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Children of the Matrix By David Icke


Children of the Matrix, the book that has been out of print for more than two years, is BACK!

This is the book in which David focuses on the reptilian manipulation of human society from the hidden realms beyond the ludicrously tiny frequency band of visible light – the only frequency range that human eyes can see.

There are accounts from those who have interacted with these entities and a host of other information, ancient and modern, to support the contention that human society is being manipulated by a non-human force.

The book, written in 2000, also foresees and predicts the direction in which the world has since clearly gone and the techniques that would be used to take us there.


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‘The following video is a compilation of testimonies taken from Syrian civilians, finally liberated from almost five years of Nusra Front-led terrorist occupation of all districts of East Aleppo. The unadulterated, unedited, uncensored voices of the Syrian people, released from Nusra Front aka Al Qaeda jail in East Aleppo, finally given a platform instead of corporate media’s terrorist propaganda amplification and “regime change” narrative monopoly.’

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‘The Australian government has announced a radical overhaul of its security system at its airports planning to replace traditional ID checks with a biometric self-processing system dubbed, the Seamless Traveller.

The Australian Department of Immigration and Border Protection (DIBP) announced that it will proceed with the transition to a “contactless” ID check system this year under the initiative first announced in 2015.

The new technology is expected to abolish the need for passenger cards, passport control and will replace manned desks and electronic stations with automatic triage. The SmartGates, which were introduced at Australian airports less than ten years ago and used to electronically scan passengers’ passports, will also be replaced by the new system.

Passengers will not need to show their passports or any other ID documents as well as to contact customs officers or other officials, as they will be instead processed through biometric recognition of their face, iris and fingerprints that will be matched to existing data.’

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‘Mexico says it should react “immediately” by imposing its own taxes if US President-elect Donald Trump moves to fulfill his promised border tax on Mexican imports.

Trump, who will be sworn in on January 20, has threatened to impose heavy tax on companies that have moved their production, fully or partially, to Mexico and ship their products back to the United States.

The measure could hinder Mexico’s exports to its top trading partner and deter foreign companies from investing in the Latin American country.’

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‘At least 25 Palestinians, including a number of minors, have been detained during a series of Israeli raids throughout the occupied territories.

A Fatah spokesman said on Wednesday that Talal Dweikat, a former governor of the northern West Bank district of Tulkarm, was seized from his home in the occupied West Bank city of Nablus.

“The Israeli occupation targets every Palestinian regardless of political affiliation and the best response to that is to close ranks and maintain national unity,” said Fatah spokesman Munir al-Jaghoub.

The rest of the people were abducted during a series of raids launched by Israeli forces on the Nur Shams refugee camp in Tulkarm, Balata refugee camp in Nablus and several Palestinian villages.’

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