sprung up in Austria, where hundreds of people are refusing to accept the authorities of the state or any punitive measures handed down by state officials.

Hundreds of Austrians have declared themselves “state deniers,” who don’t accept the legitimacy of the Republic of Austria.

State deniers don’t recognize the authority of state organs, refuse to pay taxes or fines and instead of contributing to public coffers, they claim compensation from civil servants and government institutions.

The movement is particularly strong in Lower Austria, the northernmost and most populous of the country’s nine states. It gathered pace in 2014, with the formation of groups such as the One People’s Public Trust (OPPT), Freemen, Staatenbund (State Federation) and Terranier.

Austrian civil servants say they are exasperated by the movement, which they characterize as “paper terrorism.”‘

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‘During the day, Tim Wong is all about water life as an aquatic biologist. But when he changes into his cape at the end of his shift, he transforms into an incredible cultivator of butterflies.

Tending to butterflies was his lifelong hobby – who knew that his backyard conservationism would save a population that vanished from San Francisco?

The pipevine swallowtail – with its breathtaking shades of blue, black and green – isn’t officially endangered, although a major concern broke out when the insect suddenly started rapturing out of California as development efforts multiplied. In fact, the swallowtail vanished so entirely from San Francisco, that Wong had to collect caterpillars from private residencies in vegetative areas in order to start his project.’

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