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‘Donald Trump has signalled he wants to expand America’s nuclear arsenal in a major policy U-turn.

Mr Trump said it would allow the US to stay at the “top of the pack” and expressed concern that America has “fallen behind on nuclear weapon capacity”.

He also hinted at a change of course from Washington on America’s involvement in a new strategic arms limitation treaty.

Repeating a phrase often used by the President to criticise trade pacts, the former property tycoon said the latest non-proliferation arrangement was a “one-sided deal”.

Under the treaty, known as New Start, by February 2018 the US and Russia must limit their arsenals of strategic nuclear weapons to equal levels for 10 years.’

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‘The US Secretary of Homeland Security has said there will be “no mass deportations” during Donald Trump’s crackdown on illegal immigration.

John Kelly told reporters in Mexico City there would be “no use of military force for immigration operations” and said enforcing new policies would be done legally and with respect for human rights.

Mr Trump has promised to build a wall at the border between Mexico and the US and said he plans to deport two to three million undocumented immigrants with criminal records.

Mr Kelly’s comments came as the President termed new efforts to arrest and deport more illegal immigrants “a military operation”.’

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‘Donald Trump built his presidential campaign around two ideas: 1) a corrupt financial establishment had swindled the middle class, and 2) immigrants and foreigners are dangerous.

Some combination of these two sentiments has fueled every American populist movement dating back to President Andrew Jackson. Populists can take credit for plenty of economic progress: child labor laws, universal public education, the eight-hour workday, the abandonment of the gold standard and all modern antitrust and bank regulations. The dark side of populism can be blamed for the Trail of Tears, the Chinese Exclusion Act and the incarceration of Japanese-Americans during World War II.

After a month in office, it’s pretty clear which strain of populism Trump takes seriously. He’s ordered the construction of a border wall with Mexico and plans to hire 5,000 new border patrol agents and 10,000 Immigration and Customs Enforcement officers. He’s also attempted to ban Syrian refugees and travelers from seven Muslim-majority nations from the country.’

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‘The Justice Department will once again use private prisons to house federal inmates, reversing an Obama-era directive to stop using the facilities, which officials had then deemed less safe and less effective than those run by the government.

In a one-paragraph memo, Attorney General Jeff Sessions rescinded the previous directive to the Bureau of Prisons to either reduce or decline to renew private-prison contracts as they came due.

“The memorandum changed long-standing policy and practice, and impaired the Bureau’s ability to meet the future needs of the federal correctional system,” Sessions wrote. “Therefore, I direct the Bureau to return to its previous approach.”’

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‘Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s historic trip to Australia was marred by controversy, after protesters decried him a ‘war criminal.’ The Sydney protests featured depictions of Netanyahu as Nazi leader Adolf Hitler, along with Palestinian and Hezbollah flags.

A large banner, depicting Netanyahu with Hitler’s iconic toothbrush mustache and the word “Fascist” written underneath, garnered attention as an estimated 650-1,000 demonstrators attempted to march on Netanyahu’s hotel. Sydney police cut them off well short of their goal.

The demonstration was organized by the Palestine Action Group, who describe themselves as an “organisation committed to supporting Palestine and opposing Israeli Apartheid. We… put pressure on those like the Australian Government who are complicit in Israel’s ongoing genocide.”‘

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‘Jeremy Corbyn was humiliated today as Labour lost Copeland to the Tories in the worst by-election defeat for an Opposition since 1945.

MPs accused the veteran left winger of ‘insulting’ the public after he bizarrely blamed ‘the failed political consensus’ for the disastrous showing – which saw mother-of-four Trudy Harrison romp home with a 2,000 majority.

There was a small grain of comfort for Labour as it fought off the challenge from Ukip leader Paul Nuttall in much safer Stoke-on-Trent Central.

Mr Nuttall insisted he would not be quitting despite being solidly defeated after a campaign blighted by questions over his Hillsborough claims.’

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